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sp accordion Module

SP Accordion is the best free accordion module for Joomla 3 which allows you to display your contents/articles with jquery effect.

SP Accordion Module has four styles as Default, Button, Simple and FAQ.

Version (2.8)
* Completely removed mootools dependency from joomla 3+

Version (2.7)
* Joomla 3.0 support
* Fixed several bugs

Update :
1. Multiple module same page
2. Option to hide first item on start up.
3. Added accordions collapse at OnClick
4. Added title limit
5. Read More link added
6. Author info and date option added

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Reviews: 3
It's a really good module indeed.
But I've installed in using Joomla 3.2.1 and Gantry Framework template, it seems to be some kind of conflict with Gantry (from rockettheme). Anyway I tried it on Beez template but still... Problems displaying the articles...
It needs some work for 3.2 compatibility before the 5 starts ^^
Reviews: 3
There are many module or plugin for accordion but sp accordion still best to choose.
It's easy config and customize. And can be placed anywhere if wish.
Thank you for sharing
Reviews: 2
After spending days and fumble around with other accordion extensions I finally decided to try SP accordion. I managed to get my thing done in 10 minutes.Great extension and so easy thanks very much.You saved my day.........
Reviews: 11
I've spent a lot of time searching, installing and uninstalling Accordion Extensions and then I found this one. It worked first time, displays different categories on different selected pages and has several styles to choose from.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 13
I have tried various accordion effects and this is the only one that works well in all browsers with my template.

Easy to configure and 4 styles to choose from.
Reviews: 5
Fantastic module! Very simple and effective, easily to configure, and adapt. Easy to add styles and edit. Just perfect. Dreamscenario! Works in all browsers.
Reviews: 16
This extension saved the day. I tried 5 different modules that do the same thing but they all had conflicts with my template this one works well and I accomplished what I wanted to do. Thanks
Reviews: 3
Since I came across this extension it has become a main feature in all my sites. I am using it for magazine sites, government agencies and companies. It's quite straight forward to use and the transition is smooth. I am an average Joomla user and I think even beginners can wrap their heads around this one. Love it.
Reviews: 3
I've made several web sites with joomla.

This extension is easy to set up. The css file is really easy to modify.

It works great with joomla 2.5

Thank you very much !
Reviews: 4
In this vast known number of multiple extensions to find one, in the middle of all this that: really works, does what it anounces, easy to install and configure.

After hours of looking and testing around, it makes your time worth it. Thanks.
Reviews: 3
I was tired on finding accordion on JED that meets my need and suddenly found this one.

It works like a charm and has lots of configurable options which is nice.
This is an excellent module guys! And the best part it's FREE. :)

I'm too much grateful to the developers and wish them all the best.
Reviews: 5
This is a good and beautifull extension, but this extension does not work in all of articles and position.
Sometimes you click in the "tab" and they don't open or close.
And i think that the support service could be more efficient. That's my review. Thanks
Reviews: 15
Thank you for excellent module. It has been proved to be more useful than many of the complicated and paid component out there on extension directory. Its very simple module and can be used any where. I have used it in article by using joomla inbuilt plugin called "Load Module". This way you can put it any where on your site, it can be a module on front page, or it can be module inline in any article. Awesome.

Also the inbuilt 4 themes are also very helpful and clients love it.

Thank You.
Amit Patekar
Reviews: 8
Used on joomla 1.5.
Powerful, clear and easy to use.
In my opinion it is the best in its category.
Reviews: 8
I installed this on my Joomla 1.6, it was easy to install, easy to understand and worked for me the first time. Nicely done. I'm a graphic designer, so modules that work without tweaking code are important to me, SP Accordian fits that need.
Reviews: 4
Works smoothly on joomla 1.6, very useful for my site. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
This is the excellent extension for displaying the articles....!
Reviews: 4
Great and wrote with mootools. Thank you for that.
Reviews: 3
Great module, a little bit of preparation work of the articles and then it's simple and works beautifully.
Thank you.
Reviews: 1
This is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. A way to have my main categories display their latest articles on the front page, but take up less space.

I have a feature request.

I use two of the module on my front page (Joomla 1.6). When one is extended, the other module shrinks or collapses. Is there a way to make them both behave independently? Or to have the first tab on both modules extended by default rather than just the first tab on the first module?

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