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Text To Module ModulePlugin

Text To Module contains both a plugin and a module.

The plugin removes specific parts of an article (delimitated by {text2mod}...{/text2mod}) and puts them in a module of type "mod_text2mod". This happens only if an instance of that module is available and published in the current page.

The module shows whatever text is removed from the article by the plugin.

*** Why I did it ***

Because a friend asked me to :-)
Without Text To Module, if you want to show a different side text for each article, you should create a lot of Custom HTML modules and manually assign them.
This makes it easier, especially for a site owner which is not a Joomla expert, to get the same result.

Thanks to Christian from, who had the original idea.

*** Latest changes ***

Now compatible with Joomla 3.x

Now you can set the module title with {text2mod|title}...{/text2mod}
Now you can add a Class Suffix to the module

Now compatible with Joomla 2.5

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Reviews: 15
One of the many extensions that surprised me. Very handy at times and it works in tandem with many other extensions to produce effects and then place them in the module. This extension allows users to place a tag around the content and push it into a module but this is one to one. I wish if we could push content into various module positions and not just one.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review! Your suggestion is reasonable and we will work to produce a "multiple modules" version as soon as possible.

Reviews: 3

Sometimes I need some advanced layouts. This module helps me to create it. You can render any article element (title, alias, introtext, fulltext, etc ) inside the module.

If you write "JHTML::_('content.prepare', '{text2mod}'.$this->item->title.'{/text2mod}');" anywhere in your template, the module render the article title. And so on.

Extremely useful.

Reviews: 106
Awesome! Been wanting an extension like this for a while. So basically this module gives not only the back end users convenience of not having to create modules for each position, but it also gives power to the frontend user. So if you have things like "External Links" that you want to show on a side bar (or anywhere else) you can use this extension to have it display. It even renders html just fine as it should and can be used to display mini content on the side. Now all we need is for it to be joomla 1.7 available. Anyways, thanks for making this cool extension.
Cheers Josh Lewis
Owner's reply

thank you for your kind words. Due credit must be given to a friend of mine who is also occasionally a customer, who had the original idea and asked us to create this solution. P.S. i asked him permission to include his name in extension description.
About Joomla 1.7 compatibility, i am going to get some additional help in a few days and hopefully it will be released with only a reasonable amount of delay :-)