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JomLand NewsTicker Module

JomLand NewsTicker is a native Joomla 2.5 module. The module is displaying article items form selected categories.
JomLand NewsTicker has 3 layout: JLCarousel, JLSimpleSlide, JLAccordion. Each layout has a difference behavior.
• Data selections include: Categories selection, Ordering, Items counting and more.
• Items Layout:
o Control on item display: Titles & Intro, Titles only, Intro only
o Titles links: yes/not
o Title heading tag
o Read more: Yes/No.
o Display Counting: Yes/No
• Module Layout:
o JLCarousel layout: displays ticker with Carousel effect.
o JLSimpleSlide layout: displays ticker with slide fade effect.
o JLAccordion layout: displays all items with accordion effect.

JomLand NewsTicker is a pure native MooTools1.3 base and doesn't need any other js library.

Version 0.2 upgrade:
* add fall path to js files.

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