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AiDaNews is back! AiDaNews2 is the next step in the direction of an easy and versatile Joomla! Module that lets everyone, from experts to novice webmasters, show their articles in an appealing and higly-customisable way.

The module has been rewritten from scratch starting from Joomla!'s own latestnews module, and this rework resulted in a much more elegant and lightweight code. Now AiDaNews follows the MVC pattern (so the articles are retrieved in an helper file and displayed using a template file), passes the W3C code check without an error, uses CSS files instead of style tags (but mantains the possibility of styling the module right from the backend!), has CSS classes for every element (and even special classes for first/last element and such) and is overall a much more reliable and correct module from the point of view of the code.

This isn't only a 'debug' though: AiDaNews2 has lots of new features that will make the users' life easier. Pre-made styles will rapidly make the module match every kind of site, and will allow experts to create their own configurations that can be shared between groups of modules making manteinance easier. Layout positions have been extended from 5 to 9, and their appearance and position can be changed through css with endless possibilities. The module now uses a css file, but css can also be inserted from the module's backend (and you can even use a css file and then add some additional CSS rules for each individual istance). The module's backend has been slightly modified to be easier to navigate: tabs have been divided into categories, and their titles are now more descriptive. The module contains many more additions: secondary ordering, up to three images that can be individually linked to articles, profiles, categories and so on, tableless grid layout... and all the options that made AiDaNews so peculiar.

So here's AiDaNews2: a complete debug and adjustment of the first iteration of the module, with the addition of many useful options that will satisfy any need. Everything with the simplicity of descriptive tips right in the backend, or (finally!) the possibility to read through a huge amount of FAQs and explanations in the Module's Documentation on

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Reviews: 4
I used to love this extension, but recently a serious flaw has come to my attention: AidaNews is unable to create thumbnails for my articles as it is supposed to. Instead, it creates a generic thumbnail which it then stores in the cache for future use. It turns out that AidaNews is unable to read image files that have upper case characters. So I had to go through all my image files, change all the upper case letters to lower case, then go through all my articles and do the same, then go and delete all the cached thumbnails. Finally, after all this, the thumbnails appear properly. So be advised that the extension works well, but be prepared for headaches if your image file names have any capital letters in them!
Reviews: 3
I've been using this great extension...lot of features covers everything i believe.

In recent i found on joomla 3x community builder avatar is not supporting as image1 or any images...

Im not getting any clue how to resolve this, and support site is down !

Besides, this everything is perfect..
Reviews: 47
very well designed, loads of options to get you geared.

Thanks for all that you do

Syed Shah
Reviews: 32
Using AiDaNews 2 in Joomla 2.5 since
version 2.1.2 (June 2014).
Advantages: With this module you can display virtually any list of materials (new, popular, articles of the particular author and so on). It is possible to configure module layout without programming knowledge.
Disadvantages: A substantial load on the server without cache.
Support: Did not use.
Using this module to display popular articles and new articles in this category.
Engaged in web technologies since March 2007. Use Joomla since December 2009.
Reviews: 3
I LOVE this extension. Actually, I wish it or something like it could be part of the core.

Contrary to the previous reviewer, I've found that it works fine on all flavours of Joomla3. It has a vast array of options and is entirely adaptable, so I'll be using it on a variety of sites.

Despite having some personal issues just now, Dan went out of his way to be helpful with me. I could name one extension builder who (despite charging for his work) isn't NEARLY so helpful. AiDaNews2 is fabulous, the support is more than friendly and I look forward to instructions when they become available, and to AiDaNews3 when Dan has the time.

Download and use.
Reviews: 4
Does not work at all on 3.2.1
Ther is absolutely no support not even an email.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry but I'm having a hard time lately and I couldn't update the module nor check if it works properly or not. You can send me an e-mail at and I'll try getting back to you asap.

Reviews: 4
I love this stuff! First complete, totally customizable, news module I've ever found. I had it running in minutes, and looking like I wanted very easily with css and built-in options. As an user, one has to be a little patient because it offers a lot of options to set, but at the end it was just what I needed. Thanks a lot for this!
Reviews: 8
Very powerful extension. It helped me unclutter and simplify the design of our association's website. The module has many capabilities, which implies many parameters in the backend. But they are cleverly grouped in collapsing tabs and it's really intuitive to configure it.
Grazzie mille to the developper!
Reviews: 3
That was what i was looking for. Can be used on main page, or blog layout pages, fully customizable. And Dan supported me very fast to customise further for nicer look. So support is there !
Reviews: 2
I've had a few issues and when I check for solutions in the support forum I've come across unanswered posts. In particular, there's a feature that allows you to strip out all HTML from your articles, but allow certain tags to stay put. This feature isn't working for me and, if I can't get it to work, I think I'll have to find another latest news solution.
Reviews: 2
It's good but not support extravote, many websites using Extravote and It's can't show their votes please add extra vote also in supported voting systems!
Reviews: 3
Installed and working immediately.
Many features to choose from.
Well done!
Reviews: 22
This is a great way to display your latest articles. It works out of the box and has tons of options.

Thank you for such a great module!
Reviews: 1
This is far , without doubt,the bestone displaynews extension (Free or commercial) i even seen. I' ve beeng looking for that for monthe, tryed evry kind of extension. Congratilations
Reviews: 2
The version I use is 2.0.8. The link to the website doesn't work, so I cannot download the new version 2.1.0.
It's a very nice module and I use it on several sites.
Reviews: 11
Fabulous module with tons of options (almost too many)! Tried several others and found all of them were not compatible with my other modules. This is the only one that does not conflict!
Reviews: 2
I tried several similar modules but that one is surely the best one. It satisfies every kind of request, very malleable, and especially with a fast and effective support. I use it in almost my sites and I recommend it to all.
Reviews: 5
I've been looking for News Module through almost all the possible extension. But there is nothing better.

Great options is to show only the articles that are in the current category. So, it could be used like a plug-in.

Highly customizable, so the articles could be shown great even for the most critical person.

There are no any bugs, all goes smoothly and pricesly.

Thanks a lot for this free module!
Reviews: 1
Used on Joomla! 1.5
Easy to use, well documented (with useful hints on all module's fields in parameter settings), much customization options.
Highly suggested extension!
Reviews: 2
This great looking extension has many options that extend the functionality of the standard Joomla Latest News.
I had a problem with my menu that Dan the author sorted out for me within 24 hours.
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