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Shape 5 Text Ticker Module

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The S5 Text Ticker does not function as a standard news ticker but rather it fades in and out between text lines instead of the classic horizontal scroll. The text ticker Powered by S5 Effects so you will experience no script conflictions. NOTE: This module does not pull from articles in Joomla you simply enter the text or HTML via ten text boxes via the module admin area.


* Powered by S5 Effects so you will experience no script conflictions
* Up to ten lines of text
* HTML can be used too
* Set display time
* Set rotation speed * XHTML Valid

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Reviews: 9
Encountered exactly the same as mentioned in the previous preview from "gabe". Developers have not fixed small problems after 1.5 years which made it unusable for me. Tested latest version for J2.5
Reviews: 14
I was looking for such little thing. I am using shape_5 vertex template, so... for the second time - shape_5 proved they can made very good product. News tickers may be used as its name suggest: you can put up to ten links (HTML code) into this module and publish it whenever you want (tanks god - vertex template have plenty of positions:) This module looks very good, and is very easy to configure. In a very small surface you can have 10 titles of your selected news. God job! P.S. I don't really understand some previous negative comments... In my opinion these people can't read the description of this module / or they can't add a link to this module :) For me - everything works fine.
Reviews: 5
Don't I love it when software is installed and works first time. And it does what it says. Just what I was looking for. A nice piece of useful software. Congrats to the development team. Also my gratitude.
Reviews: 4
This extension is OK but you can't put html code in the module on a 1.7 site. Questions about this issue have gone unanswered in the support forums. Also if you only have 1 line of text, the second line will be filled in automatically with the developers info... even if you try to delete it. (have to modify the xml as a workaround;) Mootools version doesn't seem to work either. Could be an excellent extension if everything worked or was at least trying to be fixed.

If you don't care to use code then this is a great text display.
Reviews: 54
I searched high and low for a decent text fader and this one finally did the trick!

It worked really well and the CSS was easy to adjust. very simple and easy to use.

Thank you!
Reviews: 5
An easy to use module to have rotating text of your own. Add the text you want to display, and it rotates the text for you.

Pros - easy to use and configure
Cons - none, so far
Reviews: 2
I spent half a day trying to get traditional news tickers to show line of text from articles inserting the module into a third module. All fail at that position on my template. Therefore I turned to look for TEXT SCROLLING, finding S5 Text Ticker.
The fact that you can insert inline CSS style and HTML took me to achieve more than what I originally needed.
It would be fantastic if the developers can upgrade this mod to be capable of playing more than one instance of the module on the same article.
Reviews: 2
I chose this ticker, because I wanted to be able to type in promotions or important news for my homepage. It works great! You can even use inline CSS to style the text or use HTML to link text to articles. Very useful! Thanks!
Reviews: 15
The title is very misleading and this module is in the wrong section of the extension listing if you ask me.
It doesn't display news it displays manually typed in text.
Rename it to Text Ticker and then this module will do what it says.

Might be useful for some other applications but not for news display.

The fade effect is a bit on the "not so good" side too. It fades in nicely to a point but when it switches to the next section it pops up without an effect. So you get a fade out -pop in effect instead of a more stylish fade in - fade out.

If you have an image to display this way it's a bit of an eye sore.
Reviews: 2
Does exactly what it says on the tin!
I wanted a ticker I could use to highlight various different articles (not all from the same category as most other tickers). The HTML facility achieves this brilliantly.
Reviews: 5
Beautiful fading display. Does what I needed. Thanks.
Reviews: 2
I would expect a news ticker to take the titles from existing articles, with this you have to manually enter the news items to be displayed.
Reviews: 4
this is great extension and and serves its purpose.the best thing is that it supports the HTML content to be kept in it.worked like a charm.I use his for displaying my latest updates in the site.anyhow thanks for the author for this extension.
Reviews: 31
a simple yet beautiful module which works straight out of the box.

this is a modern way to display news & updates, and is much sleeker than your usual scrolling ticker.. i love it!

thank you for such a great mod :)
Reviews: 11
This fits a gap if you want to link easily to non-content links. so here you can link to components, externlinking, etc. you can style easily since html is accepted. No creation of an article needed to link - beautiful.

This certainly is something most of the other tickers lack, even better its from a trusted source like shap5.

Thanks guys, this is what i was looking for after discovering that other tickers do not fill this need.
Reviews: 4
It did just want I wanted. I was able to input custom messages to keep my customers informed of important events. So much nicer than a 1970's style ticker tape display.

One extra thing I would like to see would be the ability to customise the text, i.e. font, style and colour on a line by line basis but even without that it is great!
Reviews: 1
This mod is not for you if your looking for one to advertise your content...

I needed a way to display -MY- messages. It is perfect for that. You get 10 separate messages to roll through, can adjust the speed between fades, the length of time before switching messages, can use html in the messages, can choose which position it shows in... This is great for the hands on web-op who has a need to change / send specific messages.

For the creative, you can use this to have 10 fading/rotating ads in a module, and all you need to know is the html language to put in the areas.

Sweet mod. Thanks a ton.
Reviews: 1
this is really simple and cool mod.
i was badly needing it.. and found today.. and got worked in few min... thanks guyz.

only one request. plz provide option for creating more than 10 news.

other than that its really useful.
Reviews: 3
This module does exactly as described.

To the review of mike123acc I have to say that he obviously expected this module to be something it isn't and as such his review is incorrect, he should have read the description before writing it.

Rudolfe was obviously looking for a similar product as mike123acc but understood this wasn't what he needed.

What I could use as an extra is a component interface where i can enter the parameters and lines of text so it is easier for managers to change the data. For now this module will do for me.
Reviews: 4
Don't waste time downloading and testing this unless you are happy manually entering the content it displays. It is not a News module in the Joomla sense. It does not use your existing content or articles. I wasted 5 minutes with this, maybe you won't have to.
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