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Deluxe News Basic Module

Become an instant high definition news portal thanks to the Joomla XTC Deluxe News Pro Module. This powerful module makes your site the ultimate news network with ease by displaying your Joomla content with custom CSS and HTML in a module position. Choose your articles with category, section, and more control than ever. Customize your vision of the news by using the module’s ability to display Joomla Plugins in articles, display columns, grids, as well as full design control with the xts template system.

V2.0 updates:

Joomla 2.5 / 3.0 compatibility
New Layout Tags Added for more design possibilities
4 Demo Layout Templates
Easy editing of templates with the New load feature
4 Alternative Layout Modes including Bootstrapped
Refined and Optimized code

This module requires CSS and HTML knowledge for custom layout designs.

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Reviews: 5
When documentation link on this page is clicked it leads to the documentation for the pro version. I saw a lot of cool setting and that makes me like the extension, download it and spent some times to see that i am misled. So before you download it for check make sure you are all right with just about five settings.
Owner's reply

Sorry about that - You can find the docs for the free version here

I am updating the link now on the JED ;)

Reviews: 3
It is a SIMPLE module do display the latest news, (I needed only ONE, but you can choose 2 or more...)) with intro text, image, link etc. It also allows you to put personalized HTML with background color, image etc. It's simple and powerfull. Many thanks to the authors
Reviews: 10
I wanted a "miniblog" in a sidebar, and this ext does this excellently. Thanks a bundle!
Reviews: 3
Module works perfect, and especially the custom html/css with squiggly bracket inserts (for latest news data snippets, e.g. title) is a ridiculously superb idea.

No problems, and extremely simple logic for getting things running quickly. Fantastic.

Registration to download is completely worth it, and I for one will check into what else the developer has to offer.
Reviews: 5
Perfect to make slide show with content.
Combine perfectly template + slide effects.

Great technical support.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the nice review - Please note this review is of the PRO version not this version (This is the free versions without the JS that creates slideshows etc).

Reviews: 7
I liked this module and it seemed to work until I added articles to the section I had it pull from. I got this error:

Notice: Undefined variable: intro in /var/www/clients/client2/web26/web/modules/mod_jxtc_news/mod_jxtc_news.php on line 142

I went to the support forum (very complete documentation, btw) and the troubleshooting documentation suggested I simply turn all error reporting off in the php.ini Um. Not a solution guys.
Owner's reply

This was fixed awhile back but I guess the bug fixed version was not uploaded to our site...

Please redownload - everything should work fine now!

Reviews: 3
I have looked at almost every news module there is and I liked the promise of this one.

Unfortunately I get a phpthumbs error message every time I try it. Have not had this issue with any other Module so I assume it has something to do with the thumb-nailing feature it has built in. Odd thing is it will happen on an article that has NO image.

I have only seen one other person have this issue so it's pretty isolated and I can't fault them for that - so if it works for you great. - just as a warning to others.
Reviews: 1
The module actually did have promise, and could potentially provide users with a great tool. Unfortunately, the first version of the module had a few bugs. We tried numerous times to get support, but got none. They did upgrade the module to a newer version, but this had even more flaws, which were brought to their attention, but again no response. If you are an html expert, you might want to try it to see if you can get it to work. Otherwise, there are a lot of other great products out there that do work, and the respective companies will support them. Save your time and money. Good luck!
Owner's reply

You are commenting on the free version... That has not been updated as you see v1.0 still here and is free - I dont get your save your money and time statement ....

A new Free vesion is coming with more features.

Reviews: 1
At first look a good addition to Joomla , however there is a problem with the Max Intro lenght. E.g. if the text says "Bla di bla dibla the 5e" and the max intro length stops at "5e" then everything else that follows is in superscript. So the module does not count only the characters but also the html-code inside the article to the max length, that means that each artivle has a different length, depending on the amount of html code inside the article.
Owner's reply

This has been corrected a few versions ago ;-)

Reviews: 1
Its easy to set up and do exactly what it say....

I was looking for a module which show latest news content.

Good work :)
Reviews: 3
This module does exactly what I needed it for - I'm very impressed

it lays out the articles nicely with the thumbs to the left or right

make for quick work on leading news / event posting I am using as a notifier to frontpage visitors and they really like the thumbnails

if my visitors like it - it gotta be good right?

very easy to use

one thing though I could not get it to point to a section id and a category id simultaneously and display - withing the module settings I could not find this function

One could dig into it and mod it but i only need it to do what it does and it does it just right

Thanks for this developer
Reviews: 7
My enthusiasm would probably have you to think that I was asked or paid to make the following comments, but I don't even know these guys! LOL! But I've got to tell you, as a web designer, I can create some very, very advanced web layouts. And in such cases, I REALLY need something that doesn't box me into a pre-defined module wrapper. I've had to hack and customize many modules to fit the look and feel of my sites. With this one???? AN ANSWER TO PRAYER! LOL! With the JXTC Deluxe News Module (rightly named "deluxe") I have endless possibilities that are SIMPLE and EASY to use! Man! I just ran across this tonight and I'm ALREADY cooking with grease! Thank you JoomlaXTC team! Y'all rock!
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, and works well once you do the following...

The developer gives an example of the html that is easy to copy and paste into the module admin section. However, there is a bug in the example given. Images were not being shown alongside the text.

This problem was easily fixed though by deleting the slash before the {link} tag (as shown on the sample code page)

Refer fix thread.
Reviews: 6
This module works really good. I've been looking for something similar for ages, and till I found this never found anything near.

Because it's version 1.0, I'm gonna tell what I would improve. If you are really bad or null at html (like I am) this will be a bit difficult to configure. You gotta follow the example that they give you in the download section and from there you gotta try some things till you get the result you want. If developers keeps working in this, it would be nice if they could substitute all the html by simple querys like: Image size, font type, etc, etc, instead of having to type all the html or css or whatever is that (sorry, as I said I know nearly nothing about css or html).

But overall, it does what it says, and I really recommend it to those who are looking for something like this.

Thank you developers, and I'll keep looking for updates!