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Noo Timeline

Joomla! 3.0 Ready ★★★★½6 votes6 reviewsModule

In technology companies, showing their timelime is a great way to impress new customers. It helps customer have an overview about all projects have done. With that purpose, our team has an idea to make a Noo TimeLine extension that is a module allow ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2014-02-21

Noo Content Slider

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 2 votes2 reviewsModule

Showing images in slide is a modern way to display your content. Besides, it is a great way to save space in website, make it more beautiful. Joomla 3 does not support such a extension like that so NooTheme team have create Noo Content Slider to help inte ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2014-02-21

Noo Google Map

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 1 votes1 reviewsModule

Showing your company location is a must-need feature in a website nowadays. It will help your customer know exactly where is your company location. As this increasing demand, NooTheme team have created an extension Noo Google Map to reach all that demand. ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2014-03-25

Noo Disqus Comment

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 1 votes1 reviewsPlugin

Managing comments in your websites need a ton of time and effort.That is why we have Disqus Comment to help us. However, NooTheme has a great solution to your Joomla site now, that is NOO DISQUS. These are its function: NOO DISQUS Comment allows you ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2013-10-26

Noo Slideshow

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 1 votes1 reviewsModule

NOO Slideshow is a lightweight but powerful Joomla module (only for Joomla 3.x) used to show images in slideshow. NOO Slideshow uses Bootstrap library of Joomla 3.x,integrated with responsive feature so it’ll display gorgeously on all screen type, mobile ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2013-11-08

Noo Portfolio

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 1 votes1 reviewsModule

Noo Portfolio is a visually beautiful and responsive Joomla module for an outstanding Portfolio/Gallery on your site. Using the power of jQuery, Noo Portfolio presents your works (from Joomla! Content, K2 or Image Folders) in a grid layout with a fan ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-02-21

Noo CSS3 Accordion Slider

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 1 votes1 reviewsModule

Showing content in accordion is a sexy and modern way. Besides, it also help saving space in your content. That is why NooTheme has created NOO CSS3 Accordion Slider. NOO CSS3 Accordion Slider module is an easy to use menu, that can be adapted for you ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2014-02-21

Noo Slider 2

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 1 votes1 reviewsModule

In a website has a large amount of content such as news website, we need to show our content in a saving way, and a solution for your Joomla website that is Noo Slider 2. Noo Slider2 helps you show Images/Article/K2 Items on a horizontal view with sli ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2014-02-21

Noo Weather

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 3 votes3 reviewsModule

In some news websites, with a large a mount of viewer, there are some of them need information about weather. It will help viewer have more information about weather in their schedule, and that is the reason why NooTheme team has created Noo Weather modul ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2013-11-08

NOO Ticker

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 1 votes1 reviewsModule

NOO Ticker is a Joomla module used to display news flash in a website. NOO Ticker can display information from Joomla Content, K2 Content, or fetch content from RSS link or External Link. It also supports presenting link's title with different transitions ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2013-12-04

Noo Layer Slideshow

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsComponentModule

Turn simple HTML markup into a responsive(mobile friendly) or fullwidth slider with must-see-effects and meanwhile keep or build your SEO optimization (all content always readable for search engines). See the heaps of custom transitions/animations for eac ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2013-11-08

Noo Facebook Activity

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsModule

The activity feed plugin displays the most interesting recent activity taking place on your site. Since the content is hosted by Facebook, the plugin can display personalized content whether or not people have logged into your site. The activity feed disp ...

Type: Free

Noo Facebook Fanbox

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsModule

Facebook is one of the most successful social network in the world. We are rarely see a website without social intergrating nowadays. That is why our Noo Facebook Fanbox module was realising. The Like Box is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page ...

Type: Free

Noo 3D Restaurant Menu

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsComponent

Noo 3D Restaurant Menu is a responsive Joomla component which brings REAL & appealing menu to your coffee shop, café house, bistros, restaurant, bakery, teas…website. 3D Restaurant Menu is a 3D folded menu (a real menu for restaurant/shop/bar…, not a "w ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-02-20

Noo Gallery

Joomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsModule

In portfolio website and some websites have a large a mount of images, we need a solution to show them with small amount of space. That is why we have created a module which name Noo Galllery. Noo Gallery Module for joomla 3.x, It is using bootstrap l ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2014-02-21