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Google Simple Route Module

Google Simple Route is a very simple route planning module for Joomla!™ 1.5 and 2.5 using GoogleTM Maps.

- you can determine a destination address to your store, your office or whatever
- you can determine the top level domain for GoogleTM Maps
- you can choose a target for the maps window
- you can publish an introtext above the input field
- you can enter a text for the input field
- you can enter a text for submit button
- you can publish a text below the submit button
- it doesn't require javascript

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Reviews: 1
Thanks for bring us this wonderful module! Easy to setup and use. I think it's more easier for our clients to find us than just looking at a map ^-^.
Reviews: 3
Thank you for this module. It's perfect, goes anywhere and doesn't take up a lot of space. So easy to install too! I didn't find where I could make it open to another page; there seem to be no option. But it's excellent anyway.
Reviews: 2
very simple and useful! does exactly what it says!
Reviews: 2
Very good and clean product. Simple and useful.
Reviews: 8
It's a real useful module, thank you for your great work!
Reviews: 1
Works very good with a lot parameters.
I have tried successfully with a german and polish website.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It's lite and allows me to put it on any page I want in a small space. It's a simple extension so it doesn't need a lot of custom options, but the options it has are good. It dropped right in to my template with no troubleshooting at all. I was a little concerned at first since it was originally written for Europe and I'm in the USA. Works like a charm. VERY GOOD!!
Reviews: 2
Installs and works perfect.
I had to change the parameter .com to .fr to get it to find my address properly. Maybe thats a useful tip for anyone using this. Set the .com to your country.
Reviews: 1
Works flawlessly great work