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Related Articles Tags Plugin

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Related Articles Tags is a plugin that works on Joomla 2.5! and which displays a list of articles related to your articles (below main article).

You can, through your backoffice:

- Choose the display order of items (publication date, creation date, modification date, randomly)
- Select the display direction (from newest to oldest)
- Set the size (in characters) of a keyword so that it is included in the matching criteria
- Choose in which categories of your site the plugin should search for articles with keywords to match
- Ban keywords, so they are never used in the matching
- Choose in which categories the plugin will be displayed

There is also other settings options for the look of the plugin:

- Display the plugin accordion or list
- Set the number of articles to display
- Set the number of characters to display for each article
- Define the string end at the break of the introductory text
- Set the text to display to read the rest of the article
- Choose to display the introducting images of the articles, if yes you can set:
- The position of this image(left-aligned text, right, unaligned or take the alignment defined in the item admin page)
- The maximum width of the image
- The maximum height of the image

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