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Rquotes ComponentModule

This is a general purpose component to store almost any information to your database.(Quotes, Jokes, Tips etc.)Information can be entered in the back end and front end.The information can be stylized and displayed many different ways.

Version 3.1.0
Updated version now includes a search filter and is compatible with K2 Component.

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Reviews: 2
Exactly what I need! Thanks a lot. Works well. Need to install Com_ and Mod_
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. I'm glad you like it.

Reviews: 4
Using the module to display different comments by users every day. I like it very much and had good support from the administrator through the forum. Don't forget to read the Help File which can be found once you have installed the component. Oh, and install the module too, otherwise it won't display.
Owner's reply

Thank You very much

Reviews: 2
I tried to register at their forum but did not get any confirmation email.

First of all i find this extension very useful.

If we could select multiple or all categories from DB with the module instead of one category, would be more useful.

One suggestion: Change the forum title from "Fourm" to "Forum".
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comments. Glad you think rquotes is useful.
I'm not sure why you could not register. Please try again.
I will look into your request for multiple categories.
The typo in the forum has been corrected.
Thanks again Kevin

Reviews: 6
Top-notch, thank you very much!
Owner's reply

Thank You for your comments. Glad you like it.

Reviews: 1

Got this handy component and module up and running very quickly. For those having problems with getting quotes to show from the database make sure you do the following:

1) Create categories
2) List quotes under the categories
3) (If using Module to display) Select module position and set parameters to display category.
4) When you go into a quote to edit it, the bottom radio button called Publish automatically is set to 'no' - even if the quote was previously published. So every time you edit a quote, before saving make sure you click Yes to publish at the bottom of the quote or is will be set to unpublished and won't show up.
Owner's reply

Thank You for both your comments and directions. The point about the published state has been addressed. Please download the new version 1.5.2. It will save your published state after editing. The new module version 1.5 also has many improvements

Reviews: 8
Good extension, but suport forum seems to be weak.
Reviews: 6
I downloaded the RSQuote but have not been able to get it work with the database as it should.

Here are my observations:
1) The db quotes does not load.

2) Apart from the db not loading the quote in the frontend module is unpublishing itself which means when you add a quote in the component for the category, it is unpublishing itself even if you select publish and save.

3) In addition, the quote title does not display even when the txt quote which works unlike the db quote, is selected.

Based on the various submissions on the developer's forum, one would have thought that the latest version fixed all the known bugs, but that does not appear to be so.

This extension is definitely very promising if all known bug can be addressed and fixed.

I will advise the developer to check the latest version and fix known bugs.
Owner's reply

Sorry you are having problems. I will post a reply on the RQuoters forum .

Reviews: 2
Best quote comp bar none! I use this for showing testimonials. Really sophisticated and yet easy to use.
My only niggle is that I wish that when you create or edit a quote it wouldn't unpublish itself.
Owner's reply

Thank You very much for your comments. You can go to this link to see a way to save the quote published state after editing. Thanks again to you and all of the reviewers for R-Quotes. Sorry I didn't get to replay to you all.

Reviews: 4
I gave it a try on my internet site and I'm really happy with it! It's a cool add-on to improve any site!

Ufortunatelly when I switched to the option of displaying only one quote per day it stops to show any of them... I wonder why?

But anyway it's still a great thing to have on the web page!!!
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension with module to display daily quotes on your joomla page. good work!
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
component and module install with no problems - very professional - and the module hilites make the data blend right in to my template

the folks who pulled this together are doing it well

Many thanks...
Reviews: 4
If you want to either have a random quote or a content page of quotes, then this is the extension for you! Just be sure to also download the module if you want just a quote to display on a page rather than have it link to a quote page. This extension can be used for almost any random or daily content, which proves valuable for search engine rankings. I've tried several extensions for this purpose. Most didn't work at all or wouldn't install. This one not only worked, but exceeded my expectations. Thanks a bunch!!
Reviews: 1
Thanks you for this component.
Reviews: 7
Wish I'd found this before trying several other mods. This one works!

It's easy to use; instructions are included.

It allows CSS styling.

It allows me to enter html to add a link. (I put the link under the author.)

Thank you!
Reviews: 7
This One Is Fantastic Module It Has Removed Previous Flaws Of Adding Quotes Seprately. It Reduces Both Effort And Time.
I Am Really Impressed With Its Simplicity Of Use.
Good Job...
Reviews: 2
This looks like a great module, and I was partly lured into getting it by the previous poster mentioning it worked great with Joomfish.

Initially, I couldn't get it to work in Joomfish - but then I re-read the post and worked out that I needed to get the XML file available from the download page and included that, and now, it's working perfectly.

Thanks for a great extension!
Reviews: 3
This is the perfect solution for a random daily quote, which changes on page change/refresh.
Reviews: 6
I use Rquotes to rotating information - it works great and with the xml files for Joomfish I can translate it into any language.

The modules is getting more sophisticated and now that upgrade of the component does not result in lost of the database tables it is great.

I have not found problems with IE - just checked in IE8 and it looks ok
Owner's reply

Thank You for your interest and comments in Rquotes. I hope to keep making improvements to make it better.

Reviews: 2
This would have been the perfect component/module but for the fact that it completely gutted the layout of the site I was working on when viewed with IE7. Perfectly fine in Firefox. Is a real shame because I would have like to use it.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the feedback Please see reply in the rquotes fourm at

Reviews: 14
Excellent little mod to add some extras to your site for fun, and perfect for testimonials! I agree with the review below - would be even better if ability to list quotes all on one page too!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comments.
Version 1.5rc2 has been released. This version will display all (or any number) of quotes on one page as content.Please download new version

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