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QuickNote Plugin

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Did it ever happened to browse your Joomla based website and to have an idea? Like how to improve an article or maybe to write a new article?

Now you can write your ideas inside Joomla, on any page! Just to remember what you'll need to do later.

QuickNote is a plugin which can be used everywhere on your website.

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Reviews: 1
Simple and helpful plugin.

I look forward to the further development
Reviews: 12
Quicknote is a really helpful Tool for quick Notes. It can be used in Back- AND Frontend!

Thanx to the Developer!

you can use Quicknote in the Frontend after you or a others User was logged in your Website. Than Quicknote is a tool for registrated Users for THEIR (!) own notes. No other User could read the Notes.
Reviews: 1
Great idea and very easy to install. I love how it appears on every page in the Admin area. I selected the option for it to show on the frontend as well, but I am not able to see it there and I would really like to. Other than that, great job!!!
Reviews: 6
Bravo for this simple plugin which should make a lot of services for the management of a site and help amnesic