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Include Content Item Plugin

This plugin allows you to insert or include one content item into another content item.

Key Features
* support nested include
* fadein/out of fulltext right in the same article (without any reloading of page)
* support all Joomla versions: 1.0, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5!

Latest Update
v2.5.11 (for Joomla 2.5)
Released January 26, 2012

Yes, native version of the plugin for Joomla 2.5 is now available!

v1.0.11 (for Joomla 1.0), v1.5.11 (for Joomla 1.5), v1.6.11 (for Joomla 1.6), v1.7.11 (for Joomla 1.7)
Released October 16, 2011

* Yes, native version of the plugin for Joomla 1.7 is now available!
* Updated the plugin to use the latest jquery library: jquery-1.6.4.js
* In this new version, you can now include an article more than once by using the tag $allow_multiple=1

v1.0.10 (for Joomla 1.0), v1.5.10 (for Joomla 1.5), v1.6.10 (for Joomla 1.6)
Released July 8, 2011

* Yes, native version of the plugin for Joomla 1.6 is now available!

* Updated the plugin to use the latest jquery library: jquery-1.6.2.js

* In this new version, the article will only be included if it is published. If you unpublish the included article, the article will NOT be displayed.

v1.0.8 (for Joomla 1.0) and v1.5.8 (for Joomla 1.5)
Released Jun 30, 2009

* added fadein/out of fulltext right in the same article (without any reloading of page)
* If you don't want nested include, use nested=0
* If you want nested include to stop at level 2, add level=2
* added support for type=button

You can see demos of the fadein/out of fulltext here:

Version History
version: 1.01/1.51
released: June 21, 2008
Main update: now works with PHP4!

version: 1.02/1.52
Released: July 23, 2008
This is an enhancement contributed by Aleksandar Bogdanovic.

Standard use: {include_content_item 123}
To add the title of the included article: {include_content_item 123 1}
To add the title and link to the included article: {include_content_item 123 1 1}

Parameter #1: id of the content/article to be included
Parameter #2: 1 means show title, 0 or ignore means don't show title.
Parameter #3: 1 means show title and link. 0 or ignore means don't show title and link.

version: 1.03/1.53
Released July 31, 2008

This is an enhancement requested by Denis.

New features:

* {include_intro 123} will include only the intro of the content item.
* {include_fulltext 123} will include only the fulltext (or maintext) of the content item.
* The original {include_content_item 123} will include both the intro and fulltext.

v1.0.5 (for Joomla 1.0) and v1.5.5 (for Joomla 1.5)
Released December 25, 2008

This is an enhancement requested by Rexkramer.

The "Include Content Item" plugin now allows you to display the "Read More" link.

v1.0.4 (for Joomla 1.0) and v1.5.4 (for Joomla 1.5)
Released August 17,

Report Extension



Reviews: 1
"Include Content Item" seems to be good at the first glance. But then you will figure out that it ignores any permissions from the ACL. No matter if an article is public or just for registered users only, it will be displayed.

So if you create a public article and use "Include Content Item" with the ID of an article for registered/special users only, you will have everything in your public article. The same if you take the ID from content for individual user groups. Maybe there is a need for such a feature. I see it the other way round especially when considering security reasons. So for me, "Include Content Item" is too risky.
Reviews: 2
Great plugin. Should be native to Joomla!

One thing, I read that the new version supports published/unpublished states and I can verify that when I unpublish an article it does not show up (even though the code calling for the article is in the main article).

However when I set an article to publish on a specific date in the future it still shows up in the main article.

I really need this functionality. It is the sole reason for me getting this plugin, otherwise I would just use {load position xx}

Please support this feature as soon as possible. I need to schedule many articles to appear at many different times on a specific page and this plugin was as close as it came. Any help in the meantime would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for this plugin.
Reviews: 2
I use this plugin to bring the content of articles in a calendar. This avoids doing double work and keeps the content of the article and the calendar in sink.
Reviews: 1
i'm using this plugin along with "joomlaAds" of the same author, but this one is the best. i really wish that this functionality of including content items inside each other will be in a core joomla installation!

thank you kksou for such great work
Reviews: 14
I've been looking for two weeks for an extension like this. It's heaven. Simple to install, to use and configure, all the instructions are on its documentation page.
Thanks A LOT for the developer. And for all Joomla folks.
Reviews: 1
A very helpful and excellent plugin!

As tip: i created a new section "INCLUDES" and categories like "headers" or "footers" or "styles". There i can better group special headers or footers or styles which i just include in the articles with the {include_intro 123} line. Really great and timesaving!

In order to allow that in the same article, more than once the same include is processed, i did a little modification to the original php file of this plugin, and for me it works very good!

