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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
News Show Pro GK4 is now in its final version; if you are interested in the latest features and plugin support as well as compatibility with the latest STS release of Joomla you should instead download our main News Show Pro module, available through the download link.

News Show Pro GK4 is still available for download should you be using an earlier version of Joomla or require legacy support, and we will continue to provide technical support for it via our GitHub repository as normal.

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Reviews: 1
Excellent extension and for that price, awesome! For my works great and I don't have problems now, but i have been searching how to translate the "Read more" box and I can't find it.
Owner's reply


Thank you ;)
All our extensions have language file support, so you can change it on the respective language file.

Reviews: 23
This module has got all the assets essential for users to be supported in their activities in their sites: easy install, easy to configure (out of the box, no manual needed), supports K2. It is just as Gman20 has said: apart from respect it deserves a donation.
Thank you very much for this great extension
Reviews: 3
Amazing looking module - Check
Easy to install - Check
Easy to configure - Check
Excellent documentation in PDF format - Check
Free to use - Check

Everyone likes something for nothing, but I wouldn't bat an eyelid at paying a small fee for this.

Many Thanks to
Reviews: 1
Installed with no problems and worked beautifully by itself...incredible module - can't believe its free!!! I did experience some issues after making multiple copies on the same page and uninstalled ur vyr can no longer get the module to install sadly enough...but one installation can't be beat!
Reviews: 6
Great free module very complete, although there are some negative points like the READMORE button showing up even there is nothing more to be read, no multilingual translation files provided and a weak activity on the forum.
Reviews: 1
Awesome extension and it's free! A lot of options in the backend. I have only to figure out how to transalte "Read more" link :)
Reviews: 3
This was amazing. I did not expect to find such a perfect joomla 1.6 plugin for displaying news on my site FOR FREE.

Reviews: 6
Great product! It has everything except sorting the articles by rating:(
Reviews: 7
The animation doesn't work as shown at the demosite. When choosing Autoanimation the articles just slide from right to left, no crossfade as shown.

Tried it with my own template and with all in Joomla 1.6 added templates.
Reviews: 1
I'm really amazed about the easy of use, absolute one of the best modules.

I installed on my Joomla 1.6 testsite and it works prefect, only one thing bothers me ... clicking on a "read more" link, the module stays in place and the article shows below.

I assigned the module only to homepage to prevent thuis, but no luck. I want the module to disappear and the article to show in full page?
Reviews: 2
I just registered so I could review this amazing module. It has the most easily module editor i ever saw. It just isn't perfect because there is one thing missing. There isn't the option to put the block in horizontal or vertical style. If it has I didn't find it. It only orders vertically the title, image, text, etc....

Many thanks to Gavick
Reviews: 2
If there is a better article display module than News Show Pro GK4, I wouldn't know what it is. The Joomla community owes a huge debt of thanks to the developers for this one.
Reviews: 1
I have been using for some time and get's better and better. It's fundamental for my website. Very complex tool, but also very easy to use. Good documentation and support. Thank you for sharing this amazing tool.
Reviews: 2
I really like the idea of this. I really like all of gavicks work but this plug in is driving me crazy...I almost feel like it is a freebie with just enough headache to get you to buy their service. I know generally people 'aren't supposed to' work that way but that is just the way I feel about this particular mod.

The images do not load all the time. It is so intermittent. Sometimes they load but most of the time only some of them do and there is no way to get any help without joining their program.
Reviews: 3
This module is really great - with a comprehensive administration part, lots of features, mootools slide and fade effects...

Thanks for giving it as a free one ;-)
Reviews: 106
Nicely displays content in a module position. Although it is slightly complicated, it was worth the time to figure it out. I also like the thumbnail generation as well.

Cheers Josh Lewis.
Reviews: 1
really great!!! little hard to setup on first look but with little bit more time you can do great job. Thx for sharing this free
Reviews: 2
I had a problem with how this module rendered in IE8 using a template developed with Artister. They solved the problem within a days time.
Reviews: 8
Robert Gavick's team is relatively small, and yet they continue to amaze with extensions like this, and the stunning templates that utilize it.

I originally started using GK Extensions over a year ago, and have since join the template club to take full advantage of what they have to offer.

News Show Pro GK 4 is their greatest advancement thus far. I still use their last version on several sites, so I've been able to compare side by side, and they have made this one much simpler to understand (probably my biggest gripe as I install this on sites I don't manage).

There isn't much to say outside of 'it's great' because what it does and how it works is self-explanatory.

I can't speak to the paid support for the extensions, because my template developer license/support covers this and any other problems. That support has been good for the most part.

What I really want to see now, is an update on Tabs Manager and Photoslide (especially in making Photoslide more user friendly). Also to see them all a bit more integrated would be a nice touch.

But, 5 stars on it's functionality, and utility.
Reviews: 8
I have used News Show since GK1. I have been a web developer and designer for over 16 years and i absolutely love this module. The automated animation is just wonderful. The settings are so easy to understand. Please include font size changing in the next version, as i just used some css. I AM DONATING AND YOU SHOULD TOO
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