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Abivia SuperTable Plugin

Abivia's SuperTable Plugin is designed to make your tabular data pop! SuperTable takes regular tabular data and turns it into a powerful and dynamic display in seconds.

Latest Update

* Major upgrade includes automatic row height adjustment, better responsive layout, RTL support, and more.

SuperTable Features

* System plugin lets you put a SuperTable anywhere on your site.
* Built-in CSS style library with presets and custom override to your own CSS file.
* Each table can have its own class to support multiple styles on the same page.
* See our web site for a tutorial and full feature documentation.

SuperTable is a plugin, not a module. It doesn't have a fancy user interface, but you can create regular tables in your WYSIWYG editor and use SuperTable markup to create great results. This also means you can put a table in an article, in a module, anywhere.

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Reviews: 2
Been searching for this for a while. Now that I found it, I will definitely not let go.
Thanks for a great FREE plugin that really works.
Reviews: 5
Plugin works, as expected and active tables look really cool, but you will have to work on it a little bit. It's great, that plugin generates no backlink in frontend.
Reviews: 16
Works as expected. for me, it is enough to make an extension an excellent one.
by the way.. I guess I will invest a few bucks and switch to the PRO. Need a tool to customize columns.
Also responsive. the solution I was looking for. Great to have a simple free solution: no need to buy the pro without try the basic functionality.
Reviews: 4
This is a great plugin. The tables I added to my client's site look really good and professional! The flexibility of the plugin allowed me to customize the tables to our particular needs and with a little bit of tweaking in the CSS, they look fantastic and matching the style of the website. I had a bit of an issue with the tables not displaying well at first, but this was due to a problem within my html tables. Thank you so much to the developers for this great extension!
Reviews: 2
This is a really good pluging , support is the great!! highly recomended!!!

Love these tables, and my site looks great too!!
Reviews: 2
i took me a whole day to find this...plugin...thanks you guyz..i love this one..thanks
Reviews: 2
This is great! I too suffer from a serious lack of code knowledge but setting this Super Table up was as easy as 1 2 3... And the result is amazing. Well detailed documentation and so simple to use i haven't had to ask for support. Nice one!
Reviews: 1
The best option for creating beautiful tables on the site.But there is a question to the developers, after updating to the latest version 1.6.0 have a problem with the display RSS. When you disable the plugin everything is OK. If enabled, RSS is not working.
Owner's reply

There have been a few reports of weird behaviour from the core in SuperTable 1.6. Please try 1.7.1 and if you still have trouble, post on our forums. The more information we have the better!

Reviews: 16
It took about 10 minutes from the point I went on their website to download the extension to creating a fully functioning table. Best part is I'm really bad at web design so this is absolutely the best for non-developers and developers alike. There are a few things I could see that would make this extension better but am impressed anyhow. Thank you developer!!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words. We're always open to new ideas, suggestions, improvements, bug reports, the works. It's only through feedback that we know where to place our development efforts.

We'd love to hear your suggestions. You can use our contact form at, post on our forums, or even send a Tweet!

Reviews: 3
I have installed this plugin at Joomla 2.5. The problem is that the table that I made occupied the entire page width although I had put lower value for the supertable bodywidth command to narrow the columns. I just want to make the table half of the page width.
Owner's reply

The bodywidth command changes the width of body columns within the table, not the width of the table itself.

It is easy to do this. Click the "support" button on this listing for help. A quick search should get you this

If you have any more problems, please post a question on the forum.

Reviews: 3
A well written and easy to use plugin. It deserves nothing but a five star rating, the only thing missing is an easy way of individual row styling so that we can have multiple headers in a table.
Reviews: 1
very easy to use, and the tutorial really helps me a lot! what a great plugin! hard to believe it's non-commercial. thanks for your hard-work!
Reviews: 1
This plugin is great and does exactly what I wanted it to do. I contacted the developer with a few questions and he answered me back in less than a day! The highlight was not working and he helped me figure out why. Then I found out short codes weren't working inside his supertable code and contacted him again. He responded immediately and took a look at it. In less than an hour he re-coded some of the plugin, released a new version, and then sent it to me to try before he released it! This developer is amazing! Great Plugin! Easy to Customize. Looks amazing! Superb support!
Reviews: 1
Wow, this is really awesome.

Very easy to follow instructions, really great results and I have never experienced support from a plugin like these guys can provide.

Saved me a lot of time and I now have the tables I was hoping for without spending ages working on it.

Thanks to Instance for this great plugin!!!
Reviews: 15
Works great!
I like the way that it's not a module.
Thanks for making this a free plugin!
Reviews: 14
Thanks for sharing this nice plugin. Saves me a lot of time. One issue though, columns don't popup when I mouse over. Any idea why?
Owner's reply

Thanks! Please drop into our forums and ask the same question and send a link if you can (if you want to keep it private, use our contact form). we'll see if we can help!

Reviews: 1
Great looking tables.Very use to configure and install this plugin.
Reviews: 2
I love the design it looks great and its easy to work with but....I could never get it to fully work it always extended the right side of the table to far out no matter what I did.
Reviews: 4
I used this plugin, because I needed a awesome table on my site. So I found this on and it works great. The documentation was clear, so 5 minutes later I got a nice table.

I had a little issue and the support answered and fixed it in less then 12 hours!

Sometimes you can't even expect this from a commercial extension! And this one is FREE!
Reviews: 2

Really happy. Was trying to work out how I could make my tables in Excel look nice when copying into Joomla.

I tried doing it myself (epic fail) and so searched and found this.

It is awesome, it's super easy to get the great looking default table (see Introduction tab on the documentation). Best part is all I need to add is a few words of html code around each table to make it look awesome!

Thanks very much for this plugin :)
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