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CSV 2 Table Plugin

CSV 2 Table plugin - autoreplaces any CSV text in your article with usual HTML table.

For example insert into content {csv}rows;and;values;hereand;second;row;neccessary{/csv} and it will replace to normal HTML table with sorting by any column ablility.

For additional styling use tables id (it generates automatically) or .displaycsv_sortable or .displaycsv_sortable_not classes.

You can change default separator in plugin settings. BY DEFAULT CSV SEPARATOR IS ";". If you upgrade from previous version - reapply the settings.

Do not forget to publish the plugin.

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Reviews: 4
Very basic plugin. Just does what it shall do, without any "plus".

It lacks a demo.

Note that the CSV file has to be a "coma" separated file, and not "semi column" as Excel saves it for example.

All lines shall be separated by the HTML tags.

The best way to enter the data is by edinting the HTML of the article and copy/paste the data you prepared in Notepad in the following format :

Gender, Age, Height

In the plugin administration, you can activate the ability to sort the table : put a 1 in the "sortable" box. Then, when you cilck on the header, the table will be sorted.