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MarqueeAholic Module

MarqueeAholic is a option rich scrolling marquee module for your Joomla 2.5 or 3.x website. When a client asked for a scrolling marquee for their Joomla website I did not find one that was free, worked or looked good so I went to work developing MarqueeAholic. This is the end results!  You can customize MarqueeAholic to your website's demanding look and feel using any or all of the module options MarqueeAholic gives you...
General Settings

Marquee text: Type in text to scroll (Basic HTML tags supported)
Hyperlink marquee: Yes/No
Hyperlink: URL on marquee mouse click
Hyperlink window: Select 'Same Window' or 'New Window or Tab'
Font Style: Select your marquee text font style
Marquee font color: Choose what color your marquee text will be
Marquee background color: Choose what color your marquee background will be
Marquee border: Enter thickness of marquee border in pixels
Border style: Select border style
Marquee border color: Choose what color your marquee border color will be
Marquee font size: Enter your marquee font size
Marquee height: Enter height of marquee
Marquee width: Enter width of marquee
Marquee bottom margin: Enter in pixels extra bottom margin space of marquee
Marquee speed: Enter speed (in milliseconds) scroll
Gap between tickers: Space between repeating marquee text
Delay before start: Enter delay (in milliseconds) timer before scrolling
Marquee direction: 'Left to Right' or 'Right to Left'
Duplicate marquee: Yes/No
Pause on hover: Yes/No

It's all there within one super light-weight module and the best part of MarqueeAholic... IT'S 100% FREE to download, use, abuse and enjoy!

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Reviews: 1
Because of a mistake on my computer the module didn't work properly. Within one day the developers helped me solve the problem.
So, one more happy user of a great module helping me to improve my site.

Thanks a lot.
Reviews: 1
I can only echo what the others have said. Does the job and worked first time out of the box! Easy to configure. Thank you for this excellent FREE product.
Reviews: 7
What more could you want for a Marquee? Installed easily, set position, put in my text, set the colors and font size, published it and BAM!, instant marquee. Thanks for a free, great marquee module.
Reviews: 1
What a cracking little tool !, worked first time out of the box, easy to configure, and its FREE !, Awesome, thanks guys !