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Zaragoza Latest News Module

Zaragoza Online Latest News is a simple Joomla module which displays the latest news in a given category (or combination of categories) or a combination of keywords (introduced in the article metakey field).

Other interesting parameters of the module are:

* You can display the latest content from specific categories or tags.
* You can hide featured articles
* Option to display the category and date.
* Option to show introtext, remove the HTML code of it and cut it to a number of characters.
* You can use your own CSS or use module CSS.
* It can be set at the foot a "more news at" link.
* Without credits and back links.

Version 1.0.1 > fixed some bugs

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Reviews: 5
Easy to install and use. I had this up and running with in a matter of minutes.

Great extension!!!!
Reviews: 3
This is really great extension, simple and has all the options you would expect from the latest news plugin (maybe apart thumbnails): category name, date format, intro text, read more text all editable! in previous joomla versions I always had to change the core files to amends those plugin as I want. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Simple and powerfull.
If I could suggest 2 new features :
- option to recursively look in categories
- add a columns option to view latest articles in the content-bottom for example
Reviews: 2
+100 - Super, easy. It's works great.
Reviews: 5
The module does pretty good work with just few things to set. But that, which bothers me is that not to strip the tags for intro text doesnt work. It would be very good if it could strip the tag, but preserve some of theme like showing images, strong text, etc. Greetings to the developer!
Owner's reply

There is a strip option in joomla1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 versions.
There is not in Joomla 1.5.


Reviews: 9
This is the kind of module I was looking for, specially the option to show that little small link to specified category/url at the bottom. More cool options.

It would be great!! if there was a option to show the latest news/articles horizontally.
Reviews: 5
The module is simple to instyall and configure and works quite well. There is one fatal flaw which needs immediate attention. Regardless of what you supply for the read more custom text, if you enable display read more, the page only displays "Leer más". There is no viable way to submit a support request, so you are left with disabling this feature which limits the usefulness of the module. Currently average, but could easily be Excellent if this problem was addressed.
Owner's reply

I have fixed that bugs in 1.0.1 version.

Ciro Artigot

Reviews: 2
This module has all neccessary options and is easy to configure. Especially I like that there is no need to edit sources to set date format - it can be set in options.

One small wish: Add title generation for links.
Reviews: 1
I've searching for news module for non-standart use - to embed it in article as category article lister with intro text (similar to standart blog layout). I tried about 8-10 modules with similar functionality, but only here I've found what I need.
First of all - this modules doesn't have "overdosing" options which 90% of users doesn't need, you can tune it in a few clicks - select author, category and section ID's, publish or not - date, author etc... and it is ready to work.
If you need "quick start" news module with intro text - this is the best choise.