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Article Auto ToC Plugin

This plugin automatically generates a linked table of contents for articles based on the headings' hierarchy. Additionally, it also can add numbers to the headings for easier navigation.

It is based on the existing plugin 'Article Table of Contents' but because it didn't had all I wanted to have I reworked the settings and fixed the code to work with my Joomla installation and produce valid XHTML 1.1.

To use it you have just do install and enable it and adjust the settings to your needs. If you want to disable it for certain articles just place {autotoc enabled=no} inside the text.
You can also go the other way round an disable generating a ToC by default and place {autotoc enabled=yes} (or simply {autotoc}) inside the text of articles where a ToC should be displayed.

If you want to choose a different layout for the ToC in different articles you can select either the table layout or the dropdown layout in the global settings as default, and select another visualization with placing eg. {autotoc layout=table} inside the according article.


- Hide {autotoc} tag in smart search preview.

- Fix for error with some automatic code minifiers.

- Fix PHP strict warning.

- Spanish translations (Thanks to marcanuy!)
- Bug fix with Joomla 3.2 (Thanks to Rajoz!)

- Allow setting 'float' (=alginment) per article.

- New per article parameters 'addNumbering' and 'addNumberingToc' to select whether the headings should be numbered on a per article base.

- Add option to select default state of ToC if using 'hide' link.

Older notable updates:
- New option to show a wikipedia like 'Hide' link for ToCs using table layout.
- Add new option to add additional views where the ToC should be displayed.
- The plugin should now work with both FLEXIcontent and K2.
- Thanks to Frank Thommen there is now a Joomla 1.6 compatible version.
- Established compatibility with the pagebreak plugin:
* Add toc after page navigation
* Changed css class of toc from 'contenttoc' to 'autotoc'

Download for Joomla 1.5:

Report Extension



Reviews: 106
I've been using Auto TOC for quite some time and have been very pleased with it. Styling it is pretty easy with CSS, so your not limited to a basic style. I also really appreciate the ability to embed it in specific pages and such.

A great plugin that I would recommend to anyone who has lengthy articles. :-)
Reviews: 7

We really need this kind of plugin. I mean, of course be able to show a TOC article, but a plugin so easy to install, to use, to customize and free to download also !

Only "oops" : I did not find how make a donation.

Many thanks and please go on !
Reviews: 2
I tried this on Joomla! 3.0 and it worked as described. If it is not clear from the site, you need to download the 1.6 version and use that zip file.

My only suggestion for possible improvement is to have a category selection option in the backend.

Many thanks to the developer for the hard work, it's a great contribution!
Reviews: 1
Unfortunately, I do not see configuration parameters in my 2.5.7. In old oe 1.5.27 it's fine.
Owner's reply

You have probably installed the Joomla 1.5 Version of the plugin. For 2.5 you need the 1.6+ Version:

Reviews: 5
It's working well with k2 but I have some suggestions:

It would be better if you'll add some Java Script ro fix the TOC inside of page even when users scroll down the page.

In addition the extension does not support UTF8 Characters in URL and Titles.

and Finally since there is no pagination functionality in K2, it would be great if you'll add pagination ability in it. I'm sure so many people will love you.
Reviews: 2
I had been watching this plugin for awhile, but unfortunately it wasn't Joomla 2.5 compatible.

I run a website with HUGE articles and over 40k articles. The default Pagebreak plugin which can create TOC, just really isn't efficient for my site. This plugin saved the day with it's Dropdown feature. It is user friendly and works flawlessly.

One thing I'd love to see added to this plugin is the ability to set TOC based on where Pagebreak code is placed within the Article. I had to disable the Joomla Core Content - Pagebreak plugin, but there were areas where I still wanted to use it, and had to modify those areas to not use Pagebreaks anymore.

Otherwise. Awesome plugin!
Reviews: 2
Hi, for those who want to display a TOC in most articles, this seems nice.
But I want to display a TOC only in a single article (which the plugin claims to be able to do), it is not quite clear how, though.
I disabled the plugin - putting {autotoc} inside an article, will then just output that very text ...
Owner's reply

If you disable the plugin certainly nothing happens, because if the plugin doesn't run it gets no chance to remove it from the text.
Instead you should leave the plugin enabled but set the plugin option 'Generate for all articles' to 'no'.
If you have any further problems please contact me through my linked homepage.

