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News Show Pro GK4 Popular Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
News Show Pro GK4 is now in its final version; if you are interested in the latest features and plugin support as well as compatibility with the latest STS release of Joomla you should instead download our main News Show Pro module, available through the download link.

News Show Pro GK4 is still available for download should you be using an earlier version of Joomla or require legacy support, and we will continue to provide technical support for it via our GitHub repository as normal.

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Reviews: 3
This module is one of the best extension to present Joomla! core articles and K2 component items. You don't need extra module positions to publish all items. Pagination feature is great. Thanks for such a good and non-commercial extension.
Reviews: 16
* Many options
* Very simple to handle
* Easy to Install
* Works Great
* I never had to use the support but I know it's good because I've been snooping in the support forum :-)

After thorough investigation, I'm so pleased I chose this one!
Reviews: 1
Like a lot but there's one thing.
Arrows and pagination don'twork. Anyone can help me?
They are there but don't work.
Owner's reply

Check if you template have mootools support or if other extension is in conflict with our engine (isolate the problem). Try changing the external files parameters by forcing mootools library.

Reviews: 2
I've been involved in Joomla for a couple of years now, building websites for myself as well as my numerous clients. Although the majority of code provided is free I rarely come across an extension that, right "out of the box" provides so many configuration options and ease of use as this module. Not only that, but the results it produces from the start immediately transform ANY website. Congratulations and thank you very much GAVICK for providing a FREE module (with almost the versatility of a full on component) which works so well (I've only been using it for literally 10 mins)

6 stars
Reviews: 1
really great many options nice result... but i would like to make a suggestion as someone earlier do
why dont make it as a component to replace the deafult joomla article layouts?
Reviews: 2
This is the BEST news show module I have used.
I would love to have this module show up instead of the core Joomla blog view. It will be great if Gavick can make this a component too. :-)
Reviews: 5
This is one of the best extensions I've ever used. It installed and worked perfectly out of the box. Detailed configuration options are available... there is no limit to what you can do with this, once you begin using it. There's also an excellent pdf manual to go with it. Many thanks to the developers!
Reviews: 2
I just love extensions with a huge amount of parameters to adjust and this is one of them.

This is in many ways a simple module that makes a slideshow of news on a page and it works perfectly.
You can almost adjust everything so it fits nicely and smooth into your design.

There is just one thing thou, you can't adjust from the module interface and that is the size of font. The thing I needed to make it the perfect module.

All-in-all: really nice work
Reviews: 3
the best article display module. renders plugins, can be set to display only frontpage items (no more editing the module with an article ID to show a featured piece) and WOW the navigation arrows in the links - like a cherry on top of the cake. congrats and thank you, you're a life-saver!
Reviews: 1
this is really one nice module but i cant get it work on my own module... i have a custom module and i cant get it working when i place GK news show pro in that pls!
Reviews: 5
I like it the way other like it.. my 5 starts are for...

* Simple
* Easy to Install
* Great Support
* Works Great
Reviews: 11
Everything Gavick touches turns to gold. Every one of their extensions do everything they say they will do. The fact that they are free is a bonus. Of course their templates are a marvel as well!
Reviews: 4
Easy to install and easy to understand. Lot of value in terms of projecting a lot of news. However, space utilisation is not very good
Reviews: 2
The products these guys make are great. Very stylish and useful. Easy to install, at least on their templates which you have to purchase. Their support (also paid) is horrible. They are sarcastic, condescending, and rude. Getting answered is also very slow. I've seen posted questions that have not been answered in months. I would recommend this to hobbiest but not production environments on which you rely on a strong site.
Reviews: 2
Thanks for the great extension and the great support...
Reviews: 1
Very Nice module show content on fontpage and chage 2 color white and black ^^
Reviews: 2
Excellent! Easy to set up and lots of parameters.
Just missing vertical scroll.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for provide such a wonderful extension, and for free! This is really a kind of open source spirit.

Just find it not compatible well for IE 6. This is the only disadvantage so far I found.
Reviews: 1
I am a proud owner of a site based on joomla and i am a regular searcher of great extensions, today i found one of the best... yes it is GK, great work. I really like and will implement on my all 11 joomla bassed portals.
Thanks again..
Reviews: 11
Beautiful, I miss only one thing: Automatic rotation of the articles.

Keep up the good work!
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