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SimpleLists is a pure Joomla! MVC-component for displaying "lists". A list is handled as a category containing items. Each item can be displayed using a title, a text and a picture, while this picture can point to a certain URL. This makes the component ideal for displaying a logo-page, a portfolio-page, a FAQ page, a custom blog-page or a peoplebook.

The component is shipped with different views, allowing output in a simple table, output using tags, and output for just the picture. Most importantly: Each list can be configured through the "Parameter" section of the appropriate menu-item (in the Menu Manager).

Some people just use SimpleLists for the smooth graphical effects it comes along with. That's fine, but SimpleLists has also made firm choices regarding the non-usage of Joomla! articles and Joomla! categories. If you would like those smooth graphical effects to be combined with Joomla! articles and Joomla! categories, you're NOT looking for SimpleLists. If you want to know, check out the SimpleLists FAQ.

Do you need support? Do NOT use the review-section below, which is ment for reviews. Instead use our forum, which is ment for support.

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Reviews: 1
I like this component and what it does but why can't i add more than 5 items
I ordered the items and then after i did that, i couldn't add any more
Owner's reply

If you post your question on our support-forum, we are happy to fix any problem for you.

Reviews: 6
Great to display Management Biographies.

Waiting for the November update to allow front end management will make it even better.

Thank you
Reviews: 1
I needed component for specific display of articles in some categories and SimpleLists was very good solution. Furthermore it is easy to create own PHP layouts and css for custom display of items.
Reviews: 2
This is a great app. It really helped me organize my client's website.

It is very easy to use and install, for those with minimal experience.

On my wishlist for this would be two things:

1. A way of uploading a large amount of images at once, I used the picture layout and had to upload about 50 separate entries one by one

2. A javascript roll over effect which could be applied to the images in picture mode

Other than those 2 missing features that I think should be included great contribution.
Owner's reply

#1: Most likely we never build such a thing into SimpleLists, because uploading images should actually be part of the Joomla! core. As soon as the core deals with this in an easier way, we will add this to SimpleLists. Instead, you might also want to consider FTP.

#2: This is a nice feature-request. If you really want this, it's better to add your suggestion on the Yireo Forum instead. This is only a place to add reviews, not to start discussions.

Reviews: 22
It's a excellent additional component to make various styles of presentation on one website. On my "Wishlist" would be a way to connect pictures in the picture-layout (or another layout) direct with the ID of a K2 Artical (or SOBI Detail). It's just a wish. But we can solve the problem with a direct link to the URL too.
Owner's reply

The new SimpleLists plugin-architecture makes it possible to write a simple "SimpleListsLink - SOBI2" plugin for this. If somebody needs help programming this, just give us a call and we will assist.

Reviews: 1
I'd like to be able to alphabetize the categories and allow the categories to be seen in two columns. Other than that... Great Job...thanks!
Reviews: 1
I think this is a great litte extension, the only thing that would be great if you could 'fix' is the same issue highlighted a few posts down by sanjeewasam, point 2.

I'd love to use the hover function but because there's loads of text they pop out of my border so I can't.
Reviews: 1
I like this component. It's easy to use and it looks great.
It allows me to showcase bands. The frontpage contains pictures of the band with a couple of lines of text. They link to an article which contains more info about the band.

However, there's one thing that I think would improve the friendliness. I use the basic layout, and it would be nice if the items were sorted in rows and columns. Right now each item is under another item.

Also, there's one thing I stumbled upon that needs a fix:
in the item page, if I click on the upload button, I can upload an image in images/simplelists. However, if I upload it, it goes to [b]images/[/b] instead of /images/simplelists.

Other than that, a very good component. Keep up the good work. :)
Reviews: 10
I was looking for a popup tool so that I could display a help icon next to each item in a list, but then I found this extension and decided to use it instead. I wanted something easy which allowed me to save space on my page and this extension delivered.

Thank you!
Reviews: 3
I was searching for a component like this and glad I found it. I used it for my site and love it.

However, with few of the following improvements this could really go places
1) use joomla categories (others have commeneted on it) .
2) Has too many parameters but nothing to control page length for hover layer effect. Without it some text, pictures go out of page boarders and is difficult to control.
3) ability to use joomla or JEC editor feature for read more would be nice to have
Reviews: 1
First I want to thanks all the team that develop the simplelist. Is great.
I upgrade the component to the last version, and i found and error in the code. It's missing the "echo" that show the READ MORE button, in this file: \components\com_simplelists\views\simplelist\tmpl\table.php, in line 31.
I wope that warning help the other users.

Once again, thanks for the nice job.

Owner's reply

Hi Mag11, thanks for your feedback. This has been fixed now SVN and the fix will be included in the next version. Could you use the forum next time to indicate bugs or problems?

Reviews: 8
I tried it, and I like its backend, but I was expecting that it can work with Joomla content, like articles, categories and sections.
It would be nice to have an equivalent for alpha content in this Simple Lists Suite. It will also be nice to have external RSS management.
Reviews: 1
This is an awesome extension. I have been looking for something like this for a long time now. Totally recommended if have a site which has alot of content. One thing though maybe in the next upgrade if you guys could work on maybe a unique rating system for this. My content list are run by rating. If there was a way for simple lists to order by rating then this would be key. Could you please use this in your next upgrade?
Reviews: 2
In the past I searched for a component to show my projects. One day I discovered this component, the version, I installed and I loved it! So simple and so efficient!

Today I consult the official website to view if it has some new version and yes! I upgrade with no problems, very easy and the improvements are great BUT this component has mutch more potential.

Team, keep the good work and thanks so much!
Reviews: 1
This component has a lot of potential. Developers need to make this component more competent to make it one of the best Joomla! component!!!
Reviews: 13
Easy to install, customize and set-up. This is going to be so handy for my website development. Check out the demo to make sure this works for you, then have at it. I was able to get my lists integrated very quickly.
Reviews: 1
It is very good and helps me so much but I wish it could have sub categories to choose from the categories... If you guys can include that it would be the perfect simple listing ever!! ;-)
Owner's reply

This has been added in SL Thanks for the suggestion.

Reviews: 1
This component does work well. It has a clean and simple method. BUT it could vastly be improved if you could use it to manage existing categories or articles.

The ability to move an exisiting article from the core to this component would be fantastic.
Reviews: 2
it's nice to find anything that doesn't involve 2 hours to a day to learn and use it immediately after downloading. Simple and fun.
Reviews: 12
If I could use my current set of Sections and Categories and the content published within those, this would be the perfect Component for what I need!

Maybe future versions. Nice component though.
Owner's reply

Actually we decided not to use regular Sections/Categories because they are a little bit limiting. SimpleLists offers a different content-type which is not the same as an article.

What you're looking for is something like SimpleLists allowing you to choose different layouts for regular articles. For sure we look into solving this with SimpleLists, but I wonder if this should not be a different extensions.

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