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Art Text Rotator Module

Art text Rotator is free text scroller with nice transition effect.


- Nice transition effect for text
- Can show text/links
- Customizable pause speed, fade speed, etc.
- Major browsers support: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE 6, 7, 8, Opera, etc.
- Easy customizable with CSS

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Reviews: 2
Great extension for the site i'm working on

Reviews: 9
No problems and using it. Just a quick thanks. (j2.5)
Reviews: 2
Good module - works as it is supposed to right out of the box. I was having a minor issue with it due to a simple error on my part. The developers contacted me back super quick with the help I needed (assured me they would patch the module within 24 hours had it been a bug). I recommend this.
Reviews: 1
I like this extension, very nice effect; thanks
Reviews: 13
Just tested this on a Mac.
It works well on Firefox, but on Safari and Chrome it does not render correctly. It just produces static links with no animation.

That would normally deserve just 1 star, but as it's a new extension I'm sure the dev's will get round to sorting this glitch out!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comment.

Demo works fine for us in the latest versions of Safari and Chrome:

Please feel free to contact us by email with the URL where you experience the issue:

Reviews: 114
I think this is a really fantastic and simple module and free. Always a bonus. As some ideas to enhance this Module. Could you think about adding the following elements.

1. Remove the underscore on the text, it is very annoying and could look much nicer without it.

2. Allow people to have different colours.
Black is fine, but if people had the ability to change black to blue, red, purple, orange etc, it would be a much nicer user experience.

3. Would be great if you could give people the option to have more than one line of links, at the moment they all link to the same place. How about adding an option to have them listed.

Just ideas, thanks for a super extension, great work and thank you,
Reviews: 1
very nice extention