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Abivia SuperTable Plugin

Abivia's SuperTable Plugin is designed to make your tabular data pop! SuperTable takes regular tabular data and turns it into a powerful and dynamic display in seconds.

Latest Update

* Major upgrade includes automatic row height adjustment, better responsive layout, RTL support, and more.

SuperTable Features

* System plugin lets you put a SuperTable anywhere on your site.
* Built-in CSS style library with presets and custom override to your own CSS file.
* Each table can have its own class to support multiple styles on the same page.
* See our web site for a tutorial and full feature documentation.

SuperTable is a plugin, not a module. It doesn't have a fancy user interface, but you can create regular tables in your WYSIWYG editor and use SuperTable markup to create great results. This also means you can put a table in an article, in a module, anywhere.

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Reviews: 7
Very nice plugin, that help to design the tables in content. The tables view more attractive!
Reviews: 5
30 seconds later and I have a beautiful table on my site!
Thank you for sharing!
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