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AutoCopy Automatic Copyright Module

Update: the 1.6/1.7 version runs fine on 2.5.

AutoCopy automatically updates your site copyright notice every year. You can specify any copyright text you want, AutoCopy will replace "(c)" with the current year or a range of years. This makes it easy to embed a copyright notice in your footer text (we use it, take a look).

You will only have to configure AutoCopy once. If the site was started in 2010, put that in as the start year. AutoCopy is so mind-numbingly brilliant that it compares the current year to the start year and writes ©2010 instead of ©2010-2010. Then in 2011 it will write ©2010-2011, without any manual intervention. Nobel Prize nominations are surely forthcoming.

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Reviews: 9
It miss language management. I copied it to assign one for primary language and the copy to second language but it doesn't work on all pages : it could only be assigned to module views so it doesn't work with articles and categories without menu.

Just fix that and it would be perfect.
Reviews: 16
I recently discovered this extension and have installed on every site, where it is possible

Works right as it should !
Reviews: 4
Works fine but ...
It's not possibile add notes about web site developer, as usually happens in many websites.
I would have added also the option to insert text linkable
Owner's reply

Thanks for identifying this! This was happening in Joomla 1.6 / 1.7 because of HTML filtering on the copyright text area. We have released version 1.0.7, which specifies the format as raw. Any HTML will now be allowed.

P.S. Next time you have an issue, please ask for help on our forums or via our contact form. We can respond to your problem much more quickly that way!

Reviews: 5
Love the module, easy quick to install but it would be nice to have the Module Class Suffix option. For my rockettheme templates I often need to add the suffix "flush" to eliminate the extra space around the module. Wuld love that feature added so I don't have to hand code that portion.

Otherwise highly recommended!
Owner's reply

Good point. This module is pretty lazy, it doesn't even have a layout, it just writes the string and exits. We slapped it out pretty quickly just before the new year. A layout (and module suffix) will be included in the next release... can't promise when that will be though (ACP 2.0 comes first)!

Reviews: 16
Thank you, perfect module and very very easy to setup
Reviews: 17
Very easy to install and configure. Deployable in less than 3 minutes. Must have extension.
Reviews: 23
Thanks guys, it is almost too easy; you start wondering: is this is, can't be? Nomination send to Norway! Moos