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Random Article Module


This simple module gives you the ability to show random Joomla/K2 articles. It was made to add dynamics to your Joomla website by turning static pages into pages that give the user a richer navigating experience.


* Display one or more random articles inside the same module;
* Choose multiple categories (and subcategories) from where the random articles will be picked;
* Display the title, introtext, readmore or/and the fulltext of the article;
* Option to display the images that can be defined in the Article Manager under the 'Images and Links'.
* Display random K2 articles;
* Option to limit the amount of words/characters of introtext;
* Option to change the HTML output to HTML5;
* Compatibility with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0
* Possibility to update the module via Joomla's extension manager;
* 3 debug options to better solve possible bugs.

Bugs, Improvements and Translations

If you find a bug or if you want this module to have a new feature, feel free to use the IssueTracker. You can also contribute by sending me the translation files of a new language.

Thanks for using this module.

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Reviews: 1
... I noticed strange behavior, when you want to use it twice on the same website - number of columns are changing in ALL random article modules.
So, when I want to use it in menu with one column it affects second module with the same articles but different name with six columns in footer.
Otherwise fantastic module, I love it's simplicity! Thanks
Reviews: 1
exactly what I am looking for! Thanks for the simplicity of the module.
Reviews: 10
Sometimes the simplest is what works best. Great extention. Simple to use and very efficient.
Reviews: 6
Great little module. I wanted a module that would display a random article's intro image and then link to that article. This module accomplishes that perfectly.

One minor, and this is seriously minor, improvement I would recommend. Add an alignment option for the image. By default the image is aligned left. I worked out a little hack in the article.php file, to do just this:

On line 94, right after "" add the following little html snippet "". Worked like a charm for me.
Reviews: 11
Very efficient and well executed random article display. Nice work!
Reviews: 1
I use it for my company name, that is psychotherapy and counceling company. I need a random article intro on the main page. The extention does the job.
- very easy to use,
- ready to go right after installation.
- there's no Polish translation (of course, that's not the author's fault but it makes it harder for me to use this extention).
I recommend it to everyone. And thanks to the author.
Owner's reply

Actually I'm accepting translations from other languages since the release of the first version. Anyone who wants to contribute is very welcome.
But to try a little harder, without using online translators like Google, I've just created this translation project to hopefully get more translations:

Thank you very much for your review.

Reviews: 3
Using joomla 2.5.8 works well.

Normal installation and easy to use.

More (better) options offered than default Newsflash.

Thanks for creating and making this available.
Reviews: 9
This works as it says.
I couldn't use it for what I wanted due to my site layout if there could be an option to choose number of images as well as words I would be able to use this
Owner's reply

I saw that you also submitted your problem in our IssueTracker, as you should.

However the solution you need is a bit tricky to implement but I will try to do it.

Thank you for your review.

Reviews: 2
Well, installation was simple and making it go was simple, just like any decent Joomla plug-in should work.

Assign a category and set some module settings to fit your taste and than you can show some random articles that people sometimes miss.

The module settings part comes with nice and clean hoover text when you want to change the display options, but those are self explained anyway.
Reviews: 8
I desperately needed a random article module to seed a position on a home page, this looked like it would fit the bill. When I tried it, it did not work as expected, Artur worked with me to get this working as I required, and it turned out to just be a configuration error.

If you need to display random content, with a small footprint, then this is your mod!

Artur is quick to respond to queries and I thank him for helping me get my issues sorted so quickly.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a way to randomly display youtube video embeds in a module position which were contained in articles assigned to a category.

I added a state = 1 in the SQL query to only show published articles, but other than that did exactly what I needed it to do.
Owner's reply

I'm glad it was useful to you.

I totally forgot about that trivial verification. I will include it in the next version, v1.2.

Thanks for pointing out this problem and for your review!