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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
News Show Pro GK4 is now in its final version; if you are interested in the latest features and plugin support as well as compatibility with the latest STS release of Joomla you should instead download our main News Show Pro module, available through the download link.

News Show Pro GK4 is still available for download should you be using an earlier version of Joomla or require legacy support, and we will continue to provide technical support for it via our GitHub repository as normal.

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Reviews: 2
Amazing module indeed. I've installed it onto Joomla 2.5 within seconds. One module with so many variations! For those who love to edit styles to get a particular look this module offers so much freedom in presenting your articles. Perhaps the backend could be a bit simpler but the amazing support from the developers page made up for everything. A huge forum with really helpful staff and a Wiki for their products will answer any question that you could encounter.

Joomla is like peanut butter and GK4 modules are the jam, a match made in heaven!
Reviews: 1
It worked fine in Joomla 1.5 without any "menu items for the articles" but with apparently same relevant settings, in 2.5 the articles open on the front page and still showing all the front page stuff. What kind of menu items are they supposed to be for the articles? Is it fooled if they are in a menu that's not displayed? I don't want all the articles in the menu, just on the front page

P.S. It would be nice if the developer allowed posting to their community forum even without current paid subscription...
Reviews: 11
I used this module like 8 month ago and wasn't pleased with it. Now I moved to Joomla 2.5 and K2 and with all the options this module is probably the best news slider there is right now. Installed and running in 1min, now I have to adjust css. I tried all the other modules, but most are missing k2 support or are limited in showing k2 article details. Only module fetching the main k2 image. Have to check if it displays the rating.

In case you want to improve, show video, gallery and attachement icon when published in k2 so reader knows this article has extra media.

If they keep up the good work, this will be number one choice displaying news frontpage.

Reviews: 2
Another great plugin from Gavick! I just installed and configured this for a rotating testimonials side module. It worked perfectly out of the box. Only features I wish that were available would be the ability to change link color for the "Read More" text. Perhaps this is an option and I just haven't figured it out yet. Either way, 5-stars! Thank you!
Reviews: 15
This module works well for displaying news but I have a problem with it. Basically if you click on the article link or read more (in order to view the whole article), it will be displayed with all other modules that are set to show on home page only, and there is no option to disable that.

So let's say you have 2 modules set to display on front page only, and you have news show pro set to display on front page only as well. Well when you click on an article in the module, it will show the whole article but also all other modules set to front page. There should be an option to disable that, or if it is not possible, then it shouldn't be that way by default.

I personally usually want to just show the full article without other modules, and this module acts as if it always on front page.
Owner's reply

Described problem isn't related to our module but to your menu structure - probably you have no menu items for the articles showed in the module what cause that the article is showed on the frontpage instead of the other page without the other modules.

Reviews: 3
The module is great and have all the necessary options but for some reason when you click on any article it doesn't open the article on a new page or window. Instead it opens the article on the same window where the module is which makes a mess out of the page. I contacted their support and forum but there hasn't been any response yet. I've seen this question has been asked many times but no clear answer has yet been given regarding this issue.
Owner's reply

Described problem isn't related to our module - it is connected with your menu structure - probably you have no menu items for the articles which are showed in the module. It causes that the article is showed at the frontpage instead of the other subpages without the other modules.

Reviews: 38
This is the best news module!
Supports 3d components.
A huge quantity options and settings.
Looks like very beatiful and professional.
And it's free!
Amazing! THANKS!!!
Reviews: 3
Nice look and easy customization
loved it :)
Reviews: 1
Easy to setup, powerful options, virtuemart support. Best solution in my opinion.
Unroftunatelly currently don't work with virtuemart 2.
Reviews: 3
I wanna thank you for this extension, it's very smart and easy to use.
Anyway i have a little problem with it, using together with k2 component.
When News Show Pro GK4 pulls articles from k2 category, it tooks the same article but with different url; i'd like to have the same url for the article, both in category and in News Show Pro GK4.
How can i have the same url of the category article also in News Show Pro GK4 article?
thank you very much.
Reviews: 1
i love all the design for module setting
it's extra ordinary

only 1 last things i need you to give us solution
is the problem of "Read more" which show on the same page of module

not normally link to article itself
Respectfully yours
Reviews: 3
Hi. I'm comparing News Show Pro GK4 to the other mods and have it working but when I click on the 'Read More' links the full article is displayed below on the same page. Not very practical for front page viewing in Joomla 1.7.

How do I get the 'Read More' to open the actual article in it's own page please? Even if I could reduce the size of the display area below that would be good. Perhaps make it scrolling.

Many thanks,

Owner's reply

Thank you for review ;) About your question, did you try adding your category source of the articles on your main menu?

Reviews: 1
Simply amazing product... and free?! With items like this, I typically like to load it up, set my data source and let it load into my layout just so I can see how it looks initially before messing around. I set this thing in there, hit publish and holy cow did it ever look good out of the box.

I tweaked stuff (it is so incredibly customizable - there were a couple times I said to myself 'hmph, wish I could do that' - and sure enough it was actually there), and more stuff and more stuff and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.


- easy to use
- tons of customization
- FREE!!!
- Layout and menus are very easy to understand


- My only gripe is that I can't integrate jReviews, but such a thing is not to be expected with so many extensions floating around.

Thank you dev team.
Owner's reply


Thank you for your nice review. jReviews is excellent component and it might be possible in future to provide support on News Show Pro GK4. That would be an excellent feature ;)

Reviews: 2
This is a must have module for all Joomla users and developers as it dos exactly what most of people need in news view and it is highly customizable.

I recommend it strongly.
Reviews: 2
I love this extension. Displays my news items really easily.

However,I cannot maintain my paragraph layouts. It squashes everything into one.

Otherwise, I love it
Reviews: 3
Everything I needed and easy to use
Reviews: 1
Nothing more to say, it's a great module for a webmaster.
What about 1 extra source missing, KUNENA, it will be a great extra for this great product ;)
Reviews: 4
Silly of me to think Gavick would not have upgraded to 1.7.!

The reason I write this review is for primarily 2 reasons:
1st- Gavick as usual has produced an outstanding extension.As usual. :)

2nd- I want to request all developers (this is not a reflection on our Developers Abilities, they are very talented and dedicated, full stop.)to get moving and get abreast of Joomla 1.6 and 1.7.Fact of the matter is that 1.6 / 1.7 compatible extensions represent a minuscule percentage of the available extensions.

Request the Moderator to let this review pass with the 2nd point included. Thank you

Reviews: 3
I love it! It was really easy to install and use. There was some weird conflict between the latest articles and the front page ones, but that got addressed fairly quickly.

The only reason I didn't give this a five star rating is because video thumbnails aren't supported. :(
Owner's reply


Thank you for the nice review ;)
Did you try disable "Clean (X)HTML" option on "Additional Settings" panel?


Reviews: 2
Difficult to set up, pagination is very poor, but free.

aidanews2 is better, there is absolutly no pagination, but it is free too.
Owner's reply


Thank you for your review. You have pagination, counter, arrows, arrows with pagination and arrows with counter... you just need to select which one you like on "Articles layout" and "Links layout" panels ;)


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