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Moving Text Plugin

Moving text creates horizontal-scrolling text inside the content or inside a custom html module
Other HTML elements such as images could be used too.


* Speed setting
* Visible text width setting
* Duration of movement

If you want to use in a custom module, in joomla 3 you should enable the module option " Prepare Content"

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Reviews: 2
I was looking for a text scroller plugin and this is it. easy setup and config. Great work thanks.
Reviews: 4
Great tool to give an article that little extra. And so easy to use. Succeeded for the first time to add an image along the text. Thank you very much.
Reviews: 5
I was expecting to have to insert into html, and was surprised to find that the code works directly from the text editor page.

I had to look at the actual published home page to check it out for sure.

As someone else posted "All you have to do, is insert {text=yourtext} in your article."

Really pleased :)
Reviews: 10
It works good. For the people has problem I resolved setting "prepare content" in the options.
Reviews: 1
This is my first review ever on any Joomla extensions. Moving Text plugin works very well. Any reasons why it doesn't work in Custom HTML?
Reviews: 2
Thank you! Thank you! It's amazing how hard it was to find a simple plugin like that. Sometimes we want to do something simple like scroll a custom text and keep getting complex (and expensive) modules that do everything but the one simple thing we want. The plugin worked out-of-the-box and the use of the class for styling the text was a great idea.
Reviews: 1
When I try to use it within custom HTML module, it displays {text=I hope you like that plugin}
So, I'm not sure if it works with custom HTML
Reviews: 12
This plugin is good and works well.

There is one feature request that would make it excellent - The current situation is that the text has to completely move off to the left before it comes in from the right - that leaves a big space with nothing happening, until all the text has gone off left - then it comes back in from the right.

A massive improvement would be for the text to come back in from the right as soon as the text has started to leave from the left - making it truly more cyclic.

Make this happen and it will be a fantastic rolling product for anyone to use.
Reviews: 4
Does just what I needed easy to set up and use.
I hope that this extention works also on Joomla 3.
Great work! thanks
Owner's reply

Probably the review has been submited before our last release. It now works also on Joomla! 3

Reviews: 3
I was looking for an extension that my publishers can modify from the Frontpage and MovingText gives this possibility.
What is nice is that there is no form but only the article (or custom module) text editor to use it (with image insertion)!
Moreover, there is a special css if you want to change the view.
Thanx a lot!
Reviews: 2
Does just what I needed easy to set up and use.
Great work! thanks
Reviews: 1
If you want a marque text in your joomla site, this is the top for simplicity. All you have to do, is insert {text=yourtext} in your article. You can apply bold, italic, color, link, dimension to the inserted text using the control panel of your editor. The text stop to scroll on mouse over. The hight of the scroll window depending of the hight of the text. You can set only the width of the window and speed+pause of the scrolling, but nothing else you can answer to so perfect plug in.
Reviews: 2
Very useful plugin - thank you.
Does exactly as it says and easy to install. Now in use on a school website.
Reviews: 18
Great module!! Thanks so much to the developer, easy to use and works on iphones and other devices :)
Reviews: 2
This plugin is easy to install and also works on the Frontpage. You don't have to know HTML syntax. Colors and fontstyles are working with the WYSIWYG editor. Inserting and showing images also works. Great work!!
Reviews: 12
This is the BEST "marquee" pluggin in my book so far, and I've dinked around with a LOT of other extensions like this one.
It's SIMPLE to use. I used it for a news ticker, this + newsflash = CLEAN, simple, dynamic scrolling text, links, images, and about everything else I threw at it.

Keep up the great work!!
Reviews: 1
Plugin works ok. it does what is says.
only problem is that it don't seems to work on the Front page. other than that it works well.
Owner's reply

As i told you check for any conflict with another plugin or module. Moving Text does not distinguish fron-page from other pages.

Reviews: 3
It works really good. Great to have it for easy marquee. Just an opinion: try to make it run when using custom html modules in joomla. it's not working if i use the plugin code over there.. Try upgrading it, if possible.
Reviews: 2
Great plugin but could use an increment setting to help reduce jitter.
Reviews: 2
for warnings or announcements... It work well and text can be formatted.

Thanks I was looking for something like this...