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Magic Price Table Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Magic Price Table is a complete solution for building awesome tables/grid chart. Even if the time to configure the module may be slightly longer, final product will be amazing and will delight your visitors.
NEW! Our best selling module Magic Price Table just got bigger. For those who need to add more products in the showcase, we added a new column, so now you have two modules, one with four columns and one with five columns for the same price.

UPDATE: Now, you can write text on multiple lines on each row!

New Feature: From now you have possibility to load multiple instances of the same module on the same website!!!


By default, it comes with 4 (5) columns & 10 rows;
Supports images (JPG, PNG, GIF) & SWF;
For more row effect, you can use instead of colorpicker these color: red, black, orange, ocean, green, blue, brick, purple;
Link can be added for each column and select target (Blank or Self);
Support special characters (âùæçéèêëîïôœûüÜÛÙŒÔÏÎËÊÈÉÇÆÄÂÀ);
You can select percentage for Hover Effect;
You can select Width for each column & Height for each row;
You can write text for each row and select font size, color, shadow or add a image;
You can select dimension for each image (width & height);
Enable / Disable or Show / Hide: Each Column, Each Row, First Column Hover Effect, Row Text Shadow;

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Reviews: 2
I'm giving this plugin an "Excellent" rating because it does exactly what it claims to, and it looks pretty good doing it.

I'm only writing this review to let people know it doesn't work on Apple products because it is Flash based. I think this should be mentioned in the description above.

To be fair, this is clearly stated in the FAQ section on their site, which I should have read more thoroughly before buying. Still, in case there's anyone like me who jumped the gun and bought before doing their due-diligence I thought I'd mention it.

I can't complain because it was a low price and *maybe* I can use it on another client site who doesn't care about iPhones.

To sum up, great price table option, just uses Flash and doesn't work on Apple products.
Reviews: 12
This product is easy to manage and requires some work to configure all the table, but the advantage is that you can personalize every cell, and so you can get a nice result

Also, the info for the product is good, and the support very quick.

The only inconvenience is the limitation of 10 files. I believe it will be better some files more.

I feel happy with the results!
Reviews: 1
This module is great!
This module is great, easy to configure and customize. Writing multiline each row, column, cell is customizable. The service is quick, I had some questions, I wrote to the support and a response arrived within the hour.

I recommend this module, I have tried many table module, He satisfies me.
Really cheap, great job!

Reviews: 8
This module is just fantastic. Easy to configure, well documented and the support is second to none - these folks have gone above and beyond in assisting me, even surprising an old cynic! I you're considering this module it's worth every penny - in fact, i think it is underpriced. I'm going to get some other stuff from MagicPoint - quality coding and service, who could ask for more?

Thanks you guys
Reviews: 1
My inital install had problems loading the module, so i contacted support. They spent a few days fixing the module for me, and then packaged up a special module to work on my site.
Support has been excellent and they have helped me through a few issues with the module. Great looking module and very happy with the support.
Reviews: 9
this is a good module. It is very flexible, it does take a little getting use to.

It has the potential to be a GREAT module, if the editing layout in the backend can be changed/improved, it is a little cumbersome.

I choose this module over the Rok one - as i would have had to hack a bunch of code in order to insert images into my table. To insert an image, just use the image field
Reviews: 2
I bought this extension because of the reviews and the demo. However, when I tried it out, the end result looks nothing like the demo. There is no zebra effect and you cannot choose white for the background of the rows. You cannot choose a different color for the text because it doesn't use any known code for text color, they use their own. The documentation is terrible. It doesn't tell you how to get a striped zebra effect as in the demo. Nor does it give you the option of white for the background. It doesn't tell you what code to choose to change text color. As a result my table looked like rubbish, and I was better off using the Joomla template's native table features. It was a waste of money. DON'T BUY THIS. I use Joomla 2.5 by the way.
Owner's reply

We do not understand why you wrote this negative review (this review was sent prior his support questions).
After we reinstalled the module on your site (because you've not installed correctly), after more than 45 minutes, during which we worked free for you, after three emails sent to you, we believe this is not the correct way to thank us.
This is the last email sent:
"Hello KIM,
We arranged the module, as in our demo!
Please use this "Image Path" for:
Canceled: modules/mod_mpt/icons/cancel.swf (size: W23, H23)
Check: modules/mod_mpt/icons/check.swf (size: W23, H23)
Sign Up: modules/mod_mpt/icons/sign_up.swf (size: W138, H33)
Purchase: modules/mod_mpt/icons/purchase.swf (size: W138, H33)
Please note: For the image to be displayed correctly you need to set Image Width & Image Height.
If you want another image instead of Sign Up or Purchase (example: Order Now), you need to create and upload an image or an swf on your server and write the correct path.
For change a color (text or row) please use color picker!"
You have to be either malicious to write such a review. In fact, this review is a rant, not a honest point of view.

Reviews: 8
This is a very simple module, and I wish it had a few more features. The table customization is relatively easy to use, but very strange (they just stuck a huge list of textboxes in the module config page) They could have done a better job.

Also the maximum size of a table is four columns by ten rows. This may limit some people.
Reviews: 2
This is a great module the only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because it still needs a little work. For example it only allows for a max of 4 columns so as long as you don't need more than 4 its perfect. I would like to say however, that the support is amazing I give it 5 stars for sure.
Reviews: 11
Once setup, this is an awesome module.

The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is the setup is very annoying.

You have to manually setup every single cell instead of having the same settings for each row. That's 40 cells that all have to be edited (even if you aren't using them you have to disable them since they are all enabled by default).

I'm sure this will improve. Overall I'm happy with it!
Reviews: 1
First impressions were good, then I made the purchase. To start off the text hangs outside of the table, meaning you can only use 1-2 words per row/column. Secondly if you don't like every column then it will return a 404 error. Pretty much a useless module with these problems considered. I must warn you all that these people do not provide refunds, due to their shady terms and conditions.
Owner's reply

We sorry for any inconvenience caused, even if the fault is not ours, you have refused our help!