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Free Content-Plugin to create a simple image gallery based on 'prettyPhoto(x)' display engine (a jQuery lightbox clone). Images from folders or directly inserted into the content/article can be processed with automatic thumbnail generation.
* supports jpg, png and gif images
* automatic thumbnail generation and smart caching for better site performance
* processing of manual inserted *images* as well as all images in *folders*
* in *folders* option to include subfolders and to use file-filters
* settings for thumbnail width, height, crop to square, quality, padding, vertical and horizontal alignment
* different layout options for the thumbnail appearance
* optional Logo/Watermark for thumbnails with different positions
* parameter inline overrides for custom settings per gallery
* captions and image descriptions can be assigned either via text-file for images in *folders* or by 'alt'/'title'-attribute in img-tag
* display caption for thumbnails (above, below or on the thumbnail-optional)
* limit the number of thumbs to be shown in content/article (all will be displayed in the 'prettyPhoto' lightbox)
* custom global description text (per gallery for all images-optional)
* custom link popup text for all links (optional)
* thumbnails only-mode (no 'prettyPhoto' lightbox is used, just the thumbs are displayed)
* prettyPhoto only (stand-alone, no thumbnail will be generated)
* individual inline parameter overrides for all 'prettyPhoto' parameters
* plugin keyword free selectable for easier conversion from previous used galleries
* jQuery 'no conflict' mode (optional, if problems occur with other js-libraries)
* css class-suffix handling
* valid xhtml
(x) prettyPhoto:

New in 4.313:
-first relase for Joomla! 1.6+/1.7+
-upgraded to prettyPhoto 3.1.3 (only bugfixes) and jquery 1.6.1
-added a selection list for thumbnail styles/behaviour (formerly provided as css class sufixes)

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Reviews: 2
This is such a great plugin.
i see its almost discontinued now and this is such a shame.
Please make it for Joomla 3 as well.
Reviews: 1
less queries that SIGpro. Good flexibility in customizing. Has watermarks. I like this ppGallery!
Reviews: 20
pPGallery is a very quality stable extension with many options and one of the best engine (prettyPhoto).

It's much much better than Simple Image Gallery Free and for my needs pPGallery works better than Sigplus.

Support is excellent.

I only hope author will make a version for Joomla 3x one day...
Reviews: 1
Great plug in, works out-of-the-box.
Just what i needed.
Reviews: 1
This plugin works very well, is easy to use and looks nice.
I use it since 2010, and now migration under 2.5, still runs perfect.
My front-end users are happy, so am I!

Thank you!
Reviews: 7
Exactly what I've been looking for. I needed sth. that makes a gallery out of links to images that I insert from a database request, not simply images from a given directory (pPGallery can do that, too, but I don't need it ...). Nice preset effects, easily customised.
Only issue I had was that the thumbnail spans had a greater size than the thumbnails. There are constant numbers of pixels added in ppgallery.php, near line 363. Why these are added is beyond me ... I simply deleted those constants, now everything's fine. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
A decent plugin that is simple to configure and does the job. Another benefit, the support pages are easy to find and give examples of configurations to follow.
Reviews: 6
It's easy, perfect, and beautiful...all that you need in just a plugin...
Reviews: 1
I'd liked this component very much. Thanks to developers! That's what I was needed.
Reviews: 1
Easy, pretty, great, all that I need!
Thanks for this great plugin! 100% recommended!
Reviews: 12
Great plugin, easy to install, works like a charmed and best of all, never experience a code isssue.
Excellent work.
Reviews: 9
I tried so many plugins/components to be able to display images the way I like with Joomla and yet I was unable to find THE one that behaves exactly like I would like too.
I guess I would have to write it myself then :p haha
nonetheless this plugin works very well and is easy to use and looks nice.
I would prefer to see the images bigger though (but not as big as in magnified view) so that they can take up all browser window space when enlarged in the popup view.
Would be nice to have this as an option. Sigplus does that and I love it.

The problem with those 2 plugins is that there is no category management and what I really want is a component that handles image categories and can display a page with all categories, ala joomgallery, except that joomgallery doesn't display images in a way I like..
Reviews: 4
don't waste your time searching for photo gallery.. This one "pPGallery" is the best photo gallery for joomla you will ever find.
Reviews: 25
Needed a simple gallery for articles that displays images from a folder. This is it. Super easy to use. Some of the other ones your adding so many parameters in the html code to get any output. This is folder name and your set. The setting are in the plugin so it's set it and forget it.

Thank you
Reviews: 2
I have been having a real problem with getting a plugin that does what i want and simple as that!!! Simplicity sometimes is they key and I am very greatful.
Reviews: 8
This plugin does everything I want it to do. Others do some, but this does it all - awesome!
Reviews: 1
This plug-in is easy to install, use and works great!

I was looking for a plugin that:
- Would allow me to place a snippet of code in an article that points to the directory where my photos are.
- When I ftp'd new images to the directory over time, it would automatically generate a thumbnail for the new image(s) and place it(them) in the article with the rest of the thumbnails.
- Would allow me to upload photos to the folder every so often without redoing the gallery or script....the new photo would just be added to the gallery on the fly. FTP an image into a folder, that's all I wanted to have to do to add to the gallery.
- Would display a clean lightbox effect without a bunch of big icons and buttons....I wanted the focus to be on the image, not the navigation within the lightbox.
- Would allow for customizing of thumbnails so they are all the same size and shape, no matter what size the original image is.

This plugin provides all of that and also gives a lot of other settings to change and customize your gallery, such as the look of the lightbox, watermarks, etc.

I couldn't have asked for a better plugin for a gallery if I had made it myself.

This saves so much time managing photo galleries in Joomla.

Thank you for making this plugin!

Note: The only issue I had was initially ppgallery wasn't displaying as a lightbox, but it was opening in a new window. I asked for support, but I figured out the issue on my own. Multiple instances of jquery were being loaded by other plugins, which was the problem. I found this out by viewing the source on my live page with the gallery...then I searched for 'jquery'. I saw two instances of jquery being loaded. One by ppgallery and the other by jblibrary. So I disabled the jblibrary's jquery in jblibrary's settings, and that did the trick.
Reviews: 2
Great plugin, highly recommended.

Only 1 thing, can't get my photo's watermarked. I've created a .png file and placed it in the correct folder, selected it, but no show !!
Reviews: 5
Couldn't be simpler. As the say, just plug n' play!
I downloaded it installed it and had a really nice looking gallery in about ten minutes time.
Reviews: 31
this tool works very good. It's easy to install and easy to adjust with many variations and parameters. I had some problems with the path to the galleries on localhost but the support acted very competent and fixed it very quick. I can highly recommend this tool.
Rudolf Aigner
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