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The Joomla XTC Deluxe News Pro module enhances your site with incredible power to display Joomla Content with your custom CSS and HTML in a module position. Choose articles using Category and Section with more criteria and display them with your own templates limited only by your imagination. Its the perfect tool for developers with custom styles in mind. Along with the custom layout the module can display Joomla Plugins in articles and display columns and grids as well as scrolling content for sliders and slideshows.

V2.1 Now Available - Includes more fields and all new javascript recoding.

V3.0 Released with Maint. Fixes - Updated layout options for complete control over layout including button placement - New User Avatar display for Kunena - JomSocial - I Do Blog - CB and more - New compat mode for other com's using Joomla content such as MyBlog and I Do Blog!

New Display Tags In V3.5:
Select from an array of content to display: intro, introtext, thumbnail, author, date, category, full text... including text limits and special article break points

New in version 3.5:
The internal JavaScript allows you to create Tooltips, Hover Effects, and Sliding Panel for Text and Images, Image Faders, Multi-paged Content and light box styled Pop up Effects. This module will replace the need for 3rd party slideshows, latest news, scrolling modules and more, NewsPro does it all!

This module requires moderate to advanced css and html knowledge.

New in version 3.8:
Enhanced support for international characters Added support for JomComment indicators

3.9 - Updates the JS features and adds even more uses - Now use raw fulltext for full html markup found in the article or strip it will fulltext and so much more

3.9.1 • Handles empty images in full text.

3.10 All new JS coding for better performance and the new default template settings with pre designed templates.

Deluxe News Pro 3.10.1

* Updated for new ShowcaseFX 2.2 effects library
* Fixed display bug in window mode
* Code leveling on HTML render

V 3.24

CSS3 Support now added

24 New CSS3 Templates included

V 3.25

* Added 24 New CSS3 Template Designs
24 new pre designed demo template styles featuring the latest in CSS3 animations. * These styles will only work on CSS3 ready browsers - Sorry IE ;(

* Added Template Design Loading Feature
Now it's easier than ever to edit our pre designed demo templates. With one click the html mark up and css files are loaded right into the module mark up areas for quick editing. No more downloading and uploading of multiple files needed!

* Added support for JoomlaXTC Reading List
Added tag for our Reading List Component to allow users to add articles to their reading list from the Deluxe NewsPro module.

2012/09/09 Joomla 2.5 Version 3.30

* Added 40 new Button sets
* Added New Button Preview and Pop Up Button Selector

10/08/2012 Joomla 2.5 / 3.0

* 3 New Output Methods for Joomla 3.0 vers

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Reviews: 1
After installing and trying to get this module working I was frustrated and disappointed. I have a bit of understanding of html and css, but clearly not enough to get it going like I wanted. Found the documentation to little. There are two youtube videos, a third, like they promised in the second video apparently never was made. The support and documentation buttons on this joomla extension page lead to an 404 error...
So, all not good.
However support sorted me out and got the module working in no time. When it is configurated well I find it the prettiest newsslider on the market.
So all in all a good product, but you have to have a bit more than just a basic understanding of html and css to get it working. Would be great if there would come a new version that would be more friendly in usage.
Reviews: 2
This module is just what I was looking for when creating a news-style site. It was not at all difficult to set up once I understood what was needed. The instructions were OK but I think they could have chosen better examples but when read in conjunction with the supplied templates it was fine.

Two things are missing that would make this a 5 star module... firstly, if you have lots of modules all with the same layout changing the layout means you have to change every module in turn. It would be great if you could save a custom template for use in other modules. Secondly, I have yet to find out how to stop automatic animation on multi-page modules. I would like to have the viewer just click the arrows or select the page they want to view. I have raised a support query for this one.

Overall a great product that I will use again and again.
Owner's reply

firstly, if you have lots of modules all with the same layout changing the layout means you have to change every module in turn. It would be great if you could save a custom template for use in other modules.


Deluxe Newspro Video Tutorial:

Here is a quick youtube tutorial about the TEMPLATES for Deluxe News Pro:

Secondly, I have yet to find out how to stop automatic animation on multi-page modules. I would like to have the viewer just click the arrows or select the page they want to view. I have raised a support query for this one.


Reviews: 3
I love this module, I use it on nearly every site I build from making slideshows to carousels and even smetimes for displaying client testimonials its really powerful. Backed by a great team who are always eager to help. So now as we move to J3 I'm keen to see how they rollout the new version.
Reviews: 1
This is a great module! but i'm having issues configuring pop up video effect, how should be an article set up, so videos pop up??? thank you in advance.
Owner's reply

You can find the info on how to use the module here

or Please submit a support ticket

Reviews: 6
I don't really understand the bad reviews for this and the good reviews for all other extensions that are supposed to do the same thing but are immensely more tedious to set up and easy to screw up.

