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FJ Related Articles Plus Module

This extension does everything the core Related Articles module does and adds a number of handy features, including:
* Now version 4x uses Tags instead of Keywords, for faster performance and easier tagging.
* Now available for Joomla version 3.2 and 2.5!
* New! Option to include list of keywords for every page.
* New! Sort articles in random order.
* New! Show module on any page of any Menu Item Type (not just article layouts)
* New! Include articles based on Section, Category, Author, or Author Alias, unrelated to the current article in view or current Menu Item
* New! Only show articles that have a minimum number of matching keywords
* New! Pick Sections, Categories, Authors, and Author Alias values from a list instead of entering ID numbers
* Limit the list of related articles by count
* Limit the list to selected Sections or Categories (including the current article's Section or Category)
* New! Enter a list of keyword phrases to ignore when finding related articles. This is handy if you have some keyword phrases that are used in all of your articles.
* Sort the list by number of matching keyword phrases ("best match")
* Sort the list by keyword phrase
* Display the matching keyword phrases
* New! Include articles by the same author or author alias.
* New! Option to see article preview in tooltip.
* New! Option to see last modified date or created date.
* New! Option to include all articles in the same category as the current article.
* New! Option to ignore all keywords and just match on author or category.
* Numerous other options For more information about FJ Related Articles Plus, see the tutorial page at You can download this extension here:

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Reviews: 6
FJ Articles Plus allows tailoring of the Related Articles limited to selected sections and categories. What is I particularly appreciate is the abililty to restrict related articles to the currently viewed article's section and/or category. Very useful when in aiding a visitor to view the articles in a particular topic.
Reviews: 2
This extension with plugin Add Keywords help much the indexing the articles and relation betwen contents!!! Beautifull, thank your develepers!
Reviews: 17
Was looking all day for a solution to adding related articles to each article without having to rely on meta tags. In my case i use this module to display related articles by category. Easy install, easy setup, perfect thanks
Reviews: 1
I really like this module. It gives you more options to choose from to set the related items than the normal joomla module gives you.
The only thing that could be better is the hovering in IE. I've set it to show the introtext on hovering, but in IE it shows the and tags, whereas in FF it does what it is supposed to do...
Reviews: 1
Okay i love the mod very usefull the only part i dont like or maybe cant figure out. Is there anyway to instead of just showing a link to related articles instead just show the article in the block instead. this should be an option. i would like to have related snippets and this works perfectly besides that its just showing the link to the snippet. i would rather it show the actual snippet related. is it possible ?
Reviews: 3
Excellent module. I like that it gives you control over categories and sections. Tooltips on links gave me a bit pain on figuring out how to style them, but other than that it's great enhancement of standard module. Plus it takes over styling of the old module whether you did or did not use Module Class Suffix.
Very recommended.
Reviews: 23
Lots of settings so you can configure it just the way you want and easy to style using css.

I find it can also be used within articles when used in combination with Modules Anywhere.

Full marks.
Reviews: 1
I added this very handy module to my site. It's very easy to use and quite flexible.
Congratulation to the author.
Reviews: 1
Well, I can't get it to work at all, no matter where I place this module, it doesn't show up.
I have entered keywords in my articles and alas, nothing...
Reviews: 2
It's a very usefull extension, it does what's supposed to be done and I am very pleased with it. It's way better than the core joomla module for related articles and it contains the parameters you really need.
I would suggest two things:
1) It would be great if a more complex ordering parameter was available, like: most recent articles first AND most matches first.
2) There should be some way to hide the module in case user is not browsing an article page rather that showing a "Text If Not An Article" message.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the nice review. On your point (2), you can control this with the style attribute of the JDOC statement in your template for the given module location. For some styles, the module will always show. For other styles, the module will not show if there are no matches. On point (1), it would be great if you could submit a feature request in the project tracker. Thanks!

Reviews: 3
in 8 years, this is my second "Excellent!" rating giving!
Congratulations fellas!
Just wonderful module!
Reviews: 5
If you are looking for a plug and play type of plugin that will display related articles based on keywords, this is the one. Thanks, great job!
Reviews: 3
This is the best related items module I could find and I really like its keyword article listing option. 5 star!

I think that more of a support framework for meta-keyword relations (or taxonomies I think is the other CMS term) is required in the Joomla core to encourage major extension developers to support this kind of related item functionality (E.g. Events component developers, directory component developers, forum developers etc), so that when I read an article about some subject on a Joomla website, I can see the profiles of people who write about that subject, the events that are associated with that subject and even the forums that discuss that subject. As developers of related items modules show, this kind of functionality shouldn't have to be set up manually and the end result is it can integrate a whole site together with minimum effort on the part of the content administrators through simple key-wording.
Reviews: 1
Easy installation. The restriction of categories and sections is very helpful.
Maybe in the future a thumbnail view of this first image in the related articles could be added to the module.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this great module. Easy to install and it works perfectly ;)
Reviews: 4
The plugin offers the best handling of related articles(I tried a lot of the free extensions). Easy to install and simple to handle.
Highly recommended because is one of the best ways to keep visitors in your site.
Thanks to the developer, keep up the good work!
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