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Pensamento do Dia by Ribamar Module

Displays one thought at a time. The thoughts are in a text file.

Mostra um pensamento aleatório vindo de um arquivo texto com mais de 200.

Report Extension



Reviews: 5
It doesn't get much more basic than this. What I like most about this module is that the text string can be coded with HTML including CSS tags and links, so not every quote needs to appear in exactly the same format. Lightweight, simple, straightforward. Did exactly what I wanted it to do and loads pretty much instantly. The randomization seems to work well also (I have a short list of quotes I'm cycling with the idea of adding more as I find them, and there doesn't seem to be a bias toward any one quote).
Reviews: 3
This is a very nice module for what it's designed for - random quote rotation. It is fast, for there are no database queries - quotes are stored in a text file and used one line at a time. There is an option to set left or right text alignment. Quotes can be HTML formatted and, with that in mind, this module can be easily adapted for many other purposes.