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Latest News+ Date Module

Want to have a magazine or newsportal look in your site? Why not try this simple module.

LatestNews+ Date is an enhance version of the standard Joomla latestnews module with an additional thumbnail, date and time features for each news. You can display the date or the time on the article published in front of the article item title. Additionally, you also can display the thumbnail of the first article image and introtext of latest article item.

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Reviews: 2
This is very easy to use, yet flexible module.

One thing I would like to be able to do (perhaps someone can let me know if it is already achievable) is to not strip the html from the original article. I know that on most occasions you will want to strip html, but I somehow need it to keep the html tags in tact.

Another thing I can't seem to be able to do, is to have more than one news article with intro text.

Reviews: 3
Great Module! Gave my recent news module more of a complete and professional look/depth. Its easily customizable here (Directory: ../public_html/modules/latestnewsplusdate/). Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Easy to use.

In the file mod_latestnewsplusdate/tpml/default.php , juste change all the "d F Y" to "d m Y" and you wouldn't have any problem with the month.
Reviews: 1
I really liked this extension. It's very simple to setup and rather flexible. I also wanted to have my months names in my local language so I made a small adjustment myself. Hope I'm not breaking any rules by showing it in here:

In the file mod_latestnewsplusdate/tpml/default.php I changed line 132 (the one under case 1:) to the following:

echo strftime("%d %B %Y", strtotime(date($item->created)));

This worked very well. Of course you can make similar changes elsewhere in the file. Note that I'm not a PHP guru so there might be cleaner ways to achieve the same thing but this works for me.
Reviews: 3
I tried it, it is very simple and works OK. I noticed one disadvantage, it does not work correct on a site in Dutch language, month names are not translated and there seems not to be an option to change the date format.
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