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Highlighter GK4 Module

Our Smooth News Rotator enables an attractive presentation of chosen articles. Thanks to multiple options, you can adjust it to your needs. Additionally, it can be integrated with any source of information.

GK4 is a new generation of our extensions based on the GNU General Public License.

Highlighter GK4 is news rotator which enables an attractive presentation of chosen articles. Thanks to multiple options, you may adjust it to your needs. Additionally, Highlighter GK4 can be integrated with any source of information.

In comparison with News Highlighter GK1, GK4 brings in changes in four aspects:

- Module options rebuilt totally
- Changes in module structure and CSS styles
- Data support from XML files in a format specified added. It allows you to integrate any component from Highlighter GK4
- Scripts responsible for module animation improved

Moreover, this module includes options connected with parameters configuration, such as: content quantity displayed in the form of news in the title, also in introtext; options connected with sorting, and filtering articles known from News Show Pro GK4; or options used for generating text, like XHTML tags filtering, plugin parsing, etc.

Added support for K2 component

Report Extension




Reviews: 8
I installed it and began using it in a matter of minutes. Thank you for creating and sharing your work with all of us!
Reviews: 3
I had to register (name, email, username), they sent an email to confirm, I confirmed, logged in, downloaded and installed. It worked straight away with my site. I did not pay any money for this. It seems quite a flexible module and I am happy with it.
Reviews: 1
Pretty much what the title says, you cannot get this "Non Commercial" addon without paying for a subscription to their club first. The site even has a graphic on the page that says "Free" on the info page for this particular product, but you have to register so it is NOT free!
Reviews: 2
If this module had the option for adding several (internal or external) RSS feeds it would be perfect. Sadly, not using it because I need just that.
Reviews: 1
If I am not missing anything, I guess it doesn't have the option of making a round of all the news categories. and show items from them. And perhaps that's the only thing missing. Otherwise, it's a lovely piece of work. Thanx for creating it. :)
Reviews: 2
The products these guys make are great. Very stylish and useful. Easy to install, at least on their templates which you have to purchase. Their support (also paid) is horrible. They are sarcastic, condescending, and rude. Getting answered is also very slow. I've seen posted questions that have not been answered in months. I would recommend this to hobbiest but not production environments on which you rely on a strong site.
Reviews: 4
Great - Simple to install and operate, and a sweeeeeet eye candy!

* Ability to display more than one line of news at a time - with a fading effect on upper and lower lines.

Thank you for the excellent work!
Reviews: 1
Too many easy! Great job.
Reviews: 1
Most of the modules have a 10 lines documentation ...
2 months for coding and 2 minits for documentation!

You provide a very good tutorial ...

so, congratulations !

should be "normal"... it's an exception ...

Great work
Reviews: 4
It's a really good module, but it's just for news and articles highlighting. It would be cool if user could write just simple message and display it in the highlighter,
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