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Slider SP1 Module

Free Slider SP1 is an excellent free responsive Joomla! module for sliding joomla article in your site. It has been created using excellent effects that looks attractive. The admin of this module is very easy to understand and there are tons of features. You have multiple things to specify and choose there which will help you to customize the appearance of the slider in front-end.

Version 1.7
* Joomla 3 bug fixed

Version 1.6
* Responsive

Version 1.5
* Several bug fixed
* Joomla 3.0 support added

Fixed Image Source bug

Changed files:

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Reviews: 4
Very nice look, easy to customize and does what it's like to.
Reviews: 15
Nearly perfect but:

1) You dont have the option to turn off auto-start

2) You can't have articles with and without images, if you set the option "images" to yes and in some article you don't have an image, a default one is will be displayed

Both these problems are kinda minor and can be overcome with a bit of hacking but still, it's ridiculous.
Reviews: 1
nice i would like to thank all joomla community who are providing excellent solutions like free slider sp1
Reviews: 19
This is a nice looking slider but, in the description it says Joomla Articles and K2 Articles. I download, install and look for a way to set the module to import K2 articles... Nothing! I go to the support forum and find this, "Free Slider SP1 is not compatible with K2." Uninstall wasted 30 minutes!
Reviews: 3
One of the best extensions out there! Some customization options in the module would be a great addition in the future, like being able to change the text and links format, don't strip the html code from the content and background colour customisation. Most of this changes can be done changing some of the module's CSS, but having them in the front end would make this extension one of the most brilliant of the J! Directory!

Thanks to the author!
Reviews: 5
This is a great extension! After a lot of searching, I can finally stop and say - this gives you everything you need! Thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 3
I am quite happy with it. At first had some problems trying to figure out why the images were not displaying, then all went smoothly.
In the last times, I hear that the slideshow is not working in mobile devices, I dont know if thats a matter of the extension or what can be wrong.
Reviews: 1
Very nice, simple to use. Nice job guys!
Reviews: 23
This is a nice extension which allows showcasing of articles in a module position. It is cleanly presented and allows suffix styling.

It worked on first instal but the main issue with it is a lack of resizing which limits its flexibility.

To be clear you can resize the module, but you it doesn't resize images.

It doesn't support random articles, but when used with NoNumber's Advanced Module Manager most of it's other limitations can be rectified.

The main plus point is that it is very simple and predictable.
Reviews: 1
Hello. I have been using sp slider and i find it very good. However recently it just stopped working. It displays all of the articles in one slide, and does not want to change. Please help. I am using Joomla! Articles structure, however when I tried K2 the problem occurred as well.
Reviews: 1
At first sight the installation is so easy and welcoming but the images cannot be viewed, they should provide proper documentation on this.
Reviews: 7
thank you very much for such a great slider, i couldn't find one as simple and easy as this one.. keep up the good work :)
Reviews: 1
Very good module! Simple but effective. The only problem that I’ve encountered is that links to articles keep bypassing the core SEF and showing unfriendly SEF URLs. That's a problem when using anchor links inside articles... I don’t know if this problem occurs just with FLEXIContent or if it is general. Is there a way to fix it?
Reviews: 1
Just like all extensions this is a great one ! Thanks JoomShaper for offering us such nice and free extensions.
Reviews: 5
Nice module.easy to install, easy to configure. Only thing that is missing is option to resize large images from articles. Then it would be excellent module.