Here is what you have to do:

locate the original file: plugins/content/include_content_item/include_content_item.lib.php

download and open this file

then and add one line between line 54 and 55 as shown here:

original code:
if (in_array($include_id, $this->processed)) {
} else {

new code:
if (in_array($include_id, $this->processed)) {
$str = $this->process(array('', $matches[2], $matches[3]));
} else {

thats it! save the file with this modification.

Before uploading, rename the original file on the server, so it is not overwritten, for the case something goes wrong.

upload and enjoy! :-)

PS. The added line is nothing else than the line 57 of the original file, so you can just copy and paste it, instead of retyping the code.

with this change, the plugin will process all include statements in one article, not skipping after the first match. (i don't know why the author included this filter, maybe only for security for complex nested includes, but in my case i have also nested includes, and had never problems)
Reviews: 2
This plugin is a great finding!
I use it together with the module to show a short 'About us' with read more link on the right position.
Thank you very much for developing this!
Reviews: 5
We needed a simple way to have an article appear in more than one place on a site without being duplicated. This excellent plugin did exactly that for us. And, since it is able to process other plugins, we are able to include cool slimbox effects we rely on from RokBox. Also, it should be noted, that the developer responded nearly immediately to my query re usage with other plugins (needed to order this one ahead of RokBox in Plugin Manager to make them work together)./ Kudos. Great extension. Worth paying for, too.
Reviews: 7
It does exactly what it says it does. If you want a plugin that simply adds an article to another article, you've got it in this.

Has some additional features as well and documentation to boot.
Reviews: 2
First, thanks for a great plug in. Installs simply and works out of the box. Thanks to the creator.

One problem with it is it doesn’t check to see if the content item it is inserting has been published yet or if it is still published, a pretty basic requirement.

In fact if you use it to insert content into a content item it can be very difficult to figure out how to get rid of that content item, short of deleting the include code on every page you put it on, which kind of diminishes the usefulness of the program. (to casual users like me who don’t know the intricate working of all things Joomla).

While testing (I know enough to do that before using on a live site) I had no problem getting the include to work. I set the item to expire, but after the expirations date it was still there. Figured it might be a cache issue but eliminated that. I tried to archive the item but it still was included. I deleted the item from the section but the little bugger still would not take the hint and just disappear, even after again ruling out Joomla and browser cache issues. Finally I remembered a tip from another program I had issues with, where you had to go as far as to delete the item from the Trash to get rid of it and yes that did work, at last, after a day of tinkering around.

The creator has explained their understandable reluctance to perform this and other modifications to the program (if you have kids the “if you give a mouse a cookie” story comes to mind) but I believe this is one modification that would increase the usability of the plugin considerably.

Again thanks to the creator, please reconsider making this one modification. (or some other PHP wiz please do and post it here.)
Owner's reply

Hi George,

Thanks for your feedback.

In the latest version of the plugin, the article will only be included if it is published. If you unpublish the included article, the article will NOT be displayed.


Reviews: 2
Worked first time in combination with the Include Content Item Module which I needed to use to get over the limitations of my template in allowing me to place content in different module positions with a particular style.
Reviews: 1
Hats of to your thinking buddy. I love this pluggin. Thanks a million for making me the true administrator of my website.
Reviews: 12
I needed a solution which would enable members to edit only a part of their articles, without being able to edit the bit that is controlled by the administrator.
This plugin makes it all possible, simple in use as well.
Many thanks.
Reviews: 1
When I include a page that have plugin, the plugin commands are NOT interpreted at all...instead it simply shows the plugin commands in plain text.

For example, I created a include-page that have embedded commands to show a Tab Slider. The command is:

{tab=My Tab Name}Some content to show inside tab{/tabs}

Now when I include the above page in an article, I do not see the actual tab, instead it simply shows: {tab=My Tab Name}Some content to show inside tab{/tabs}

Any solution to this issue?
Reviews: 2
Almost perfect, for flexible positioning and loading of articles. Thank you!

I am missing one feature: The readmore link! Is it possible to have a toggle or parameter to show this?
Reviews: 1
This is an incredibly useful addition to Joomla. You can insert content from any article in to any other article. The target article does not even have to be published.

I am using it as a sort of mini database application.

Say you are a web developer and have references to your pricing all throughout your site. Write an article with the content: "my standard development fees are X per hour" then use content include to insert that phrase whenever you need it on a page.

Rates go up? Just change the original article and boom - your site is updated with your new rates...

The developer even made a custom modification for me. These types of components and dedicated developers are what make Joomla number one in my book.
Reviews: 2
We have lots of content and most of it can be combined in different ways to show full articles. This plug in is very simple to install and to work with. We recommend it.
Reviews: 11
Exactly what I had in mind. Will add so much flexibility to my sites. Thank you very much for an awesome extension :)
Reviews: 2
So simple to use. Does exactly what it says. Now I can add multiple articles to one page. All tables, formatting, embedded media etc is preserved. Fantastic. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Today I was looking for something like this where I can include contents into another article. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks a lot for this plugin.
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