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MoeScroll Advanced Module

01-05-14: MoeScroll Advanced for Joomla 3.0 released!

Now available for Joomla versions 1.5 - 3.x!

This is the new and improved MoeScroll Advanced! It is a native Joomla module that utilizes the new features available in Joomla 1.5 - 3.x to provide a multi functional, multi directional article scroller / fader. This module is capable of scrolling horizontally or vertically in either direction. It can also fade articles in and out. The settings are meant to be user friendly while giving the user maximum control. Simply choose the category or section you want to pull articles from, adjust a few settings, and you're off!


- Now works with the K2 Content System!!!
- Show K2 Article Image
- Show K2 Extra Fields!

- Fully CSS Styleable
- Fade In / Fade Out transition
- Slide by Slide transitions
- Constant Scroll transition
- Easy text editing using the Joomla Content Editor
- Scroll Images / HTML / CSS Styled Text
- Scroll articles by section, category or choose a single article
- *NEW: Choose multiple articles, sections or categories by id!
- Scroll the article body, intro and/or title
- Cross Browser compatible ( IE, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Chrome ...)
- Scrolls in any direction
- Randomize content so a different item shows up each page load
- Compatible with JoomFish
- Works with jQuery or MooTools ( 1.5 version )

- More features are added all the time!

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Reviews: 5
Nice and stable extension with many possibilities to use. Excellent support, they resolved my problem 10 minutes after sending my ticket! Very friendly and competent, I highly recommend this extension! :-)
Reviews: 1
We have been using MoeScroll since Joomla 1.5 and are very happy to see a Joomla 3 version. The support at MoeDesign is excellent.
Reviews: 4
I've been using this module since Joomla 1.5 and it works Great. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 16
The module works like a charm, I had a few issues that were my fault but still had a great support.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, use, and works perfectly. I had a slight issue with another module interfering with this one. Support answered me within minutes and solved the issue immediately. Rock solid module and support.
Reviews: 1
I've tried many scrollers - this is the best.
Reviews: 10
Let me tell you what MoeDesigns does right, EVERYTHING!

Great Product!!
Great Support - Quick Responses to issues!!
Great Online Resources if you have issues!!
Reasonable prices!!

This is a must have extension built by a developer who get's it!
Reviews: 1
Don't worry about wasting your money on this product! It is great. It does anything you want... and if you can't get it to work, the developer basically does it for you! What more can you ask for? Good luck.
Reviews: 9
Having bought serveral products over the last 6 months I now take a lot of notice what people write here before spending money.

One of the most important thinsg for me is custoemr service. If I have a question does it get answered by email.
I don't use forums I have too little time. I need answers direct from people.

I also like to ask questions before purchasing just to be doubel sure the products does what ti says or if not wether it can be tweaked for our needs.

So it was with MoeScroll Advanced. I saw the product and it appeared to be what I needed. But I had a question and filled in the contact form.

Within 30 minutes I had a reply.
I asked another question

Within 10 minutes I had a reply

And each reply was really helpful and really friendly.

I could have kept asking questions and I am sure it would have been the same until I was happy

So soon you will see this excellent product used all over the website of our International Women's NGO and probably others produced by Moe

Definitely recommended
Reviews: 1
We purchased this item today, had a small bug that turned out to be an issue with our template. Their customer service replied and had the issue solved within a few hours. Thanks to their experienced eyes the problem they fixed actually cleared up a couple of other issues that were plaguing our site.

We highly recommend this module, and MoeDesigns.
Reviews: 23
I purcased moescroll. I have some initial problem with proper display in some browsers...contacted support, and support solved my problem.
In one word: Great module with (what is very imortant) great support.
Worth every penny I spend to buy it.
Reviews: 1
This extension is great as-is, but when you're in need of a few tweaks, the developer is more than happy to provide fast support and goes above and beyond what I expected. This is the only extension I've paid for, and it seems based on the quality and service, it's worth a bunch more.

If you're looking for a content scroller, this is definitely the only one worth looking into! Don't bother with the other free contributions!
Reviews: 1
Purchase 1.7 version and installed and configured easily with an extensive array of options. Had 1 little issue with style conflicting with my template, but literally within 5 minutes of posting my support ticket, I had not only a response, but a solution within the email. Never had that kind of support before. Don't know how long they can keep up that level of support, but MAN Kudos to them. If this is an example of their product and service, I've now become their biggest fan and look forward to buying their other products too. This is my first review after having used 100's of extensions by others...this is the one that made me register so that I could comment!
Reviews: 1
I have to say I am stunned I have never received such outstanding customer support!
I submitted a ticket and within 2 hours not only did Sean Moe answer my issue, he sent a download upgrade for the product I was inquiring about, saving me time and effort. Thank You Sean!!
Reviews: 1
This module works fantastic. I don't buy many modules, but it was the only one I could find that advertised the versatility I needed. It worked on a test page right away at first. When I tried to get it to work on a production page, I had some issues. I submitted a ticket on their support site.
I was amazed at how quickly they got back to me, and even more amazed at how dedicated they were to resolving the issue. THey not only corrected the issue, but created another tabs module for me to replace the one I was using and works better with the moescroll module.

I can't say enough great things about this module, and even more so the development team and their support structure.

Reviews: 1
I'm new using Joomla and this module give a very good touch to the site i was programming. I haven't written a single review but they they disserve it.

The module is very friendly and has different options so you can personalize it. You can also edit the css and get the look you want.

They have a personal support. The BEST Support I had never experience before. He read carefully and always answer very nice and explicit. He is in touch with you until you are 100% satisfied.

I will always have his modules in mind for my projects. and I will buy it as many times as i need it. Is really worth it.
Reviews: 3
there are extensions that are done by hobbyists, and there are extensions done by real pros. this is a pro-level extension.

what do i mean? how about near-instant support for help and customization; great service; and friendly assistance.

i can't recommend the modedesigns products enough. i've used them on many sites and each time Mr. Moe helps me selflessly.

support this company - i want to see more great stuff from them and they deserve all your support!
Reviews: 1
I'm using this script already for months, even during the initial development phase. I's a great and very stable module. The support is excellent, on every question you get a prompt reply.
Even when needed you can give them your login and they will fix what's needed for you related to the module. Perfect, thanks!!
Reviews: 1
I too had a couple of issues with MoeScroll and the MoeDesigns team went to work on resolving them all. Great customer service goes a long way in my book!
Reviews: 6
I think that this developer should be called SUPER DEV. I requested the assisteance on how to remove the pause-unpause tag that showed up in the modules front end. Before the day was out he has replied to my request with an updated version of this great extension. It has been a pleasure to use this fine piece of work and to deal with the developer with my questions.

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