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Simple Marquee News Ticker Module

Simple Marquee News Ticker is a module which is especially characterized by its simplicity.

Text is directly added in the module itself. HTML is allowed.

Furthermore, it is possible to show different modules with different texts, placeholders, speeds and directions at once.

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Reviews: 1
I needed a good way to animate some text and scroll it across the screen. Something that highlights current info about our organization and catches the eye.
I tried a fancy art inspired scroller that made the letters explode, but that one broke all the other jquery modules in my site when jquery was turned on and it HAD to be on to work right.

I volunteer for a nonprofit organization and am always searching for free modules to use.

I went through several "text scrollers" and this was the first one that actually worked. PLUS I'm able to customize it with links and HTML. Awesome job! Keep it up!
Reviews: 2
Needed something that I could enter text and possibly logos into, easy to put up, easy to modify by the staff, easy to code via html. You can make this as basic or as fancy as you want, via html. It is already a module, so no need to create a custom module, like some other similar items. Staff can change basic text and I can modify via html. Easy peasy and works as advertised, for Joomla 2.5
Reviews: 5
I am glad I found this tool. Not only does it work, it works on responsive templates. I had tried another marquee first, but it was not responsive. Simple marquee news ticker, however, works and in my opinion the best thing is, that it takes HTML and CSS code too. All in all it is a very good aid. Thanks to the developer. It saved me a lot of time and headache.
Reviews: 1
Simple extension that just works, what more is there to ask for. There's an issue I believe in Windows Phone 8 (on a Lumia 810 here). It's with a responsive theme, so mobile friendly, what happens is the module shows a huge empty space below it (below the scrolling text), as if it this module had a huge bottom margin.
Reviews: 4
Works great! Really simple and just what I was looking for. Thank you
Is it likely to be upgraded for Joomla 3.1 in the near future? I hope so.

Exellent work.
Owner's reply

The module is now compatible with Joomla 3

Reviews: 3
Thank you for an excellent extesnion. I have used this on my school site for urgent news such as cancellation of sports fixtures due to inclement weather. It is very easy to use. Is it likely to be upgraded for Joomla 3.1 in the near future?
Owner's reply

The module is now compatible with Joomla 3

Reviews: 2
Works great! Really simple and just what I was looking for. Thank you
Reviews: 2
That's exactly how a Joomla Extension should be. This module works out of the box and has - in my opinion - all the features a news ticker should have. A nice addition is that also html is supported which makes the ticker even more useful.
I also particulary liked the demo page as I've never seen a demo before where you can actually access the backend and check out and even alter the settings.
Full stars!
Reviews: 4
Good module, however it needs the plugin System - Mootools Upgrade to be on. And for me that was no option because then i can't use another module.
Reviews: 1
what a nice work. in introduction page it shows joomla2.5 support but not any of 2.5 support in download page . just 1.5 and 1.6 versions .!!!!
Owner's reply

You may use the 1.6. It also works with 2.5
Kind regards

Reviews: 1
That is something more than what I really expect. you can easily use links, you can easily install use and everything is ok. some people say that it is not smooth! Unfortunately the new version of firefox every marquee has this problem...even in VB the marquee is not smooth in the new version of firefox!! it needs a high level performances to show the marquee smooth BUT... in google Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari it is very smooth and I love it more than a chocolate!!
Thank you go one...:)
Reviews: 2
This didn't work for me. The scroll was not smooth enough. Not possible to do links.
Owner's reply

This may be caused by using many different javascripts in one template. Also less hardware ressources ...

Reviews: 8
Loved it, and was more than a little excited about having something work that easily and would have been easy for my client to use and update as well. One problem: it does not show in IE9. Too bad.
Owner's reply

Hi flemmingfrog,

I'm sorry, but I can't reproduce the problem. I've just visited our demo page at:
The simple marquee ticker is working well with all options as you can follow on that site. I used the browserclient Internet Explorer 9 Version 9.0.8112. ...
I believe the problem is caused by your choosen template.
Kind regards, John

Reviews: 26
So easy to set up - clean easy delivery of content - no clutter delivering the message. Exactly what I wanted.
Owner's reply

Thank's a lot christopher. That was our first intention - just it simple!
Kind regards,

Reviews: 5
I've spent HOURS looking for a module for a "Newsflash" ticker-type feature... All the ones I tried either didn't work, didn't work well, or were too complicated. This one was EXACTLY what I was looking for!! What I love about it is you don't have to pull in actual "articles" - but can type just the text you want to scroll across the page - which is 99% of the time how I will need to use it - NOT with an article(s)...

Also, it was VERY easy to customize with plain ol' CSS in my template :)
Reviews: 1
After I first dowloaded this 1.5 plugin I couldn't install it. After I send a message tot the distribuator, within 2 days I got an answer en a new version of the plugin. After installing I am very positive. I worked with hyperlinks but still have to try the images.
A nice and good plugin.