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Rquotes ComponentModule

This is a general purpose component to store almost any information to your database.(Quotes, Jokes, Tips etc.)Information can be entered in the back end and front end.The information can be stylized and displayed many different ways.

Version 3.1.0
Updated version now includes a search filter and is compatible with K2 Component.

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Reviews: 2
I am very pleased with your extension. It works fine and is very simple. Tip: make a good (english) manual zouhetnog better. Anyway, my compliments !!

Reviews: 18
I needed a quick solution and this sweet little component and module worked exactly as described. In 3 minutes I had the tool working. The hardest part was finding the quotes I wanted to display on site. Thanks!
Owner's reply

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Reviews: 1
I think this component has the potential to be the best of this category. I really like it and even with the flaws it has I am willing to install it in my site, but it does not work well with the newer Joomla versions. I installed it and even after applying the patch there is an uncomfortable issue: I still don't get the list of different categories entered. I'd love to have the newer version you promised before. I will be the first to download it.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. I have updated the component to run on versions up to 2.5.8. New version can be downloaded at

Reviews: 2
This is the thing that i whas looking for.
Works perfect on 2.5.4.. To bad it isnt working on 2.5.6 :( (Cant create a category because their is no save button) Hope that there will be a fix soon.
Owner's reply

Glad you like the extension.
You can go to my site and download a patch file
access.xml witch makes it compatible with 2.5.6.
A new version coming very soon.

Reviews: 2
Good addon for a community site. Works as described
Reviews: 1
This tool now works on my blog and I like the simple part of it. It's easy to add a quote using this extensions in just a minute since there are no complex settings.
Reviews: 1
That's a really great extention!!! I hope it will be available for Joomla 1.6 or 1.7 as well
Reviews: 106
The component does what it says, but I guess I was hoping for a more community version. In the future it would be nice if users could submit quotes, that would be a handy feature.
Reviews: 2
I've been using this extension for around 18 months now on a couple of websites, one is to display customer testimonials and the other to display tips
and inforamtion snippets.

Easy set up and never an issue during this time - well done!
Reviews: 6
Awesome is too weak a word to describe this software. The install is painless and it is lovely user friendly. I'm surprised that this is not a commercial version, but I am also happy it is not. This is a pearl to store securely on my backup harddrive.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your comments. Glad you like Rquotes

Reviews: 3
I use this component since v1.0, but i don't want to upgrade to new version, because it still has some issue:
1. When you create new category, don't know why category name is stored in 2 table, so when you change category name shown in [List Quotes] still not changed.
2. When you delete a category, all quotes in this category is not be deteled.
3. When you add new quote, default Published: No, so you need change it to yes every time you add new quote, the default shouldbe [Yes]
(Rquote 1.5.3)
Owner's reply

All your concerns have been addressed in the new version. Please download version 1.5.4 now available.Thank You

Reviews: 1
Very good component and module. I am using it primarily as a random testimonial module. Even though the extension is simple to use and configure, I can think of lots of other uses for it.

Nice job Dev! keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
It's Awesome, Great Extension..
Thanks to developer
Owner's reply

Thank you for taking time to review this extension. Glad you like it

Reviews: 6
Downloaded, installed and published quotes in a few minutes. Brilliant!

So easy to use, everything was laid out in a straight forward way.

Maybe package the module in the main download? But link to module after installation of the component was clearly given and easy to follow.

It would also be cool to display quotes from more than one category, using the module.

Thanks again, very good and useful extension

Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your comments.

Reviews: 1
I've already used several Joomla components and this is one of my favourites: it's easy to install
and easy to configure and it does it's job magnificently.

Just two minor remarks:
1. It would be nice to have an option with which you could select to show or hide the description "Type the text to appear after the page title". Erasing the default description text does not hide the description, it is reset automatically to the default description text. The only way to hide the description at the moment (using RQuotes v1.5.2) is by editing one of the source files.

2. I'm not giving this component an excellent rating :-( because I submitted a (minor) bug report a few weeks ago which I haven't had any feedback on since then.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your remarks.
The 2 minor problems have beed solved. Please download version 1.5.3
Thanks again

Reviews: 1
I was looking for a quotes component with flexibility to put your own quotes and make it with order, rquotes is easy to install and configure, the only bad thins is made it for english community. i ll try to use in my quotes accents and Ñ but I get symbols, you can edit your text files since extplorer but imagine edit 50 quotes, i would like to see easier option for other languages.
But stills a great component.
Reviews: 1
This is a great and simple addon, installed com and mod, set up and added quotes.

Only two features I'd love to see:
1. Import/Export of your quotes from/to DB and Textfile (I have a shit load of quotes, but I'd prefer to change them to a text file so it's easier to add more and apply on the fly, but redoing it would mean a lot of c/p and I'm a lazy dude).
2. Be able to choose more than one category so we can use the categories for sorting the different quotes but still displaying multiple categories of choice.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review.
One of your concerns has been added to new version. That is choose all quotes. Please download version 1.5.3.
Thanks again

Reviews: 3
While this is a simple and easy to use item, the plugin to add to content, is very distorted in IE of any version. Looks great in Firefox. If the plugin issue can be fixed, I would certainly change my rating.
Owner's reply

I will see what I can do when I get a chance.
Thanks for the review

Reviews: 10
Good extension... I agree with others users with: If we could select multiple or all categories from DB with the module o shows all categories.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review.Now you can select all categories in the component front end. I will be improving the module to include that feature soon.

Reviews: 3
it lacks one important thing to me namely import quotes from txt file directly into the database instead of manual data entry.
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