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Shotimoo Module

Shotimoo is a user notification system that is displayed to visitors on the frontend of your web site.

NEW: 2.5 compatible!
NEW: 1.6/1.7 compatible now!

NEW: when user clicks on notification to close it, this is now (optionnally) remembered in a cookie, so the she doesn't see it on next pages.

Based on the excellent Notimoo script, shotimoo has a very cool look and feel, and can be used to let users know about special offers, new blog post, upcoming maintenance tasks/site outages or any other information you want to convey to your users.

As a module, shotimoo is very agile and you can place multiple instances of it on different menu items with different notices. You can even specify the start and end time for easy "set it and forget it" functionality.

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Reviews: 2
this module is very cool and useful and the only reason that made me to give 4 stars was the fact that its not compatible with joomla 3.
also if the ability to use html in text could be added it'll we be great.
its super easy to use and needs a few minutes to set up.
Reviews: 17
Good module, only missed because we can't insert HTML. I will use in my sites. Thank you
Reviews: 1
I just installed this on a website for a client who wants to encourage users to register and this is perfect. It's an immediate attention grabber and allows you to let people know of important information. Great!
Reviews: 10
Shotimoo is a very nice little tool to make visitors aware to eg Special Offers. I love the look and feel of this popup.

Easy to install and adjust. Please let it as it is.

Only one thing: html should be possible to embed a link. By pointing visitors to an offer, I would also like to make a link to that offer.

Otherwise perfect. Thank you very much.
Reviews: 1
easy to install - even for beginners - perfect little extension!
Owner's reply

Glad it's working well for you.

Reviews: 1
A really good and easy to install extension.
No problems with UTF8 anymore since the last update / actual version.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review!

Reviews: 2
How come I get a + between every word.
Other than this this extension works well and is easy to configure.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review! We've fixed the "+" bug in the lastest build...enjoy!

Reviews: 4
HTML support doesn't works (Joomla 2.5), no possibility to insert a link and no UTF-8 support. What a pity ! I'am wondering the added value of this module.

It's a module made by english spoken people for english spoken people (futhermore who don't need any advanced features).
Owner's reply

Sorry it didn't suit your needs. This is why it is a free add-on.

Reviews: 1
This is a very good module but has problem with greek language
Owner's reply

Glad it's mostly working. Please contact our customer service so we can find and solve the issue.

Reviews: 2
Just like i said.
Love the Shotimoo Module.
Works great so far no bugs like most of the extensions that i install end up not working with other extensions.
this one is working great so far i only wish it had the option to center the message box into the middle of the page. Its really worth downloading and installing it into all of your pages and disabling it until needed.
very nice, cleanly done and easy to use.
Owner's reply

I'm glad its working for you. Hopefully we'll find some time this summer to update it and add some features.

Reviews: 1
Easy to install and configure. Very useful, exactly what I needed. Thank you.
Owner's reply

Glad you like it! :)

Reviews: 11
Installed, and up on the site in no time at all, no messing around required. All I need now is a 1.7 version of this fantastic little module.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the first review :)

I wrote this for our own usage, so I'm glad someone else like it. Indeed, we do need to package it up for 1.6+ Joomla!