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Featured Categories Module

You can use this extension in order to show articles from your favorite categories grouped in separate category boxes.

You can choose how many leading articles with or without introtext & image and how many secondary items with other display options.

Version updates:

For Joomla 3.+ only:
• 3.2.4: Using com_ajax for the optional pagination

For Joomla 2.5 and 3.+:
• 3.2.3: Advanced Option to Hide the module on article view.
• 3.2.2: Possibility to show the full intact introtext.
• 3.2.1: Grabbing YouTube thumbnails from eventual embed.
• 3.1.3: Setting a default image for articles without image.
• 3.1.0: Pagination for every category using ajax.
• 3.0.3: New option to shorten the articles titles.
• 3.0.1: New options to randomly order the articles and to link the images.
• 2.5.1: Possibility to create and display images thumbs.
• 2.5.0: Possibility not to link the category title as requested by mudotmy, thank you!
• 2.3.0: Show/Hide "More Articles" link on the bottom of each category.
• 1.7.0: Possibility to bold the first sentence of the introtexts.

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Reviews: 1
Does what exactly it says and support is awesome.
Reviews: 11
This module is ideal for showing snippets of news items on your home page. Easy to configure and It also allowed me to set up a News page which links to separte news articles. It's exactly what I was looking for!
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent module plus great support.It's professional programming enables you to change or edit it the way you like.
Million Thanks
Reviews: 1
A very great module I just need a Danish translation for this module since it is not using standard language from joomla 3.0
Reviews: 9
THANK YOU and million times! After weeks of labor, I would STILL be fretting over my layout had I not stumbled upon your extension by accident. Everyone needs this- the options are amazing, there are no conflicts, no glitches! You have made a real difference in my life. Best to you!
Reviews: 3
Featured Categories is an excellent module which really should be part of Joomla core. It supports automatic thumbnail resizing, linking thumbnails to the full articles and it even checks the Images and Links fields for images - which means you can upload an image to the Intro Image Field without having to bother resizing it to the exact dimensions desired, as Featured Categories resizes them for you. No need to manually craft category pages by manually creating intro texts, placing images and Read More links -- it's all done automatically and it's highly configurable.
Owner's reply

I'm very glad it suits you and I really appreciate your remarks.

Thank you!

Reviews: 2
I tried mini frontpage, but it didn't group by category, then i downloaded and installed this great extension and in 5 minutes I had a 'google news'-like page that gathers and group my articles by category.

You can trim how many categories and articles you would like to display and it's done.
Reviews: 5
This extension was very easy to install and to configure. It does a perfect job for what it promises. Keep up that gr8 work and thanks a lot for it :)
Reviews: 7
Great, simple module extension that adds functionality I wish the Joomla core had.

I'm trying to display a page with a blog format but have the articles in groups, organized by their category. This module has me so close.

I wrote "nearly" perfect because I want to show full articles, not just leading/intro text. I set the character limit very high but still then it will not show images. Not sure if this is possible?
Reviews: 1
Really helpful module especially in displaying on front page or main page of a category.

It would be nice if the module was able to span across many main categories.
Eg display category 1 and its sub categories, category 2 and its sub categories.
Ortherwise you would have to create multiples of the module to display different categories ( sections)
Reviews: 4
I use Joomla 2.5.4 and your module 2.5.1, it is very nice. However I cannot creat thumb within image from my article, no matter how I adjust the parameter
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!
Please download the current version and try again. We recently found and fixed a bug which may be the cause of your problem.

Reviews: 12
Great Module.

Well presentable with a little additional CSS in mod_featcats.css.

However if the category title is linked by default. Please add parameter to off this in the next version.


Reviews: 1
This module does the job of displaying articles very nicely. I had to adjust the template css to get the images I included to display properly, but I read the developer's note on his minimalistic css and understood this. One thing I wished it did was allow me to bold the first sentence, to be used as a lead in, then enter a break, and start the first sentence of the actual article on the next line. I've seen it on other sites but the JCE won't let me bold the text, in either regular or html view. Other than that, it's a nice useable module.
Owner's reply

Thank you! You can try the current version where I have included the possibility to bold the first sentence under the "Leading Articles Options".

Reviews: 1
Love this extension.
Would be great if you can have one category stretch over different columns. I would pay for that and Pagination of articles. If there was pagination I would use something like this to display all articles within a category.

Otherwise, great extension.
Reviews: 2
I have a news oriented site and I wanted to show listings of articles based upon the category on the main page, must like newspaper sites do. I had tried other article tools, but they didn't work for my needs because they would just show related articles to a single article on a page.

This extension works great. I installed it and configured it with all of the categories I wanted to display. It works just as described in is just what I need.

You can see the site at

I don't know why there are gaps in some of the columns displaying the articles.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review... those gaps are due to css, I haven't put a lot on effort on the module stylesheet, although you could try downloading the current version where I have emphasized the existing statements so they are not overwritten by your templates css. It will get rid of the gaps.

Best regards!