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JEx News Scroller Module

A simple and yet powerfull way to display your most important news or an intro for them . This Joomla!® based module can be used also for displaying your team members or the top products from your website. It is offering support for text with the help of 22 of the most used font families and also for the images and swf files, for news preview.


*Supports:images jpg,png,gif and AS3 Based swf files.

*Perfect resizable by setting the Width and Height of the module and the images/swf widht and height(the content of the module).
*Added direct link to an app which makes the module visible on Android devices.
*You can set the distance between the images with "Image Distance " setting .
*Choose the main background color of the module/text area.
*Set the position of the text inside the text area with the option " Text Margin". The position is related to the up and left side of the text area.
*Choose the thickness of the images/swf borders.
*Set your own transition time and scroll time between the slides.
*You can choose from 6(six) transition types : regular,elastic, bounce,none,back,strong.
*Choose the color for the close button, text color and size.
*You can set an external url for the image/swf files and also an read more external url in the main text area. The target for the urls are :_blank ; _self.
*Make sure to set the images and swf dimensions to the ones you will choose in the backend of the module and everyting will look fine.
*The module contains 20(twenty) predefined slides.
*All the settings from the backend have tooltips included.
*Special characters support:
ùûüÿàâæçéèêëïîôœószø ÇÝÜÙÚÛÖÔÒÓÕÅÀÁÂÃÄÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÑäöß$€¢£¥™©&@ąćęłńśż

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