Reviews: 3
I used seblod 2 cck for my site and I'm not able to display the TOC. But on standard joomla install, this works flawlessly. I hope the developer will be able to add support for seblod. Kudos to the developer.
Reviews: 10
Very easy to install and adjust. W3C valid. The design can be changed very easily with CSS. Fast and friendly contact. My suggestion of a show / hide link in the table of contents was completed within an hour. Just incredible.

Two more suggestions from me:

Select whether the TOC is by default open or closed.

A switchable discreet animation when opening and closing the TOC would be nice.

Nevertheless, this little tool is a gem.

Reviews: 2
Extremely useful plugin.

Is it possible to change the display type with the parameter in the article?
For example : dropdown for 1 article, list for other.
Owner's reply

Thank you, good idea :)

Just try the new version...

Reviews: 1
This ArticleAutoTOC plugin was just what I was looking for: we have a very long directory of practitioners on our society website, and I wanted a TOC of their locations, broken down into regions and then cities - so that someone looking for a practitioner in their city can just click on that city. For this situation, it works better than the pagebreak style TOC plugins. And I had great support from the developer for a few minor tweaks for IE. It was easy to install and worked right off the bat.
Reviews: 1
I tried the plugin, but unfortunately it does not generate ToC for category blog, which I need the plugin for. Is there a way to make it work?
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review! Please check out the new version of the plugin. I have added an option to enter additional views, where you can just add 'category'.

Reviews: 1
I was looking for a simple wikipedia like TOC that is generated from my headings (h1-h6). That is was it does.
- easy to intall
- simple smart layout
- working smooth
- some but not to many things to configure from the backend
- helpful developer
(waited some days for a reply, but thats fine for free software, and I got a precise answer for a tweek)
Reviews: 1
I tried all TOC extensions available on this repository and this one is the best one.

The only one default I notices is that the TOC doesn't appear in articles displayed in category pages. I corrected it by adding the string 'category' in the array containing impacted views.

Great work Tom the 1.0 version is approaching :)
Reviews: 1
I used this plugin for my website, truely great. Easy to setup and did the work. Than I had to start using k2 extention and had to stop using it. But there seems to be no any other plugin for k2, if the developer improve it to be compatible with k2, it would be great.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback!

Please check out the latest version which should support K2.


Reviews: 6
I wanted a content list for the article headers, like Wikipedia. This is a good plug-in and it works properly. The control and features are perfect. Of course there are always minor improvements to imagine but it is very useful as it is now.

Thanks very much!

Albert van Dalen
A van Dalen
Reviews: 9
I spend some time with some corrections previous plugin and after i found this plugin. great work, nice config addons.

Only some strings are missing in lang file...
Reviews: 6
A practical and useful plugin. I use it on two of my sites, in order to structure selected lenghty articles.

A suggestion for further improvement:
Once you switch "Article Auto ToC" on in an article (in this case: using the command in the html code of the article, the table of contents (ToC) appears always as the very first thing after the article's headline. This may be the standard solution for a ToC, however, I sometimes want to give first (i.e. directly after the headline and before the ToC) one or two lines of information what this article is about, in addition to the headline.
Hence it would be too nice if the ToC appeared not at the very beginning of the article but exactly there were you have put in the command into the code.
I do not know if this is possible, technically, but if it is possible, this would be a great asset to the plugin.

Thank you,
Kind regards,
Christian Geiselmann
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback!

I've implemented your suggestion into the new version. Please give it a try.

Reviews: 1
Very nice plugin, just like its predecessor.

It's a useful feature to disable tocs for selected articles.

But how about the other way round? That would be a killer feature! :)

I need to enable it on per-article-basis. Since most most of the articles are rather short and do not need a table of contents.

Thanks a lot!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review!

Just try the update version. Now it is also possible to go the other way round.

Reviews: 4
Thanks for very cool and useful plugin :)

I'm have problem with displaying plugin in right side of article, like in the demo. Inside my articles table of content is in left side.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.

I have now added an option to select the alignment. For more advanced layout changes you should use css.