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RSBlog! ComponentModulePlugin

RSBlog! makes Joomla! blogging easy with a set of tools that will enhance your blogging experience in Joomla!

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x

» Quickly create posts straight from the dashboard.
» Password protect blog posts.
» Custom profiles - Set author name & info / bio, add an avatar, configure each author's Metadata.
» Social oriented - Automatically publish posts to your Twitter account, Facebook account or page(s).
» Remote publishing (via email) - Send an email to a pre-configured email address and your blog post will appear instantly!
» Subscriptions - Keep your readers up to date by allowing them to subscribe via email to your blog.
» Trackbacks and Pingbacks - Stay connected with other blogs through pingbacks and trackbacks.
» Auto-archive posts - Keep your blog clean by automatically archiving old posts!
» Groups - Granular control over what your users see, submit or edit on your blog.

» RSComments! - A blog without comments is not a blog. That's why we're offering a complementary & free RSComments! subscription
» Other comments - Facebook, Disqus, JComments, JomComment
» Avatars - RSBlog!, Gravatar, Community Builder, JomSocial, Kunena
» PDF Plugin - Allow your visitors to download your blog post as a PDF file

» Joomla! Article Manager
» K2 articles & categories
» Your old WordPress blog!

» Archived Posts
» Popular Posts
» Recent Posts
» Calendar
» Categories
» Tags

» Blog
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Reviews: 9
As a lover of all things RS Joomla! I decided to give the Blog a go. I had been using EasyBlog (another paid extension) for about two years, across multiple sites. RS Blog is simply better.

The big thing I like about this blog, aside from it's ease of use, is the fact that RS Joomla! have so many other excellent extensions, all of which are guaranteed compatible with one and other. This makes my job as a develop for clients very easy indeed.

The support is great with this company, pricing is realistic, and multi-site licenses are available. An all-round great deal.
Reviews: 4
I have been setting up a couple of different blog components on various J! sites for my customers, and this time we decided to use RSblog. RSblog is easy to use and it has the most essential features needed. The code is extensively using css classes and id's so you can easily customise the layout to suit you site (if you are not content with any of the about 15 nice layouts that are included).

The access control is using it's own group and category system which makes it flexible and and easy to integrate with the J! user groups as soon as you get hold of how the settings interact. RSjoomla have extensive documentation on their site, so it is easy to get along.

The support is fast and efficient as always with the RS products.

Reviews: 2
It has everything a Blog needs and is easy to use. When something was not working properly or I had specific questions the support replied always in less than 24h.
Great work!
Reviews: 7
I have purchased based on the requirements mentioned in their site but when i installed if there is a category with more than 4 articles its gives 302 error and they are suggesting to disable gzip components i dont want to do.

This is suitable for a basic website not for an advanced one.
Owner's reply

What the customer failed to understand here is that this is not an RSBlog! limitation, but a server limitation. In fact, any other component that generated more content than the 4 RSBlog! articles would have had the same result.

The gzip fails to process the information since there's too much content, but it's because the server is limited in that direction, not RSBlog!

Reviews: 5
this a blog how it should be. easy to use - good lookin' blogs and nice support.
there are so many help articles that you don't even need personal support by tickets. got a small bug and solved it by reading some forum articles.
Reviews: 2
I have i really good experience with RSjomla products and tech support, i was looking for a blog component easy to install and configure, rsBlog has it all and additionally is really aesthetic.

Thank you for be so professional
Reviews: 5
I use RSJoomla all the time, in fact I have used all of their extensions at one time or another. The support is great.

RSBlog is a simple solution, however it does need some better features and I have run into bugs that I didn't have time to work out with customer service.
Reviews: 1
Firstly the product is quality with upgrades running seamlessly and general configuration a snap but when there is something you don't understand support is second to none. As it turns out my problem was caused by another plugin but they fixed it quite quickly. Highly recommended if you want an out of the box product that works.
Reviews: 2
Having used other extensions from the developer I thought I was on the right track while looking for a blog extension.
The install was easy enough and there is documentation supplied to help with customising the interface etc.
When using it I had an issue, regardless of the editor (or no editor) I used, where the HTML tags were being stripped from the input and all I get is a block of text. Repeated attempts of support ended with them stating that there was no way the extension would strip the tags. So the issue was not resolved and I've wasted my money on an extension that is useless to me... you decide.
Owner's reply

Please note that RSBlog! uses the default Joomla! editor, so if your HTML code is being stripped, that's because you're using a Joomla! editor that does that...

Reviews: 4
RS!Joomla creates very good extensions. I have no reason to doubt that RS!Blog will one day be a very good extensions, but it is not quite mature enough yet.

Users considering implementing this extension should know that it does not use the inherent Joomla tables for articles. The result is that any functionality that RSBlog doesn't provide can't be provided by ANY OTHER extension that extends article functionality.

- Multiple category support
- Tags
- Good function to import content from Joomla articles

- No {loadposition} support
- No support for automatic social media updating (Facebook / Twitter)
- The implementation of Categories and Tags is very quirky. For instance, if you are browsing within a category, then select a tag from the tag cloud, you will only see tagged articles within that category.
- Insufficient implementation of Subscriptions. No confirmation email or ability for user to manage subscription.
Reviews: 1
We purchased this component to allow our school customers to update their own site regarding school closures. The main attraction was the email to site publishing facility. Having installed RSBlog we had a couple of issues (our fault) but they were dealt with very quickly by the tech support system.
This is an excellent component with lots of features and our schools are over the moon with the ability to publish to the site just by sending an email. If you are thinking about a blog system then you will find it hard to better this one!!!
Keep up the great work and folk should check out the other RS components available as they are very very good
Reviews: 5
We have purchased other products from RS Joomla in the past, notably RS Firewall.
We were seeking a solution for a client to update one particular module position of the website remotely, without the need for any technical know how, and this component has allowed them to do that, without frantic phone calls to us. They can now update their website at any time of day or night.

We had a couple of issues with the configuration, which were resolved very quickly. The support from RS Joomla is superb.

This component has a lot more uses than a standard Blog, it has saved us a lot of time and produced some very happy clients.
Reviews: 4
An excellent component. It does what it says.
Alltought it takes some time to discover the possibilities but when you have a question, they have a great en quick support!
Reviews: 2
I have used RSForm Pro for several years. I was very happy to see the blog component from them, because I knew it would work well. The setup is fast and the content integration a breeze. I highly recommend this component. Great work.
Reviews: 6
I have used RS Joomla for a few other extensions, notably Rs Form Pro. The company has a nice selection of affordable and reliable extensions and this one is no different. The comment integration was seamless and the setup was fast. There is a limited FAQ on the product, but considering it is brand new I can understand that. I did have to submit a ticket for one support item but it was resolved within 24 hours and the issue was something I overlooked, not a developer issue. I do recommend if you're looking for an affordable blog component.