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Testimonial, Quote Slider Module

★ Both 1.5, 2.5 & 3.X in the package.
★ Put Testimonials or Quotes as many as you want.
★ You have options to add Author, Location and Designation for particular Testimonial or Quote.
★ Option to OFF Author and Location.
★ Choose Position of Author and Location: Right/Left
★ Testimonial, Quote Slider with Fade, Zoom, Scroll Up, Scroll Down, Scroll Left, Scroll Right effects - not less but 27 Sliding Effects.
★ Beautiful Control Buttons - 13 Navigation Styles.
★ Different colors of Quote Icons to fit your theme - 10 Quote Styles.
★ You have 3 options to avoid Jquery issue; Jquery "No Load", "Load At Head", "Load at Body".
★ Pause on Hover: Yes/No
★ Option to control Sliding Speed & Sliding Delay.
★ 15 loaded fonts for Testimonial/Quote, Author, Location.
★ Select Font Size, Text Color for Testimonial/Quote, Author, Location according to your theme.
★ Buy once and use for unlimited domains.
★ Supports all browsers.

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Reviews: 2
I couldn't be happier with the level of support that Rajesh has provided. I wanted to use this module to display only one quote on a page, but I wanted it to be a different one each time the page was loaded. So I asked whether a "random" option could be added to the backend. Within one or two days I received my customized extention (no charge)!!

Thank you!
Owner's reply

Thank you John!!

Reviews: 3
Had a few minor tweaks to do, basically because of my template the developer got back to me super quick and resolved the issue, actually he logged into my site and did it himself :) very happy with the price and service!
Thank you
Reviews: 46
Great module, lots of options to customize it.
Had a question, response time was about 3 minutes, which is awesome.
Excellent work :)
Reviews: 1
I installed this module on a site that I am converting over from another CMS to Joomla! I am not very experienced with Joomla, but the install was very simple. I had a couple of small issues, but Rajesh was incredibly responsive, and had my problems fixed within 1 day! I would never have expected this type of support for the cost of the module.

Absolutely thrilled with the support, and the software is great too!

Thank you for a great module!
Reviews: 1
Very simple, very effective module. I'm a Joomla beginner, so had some difficulties getting several modules and plugins to play nice with each other. Rajesh from Cantona support helped me out big time. He got everything running smoothly behind the scenes so now everything looks and behaves perfectly! I highly recommend Cantona products - simple, effective, and great service!
Reviews: 9
No problem too big or too small for Rajesh. He is always willing to help. Great module!
Reviews: 8
I'm always dubious about commercial extensions because they are only worth paying for if the support is as good as the product. I was happy to pay for the Testimonial Quote Slider. It did exactly as I wanted it to do and Rajesh was prompt with support and resolved the issue without fuss. Easily recommended.
Reviews: 4
This is a very handy extension especially if you need a module that you can customize and place just about anywhere. They even have great support! I had a problem where I have a certain template that was forcing an over ride of the CSS of the extension (not the extensions fault) and they went so far as to re-code the CSS of this extension to work for my specific problem. Fantastic service! Highly recommend.