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MoeScroll Advanced Module

01-05-14: MoeScroll Advanced for Joomla 3.0 released!

Now available for Joomla versions 1.5 - 3.x!

This is the new and improved MoeScroll Advanced! It is a native Joomla module that utilizes the new features available in Joomla 1.5 - 3.x to provide a multi functional, multi directional article scroller / fader. This module is capable of scrolling horizontally or vertically in either direction. It can also fade articles in and out. The settings are meant to be user friendly while giving the user maximum control. Simply choose the category or section you want to pull articles from, adjust a few settings, and you're off!


- Now works with the K2 Content System!!!
- Show K2 Article Image
- Show K2 Extra Fields!

- Fully CSS Styleable
- Fade In / Fade Out transition
- Slide by Slide transitions
- Constant Scroll transition
- Easy text editing using the Joomla Content Editor
- Scroll Images / HTML / CSS Styled Text
- Scroll articles by section, category or choose a single article
- *NEW: Choose multiple articles, sections or categories by id!
- Scroll the article body, intro and/or title
- Cross Browser compatible ( IE, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Chrome ...)
- Scrolls in any direction
- Randomize content so a different item shows up each page load
- Compatible with JoomFish
- Works with jQuery or MooTools ( 1.5 version )

- More features are added all the time!

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Reviews: 2
I downloaded this module this morning having tried various free options, but nothing seemed to come close to MoeScroll Advanced so I decided it'd be worth the money...I was bang on!

Once I got it up and running which was fairly straight forward all was working well, except one small niggle with the way it scrolled through the articles and then went back to the first one by reversing back up the list. I emailed support and within a few hours I had a new version of the module emailed to me, installed it and my niggle was no more.

You just can't top that support! For the sake of $35 this module is well worth it, well done to MoeDesigns and thank you for such great service.
Reviews: 5
I'm not an easy customer. I tried several scrollers but none was working good. Finally I stumbled upon MoeDesign. It worked right out of the box. But I needed some features that where not there at the moment.

They gave me excellent support and where very helpful. Support is generally within 24 hours. Finally theyt installed a scroller on my website (I made a temporarily login) and this scroller works exactly as my client wants it. And it works in all browsers.

As I said in the first line. I'm very critical, and mostly very annoyed with suppliers. But I would recommand MoeDesign for everybody that wants that kind of product on your (Joomla) website.
Reviews: 3
I had some problem to set it up...due to my stupidity I guess - but the support was phenomenal and they did not let me down after my...20st email. Now that it works great, it's a perfect addition to the site. Having such a good support is a treat these days. And the extension has a lot of features. Totally worth it!
Reviews: 2
I downloaded this script a few months ago and I think it was free at the time. I ended up using it on a site where it conflicted with another script. So I checked and they had an updated version, but you had to pay this time ($19.95 a month to download any and all of their scripts). So, I paid the fee, installed the new script and the conflict was resolved, but there was one other little problem with it.

I couldn't figure it out and I had a nasty client breathing down my back who was really pressuring me to get it done TODAY! So I wrote to support and actually mentioned that I had a lot of pressure from the client to have this finished by the end of the day - and they actually responded within an hour.

I gave them all my login info - and instead of the usual thousand questions merry-go-round delaying tactics you get from most companies - they went into my site, fixed everything up PERFECTLY! And had the whole thing working within just a couple of hours. YOU DON'T GET SERVICE LIKE THAT from many places these days! So I have to give them a big kudos on that.

As for the script it is wonderful. I had some complications on this one site that conflicted with it, but they fixed that up in no time and it works perfectly on another site I run. It has a ton of features and is very flexible.

This is one script that's Well worth paying for!
Reviews: 6
There are many good scroll extensions out there for Joomla. This extension stands out, for me, because it provides more than one way to achieve the scrolling result. One example, you can use one article only or choose to have it scroll by category.

They really provide a multitude of configuration options and they seem to continue to mature the product. This extension has made my job of developing websites a little easier.
Reviews: 1
I haven't written a single review on Joomla and this is my first, justly so. This is extension is by far the most versatile, cross-browser friendly, robust and feature-rich scroller for Joomla that I know. I'm using it in countless different ways and it's so easy to implement. Not just that, but the support from MoeDesigns is outstanding... with frequent updates and quick & friendly help.

Really try it out and don't forget to review it... good extensions deserve high exposure :-)
Reviews: 1
This is one of the only extensions I have actually bought. At first conflicting template problems made the mod function incorrectly. I contacted MoeDesigns directly via email. He was on the case immediately, they even tried to look into another no related problem for me. The mod is great and works perfectly, using minimal memory. Thank you Moe Designs.
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