Deluxe News Pro works wonderfully: easy to set up, highly customizable, doesn't misbehave esoterically (i.e., it behaves exactly like it's supposed to; there are some others which simply "quit" working misteriously, with no reason or explanation and don't work again even when you reset the module to the previous state when it was working; but that's not the case with Deluxe News Pro), I mean, it's just perfect.

I don't know how I could live without this extension, the only Latest News extension for 1.7 which does the job flawlessly.
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for the review and being active here on We really do appreciate explaining and disputing the (-) reviews. Thanks!

Reviews: 3
This is a great tool - I can't understand the negative reviews here.

For those who want a few basic presets to get up and running quickly, they're here but not exhaustive.

The real power is being able to add simple syntax to your own basic HTML into a designated custom box, to create the sliding articles as you wish - it worked brilliantly.

I used it for a custom front page slideshow: I was able to designate my 4 featured articles to rotate, always showing links to all 4 on each, and assign a different background to each by grabbing the first image in the intro part of the article.

If you're not prepared to tinker with the HTML and CSS then you're not seeing it's true worth.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the positive review and taking time to review extensions here - All the best, Jay and the sleepless staff of JoomlaXTC

Reviews: 23
I saw the demo for the Deluxe news Pro and opted for a subscription to joomla xtc, big disappointment, for a product that is so not for the basic user, it's surprising there's absolutely no documentation at all, i have payed 90$ for a subscription in thought that there would be code samples in the user forum, but there's absolutely no info, or samples, and no tutorials at all...
big disappointment,
I am hoping i will get info soon from the developers - i have asked them to add more information on how to use the product in the forum
Owner's reply

The Docs are online - As well the module includes the LAYOUTS we show in the DEMO as templates - You can use these or do your own custom markup - It's not very nice to complain here that you don't have HTML or CSS skills as any web designer should have the basic knowledge of these.

Please find docs here:

As you see there ARE code examples and enough to get you started.

If you have an issue with the module you can always contact our support team with a support ticket and we can help you work anything out.

Reviews: 10
This was my most disappointing purchase yet.

The demos look great and function well.
and I am sure the module would to the same thing on my site if I had several hours of patience to configure it.

The problem is that You cannot simply select the style / color and layout you want.
and then Presto a nice News module!

no, you have to code each module on your own, They just give you the integrated ability to add animations and select the category/section.

Everything else has to be custom code to match your site.
every little aspect of the module needs to be configured. Which is great for really advanced users but impractical for regualr joomla users.

so if you want a quick and easy to use module to display news slides, and you are not a CSS expert..then DO NOT BUY.

I would considered my level of CSS knowledge to be a 6 on a scale of 1-10 and I had many difficulties with this module and alsoi the compatibility of this module and my template.

I want a customizable news slider, this was described as that but entirely too difficult to get working.

had screen shots of the admin section been displayed I would have not purchased this.

It does say on their site that this is for moderate to advanced css users, but it doesnt mention that this is a complete do it yourself module.

I knew wihtin 15 minutes that there is no way my users could ever figure this out to modify it easily on their own.

Which is too bad because other products from JoomlaXTC perform well.
Owner's reply

Did you notice that we have added CORE templates to the module where you can select a predesigned layout just like the demos or select custom?

We never got a support ticket from you about your issue.

Reviews: 9
This module certainly looks wonderful... and to be fair it was in Chrome, Safari, Opera.... But in IE (and I'm talking IE8!) it wasn't working for me. The support guys did try VERY hard but no solution. In the end it was unworkable - I couldn't have my IE8 users not see things properly.... The very sad thing though, is that JoomlaXTC would not EXCHANGE the product after this experience. I asked for an EXCHANGE for one of their other products rather than a REFUND (Really in appreciation for the help they'd tried to give!!!) - BUT this was denied me. So I really can't rate this higher than a 1 I'm afraid. Good potential - Looks great on THEIR site - but proceed with care!!!!!!
Owner's reply

Hello - This is very unclear to us. Could you please contact us again with the ticket #? We can not find the ticket and our product does work with IE fine - If there is an issue it can be solved and if it didn't work we for you WE WOULD offer and exchange... Please submit a ticket with the original ticket # so I can speak to the support person.

Reviews: 2
Very powerful module! Quite honestly more power than I can handle at the moment, but it will help me learn, push my limits a bit further ;-D feature I found absent is an a simple option within the module parameters to restrict an article from being rendered, when in fact, the module is assigned to a menu item containing that same article. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
It's very difficult to use for somebody who doesn't know this kind of CSS and HTML languajes... and I paid for it.
Very dissapointing
Owner's reply

The knowledge of CSS and HTML is stated here in the description above and in the product details page of this product. We also have included the demo css and html in the documentation for the module so you can copy and learn. As a web designer you should know the basics of html and css. Newspro is a great starting point! Again, we do understand this is not a plug and play module - This is advanced news layout module giving designers the true missing link in most new modules!

Reviews: 5
A few minor customizations and this module can do a lot of stuff! An excellent addition for showing off article and image content in a variety of ways. Well worth the price.