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Rquotes ComponentModule

This is a general purpose component to store almost any information to your database.(Quotes, Jokes, Tips etc.)Information can be entered in the back end and front end.The information can be stylized and displayed many different ways.

Version 3.1.0
Updated version now includes a search filter and is compatible with K2 Component.

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Reviews: 37
This tool has allowed me to list custom random inspiration quotes AND client testimonials...just one request -- find a way to LIST 1-10 or ALL testimonials on one page as content.

Thanks! Great job nonetheless!
Reviews: 1
This is a simple and affective extension for adding random content.

Each module implementation randomly displays one category. Component manages 4 categories. Each dynamic entry has two, front-end, fields and a notes field visible in the back-end.
Reviews: 2
This is an excellent component. It installs without a hitch, does what it purports to. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
This is a very good one, but it needs some features like daily or random and instead of limiting the categories it could have the function to add/edit/delete sections instead of "preseting" them
Reviews: 2
This was super simple to use and is by far the best quotes module available. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
It was exactly what I was looking for, a damn great module. Installed in less than 4 clicks, and online in seconds.

I want to suggest a feature to add: the possibility to choose "when" change the quote, if at every page load or (for example) every day, or every week. In this manner we could create a "quote of the day" or a "quote of the month".

It would be great also to have different categories.

Great work man, very great work. My compliments.
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for your comments.
I will see what I can do about your suggestions soon

Reviews: 97
This is a good component for Joomla! 1.5.x to show random quotes. It is very easy to use. So I made a Chinese language translation for it since the new version has the multi-lingual interface support.

If the author can add a new feature to allow user creating or editing categories, it will be better.
Reviews: 3
This component works great, but there are still some minor things to add:
1. number of quote in administrator's view.
2. add css for module to make individual styling possible.
Otherwise, this is the best native quote component for joomla 1.5, in my opinion
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comments.
The css for module to make individual styling possible should be working on version 1.0.2.of the modules (if not please e-mail me)I will be working on the component to include your suggestions you have made.

Reviews: 5
Took less than 5 minutes to install and get up and running. Gives total control over the styling enabling seamless integration with your site's style.
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