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DVRandomArticles Module

In the default installation of Joomla there are modules for the latest articles, new articles, etc. A simple module displaying random posts is missing. What could be more appropriate to close this gap.

DVRandomArticles allows you to display a random list of articles on your website at a module position including the standard settings of Joomla article modules. The module contains the german and the english language files.

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Reviews: 3
Easy to setup!

Select categories from which you want random articles to be displayed and you are done.

Works great. Very Useful, and simple.
Reviews: 18
Although joomla 2.5 is perfect!, it is missing a random article display module, and this little neat module answers just that problem. had no problem installing and had it working in less than a minute.

you can select more than one category and it starts to display random list of articles each time. Thank you developer
Reviews: 10
Worked right out of the box. This module shows a LIST of articles, not the articles themselves, and those articles must be from a single category, just like the description says. Useful, simple, and it gets the job done.