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RokFeatureTable Module

★ RokFeatureTable offers a stylistic and user friendly solution for displaying tabular based data. It is perfect for price or product comparisons, or essentially, any type of data display that suits a matrix format.

A simple, yet dynamic, interface provides you with the tools to quickly edit the contents of the module. There are a series of parameters allowing for unlimited row, with options for text, link, class and much more, which allows for extensive control.

★ Features

- Up to 20 Rows: Display extensive amounts of data.
- Extensive data control: Control over text, links, classes and other.
- Highlight Column Control: Set which column is defaulted as the highlight.
- Assign Custom Classes: Per classes control over tabular data.
- Custom CSS styles: Add per item inline styling.
- Template specific layouts: Create a series of layouts.

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Reviews: 1
I've tried several Price Table extensions, including a few commercial extensions, with poor results. This is the first one that did everything I needed. Very flexible and easy to use with an incredible amount of customization. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Reviews: 11
I do not know why these negative comments to this great extension.The extension works from beginning to end, stupendously. I add it to my favorites on the JED, because truth, has nothing to envy to others.

Thanks to the developers for this great contribution.
Reviews: 16
I've dealt with this on three different sites, every one giving problems that shouldn't happen. Furthermore, support wasn't there. Buttons showing up that shouldn't show up, fields not showing up, etc. Don't make extensions that you're unable to properly make or repair.
Reviews: 2
This has to be my worst experience of a paid Joomla add on i have ever had - why i didn't check community feedback first i dont know :(

Main problems:

Doesn't really work with J 2.5.x
Absolutely no documentation supplied with the module
Support is via a forum - the help has attitude.

Dont be fooled by the polished look of the website, looks great, but remember - all that glitters is not gold.

Lesson learnt the hardway, paypal dispute centre here i come.
Reviews: 3
I have used many rockettheme products and I am a fan of their templates, but many of thier module products are stupidly difficult to use, and have very little documentation, and the forum support is hit & miss.

This wolud be one of them, any styling that isnt the stock version (and the stock version looks nothing like the graphic) is virtually impossible

Im fairly adept but I once again allowed one of the RT products to become a major time suck.

The thing that is so stupid about this module is that it has the option to pull in a template... so... hmmm why didnt they include AT LEAST the version they show the photo of.

I finally gave up, dont waste your time on this one.
Reviews: 15
This module would be bad if it was free, its a pure cheek they actually charge for it! The tables are very limited and don't carry through a set styling! It looks all pretty in the demo, but add your own info to the tables and its all over the place, columns heights that don't stay equal and then it has a habit of dumping all the info you have put in it! Links that wont disappear from the font end, even when removed in the back end! I did submit a support request after 5 hours of trying to over come the issues with this module... I am still waiting for the reply months later! Don't waste you money, html tables may not look as good, but at least they do what they should do!