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FaNews ComponentModule

Fanews allow you to deal with the news without impacting the articles.

It's use his own component to manage the news and it's modules to display them.

The module is inspired from News Show Pro GK1 from with the same design.

13-juin-2012 : Jed change

09-may-2012 : Add new language system of joomla 2.5

09-september-2011 : New version joomla 1.7 (1.6) compatible. now i use package installation. Just install with one clic. The version is now 2.0

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Reviews: 1
This is an excellent and simple module. It does exactly what it says. I had a small glitch and their support was fast and it fixed my issue right away.

Reviews: 7
Installed in a jiffy and did everything I expected. It seems leight weight and loads fast. Great job!
Reviews: 15
It's pretty good, but it should have:

1) save and new option when making news

2) Insert image option (same one you get on the bottom of article manager)

3) Overall it would be better if it pulled articles from a specified category and read more option after a set amount of words, like this is a bit of a hassle and also as I said the "news manager" is quite poor
Reviews: 1
very helpful and i found module and component dual combination powerful news extension...very good
Reviews: 3
I am running it on J2.5.4 without problems. I had a small issue (which proved to be error on my side). I received answers within minutes!!
Very fast support.
Reviews: 1
The right module for top news. Installed easily, easy to handle and works perfectly.
It has its own content, so that you do not need to creat articles.
Stephane did an excellent job and Support it the best way.
Reviews: 3
Once I got this installed and configured it is an excellent slider. Much more then the usual non-commercial extensions I've used. I would have given it 4.5 stars if I could, only because there are quite a few steps to follow to get it to work. And they didn't specifically say you needed to install their language mod, it's just assumed in the instructions.

The steps are all laid out in the installation directions but it's longer than most. So, if you rush through it (like I did the first time) you can miss some important step and have to hunt to find your mistake.
Reviews: 1
doesn't work will on J1.71!!
Owner's reply

Tested on a fresh install of joomla 1.7.1.
Work fine ! can you contact me by my website to solve your problem.

Reviews: 1
Excellent module for top news. Mainly interesting as it has its own content, so that you do not need to fill your article manager with these news. Easy to handle and looks nice.
Reviews: 2
I used this module and works like a charm...and also change some little things and works perfect!! Thanks Stéphane!
Reviews: 4
Easy to use, nice on the screen.

Some improvements to implement :
1) add the ability to join a photo to the news, this photo being on the right/left of the News title
2) add the start/expiry date to allow the webmaster to prepare the news in advance so that they will show from the right date, and cleared after the expiration occurs.
3) add a button "read more..." associated to a link
4) choose the style of the title and of the text (without having to go inside the css)

Support is very fast indeed, Stephane is doing a good job. Great.
Reviews: 1
I use this component on my site for over a year. It is just a great, fast, convenient and cross browser. Thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 8
I found the component to be nice and working perfectly for my sites. All the features are well and if adding and publishing the news content from front-end could be available it would be marvelous.

Thanks for nice component.
Reviews: 7
I like the idea, since i am using k2 i have being unable to find a decent newsticker so this one seems to be perfect at the beggining but 1, i can adjust the w but not the h of the block, 2 i cant change the colors and 3 ... naaa there is no 3 its just that i will love if it could be a little bit more customizable.

Owner's reply

I, you can specify the height with this new version 1.04.

Reviews: 1
This is the kind of extension that saves time and makes our life simple.
Installation was a breeze, two parts: component first, then module. The concept is also great. Having a totally separate news table keeps things simple and the pagination/navigation works like a charm.
This component/module is perfect to display quick info clips such as announcements or bulletins for any site without having to mess with the article/category/section complexity.
And configuration is flexible enough as to make this useful for many applications.
This is great. Thanks!
Reviews: 9
Really simple and easy to configure, does exactly what it says and the support is PHENOMENAL, the best I ever had!
I encountered a small problem so I emailed the developer and he immediately offered solution. I don't know how to thank him!

A suggestion: perhaps you could add the option to show more than one news at once, like a grid of 4 or 6 tiny news. I could really use sth like this on my site.
Reviews: 30
Great adaptation, and very helpful to our joomla, just 10!
Reviews: 3
This is really a much needed extension.
Using this extension one can create customised preview displays of several joomla articles and show them within a neatly framed module as a hyperlinked animated slideshow.
The previews are created using a Tinymce type editor that allows you to format a decent HTML page with embedded images, and hyperlinked text.

The hyperlinks can even open within jcebox type popup if the JCE plugin is installed and active.

All in all this is a nifty extension that will address the needs of many joomla designers.

One problematic issue for the author's attention :- When I tried to embed a flash animation in one of the news previews, using the media embed tool of the editor, the preview just removed the flash object embed code after the Save button was clicked.
Is there any way to solve this problem and enable insertion of a flash movie within the previews ?

Thanks for the superb extension anyways !
Owner's reply


Sorry for the response delay.
You can try the new version 1.02, i solve the problem

Lets me know.

Reviews: 1
This is just the best desitions of my news requrements. Exactly that I need! And its works perfectly.
Reviews: 5
I wanted a module with a nice effect (scroll, slide or fade for example) that would display short snippets of text - event details to be precise (name, date, time, place). I didn't need/want to create an article for each of these events, so I needed a news ticker that didn't get its content from my website's articles.

I tried most of the non-commercial alternatives available and this one was the best. It's very easy to set up and it has the exact features I was looking for, including the ability to format the text that will appear in the module (linebreaks, bold text, etc. - even images). I'd like to thank the developer and I highly recommend this extension!