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Free Content-Plugin to create a simple image gallery based on 'prettyPhoto(x)' display engine (a jQuery lightbox clone). Images from folders or directly inserted into the content/article can be processed with automatic thumbnail generation.
* supports jpg, png and gif images
* automatic thumbnail generation and smart caching for better site performance
* processing of manual inserted *images* as well as all images in *folders*
* in *folders* option to include subfolders and to use file-filters
* settings for thumbnail width, height, crop to square, quality, padding, vertical and horizontal alignment
* different layout options for the thumbnail appearance
* optional Logo/Watermark for thumbnails with different positions
* parameter inline overrides for custom settings per gallery
* captions and image descriptions can be assigned either via text-file for images in *folders* or by 'alt'/'title'-attribute in img-tag
* display caption for thumbnails (above, below or on the thumbnail-optional)
* limit the number of thumbs to be shown in content/article (all will be displayed in the 'prettyPhoto' lightbox)
* custom global description text (per gallery for all images-optional)
* custom link popup text for all links (optional)
* thumbnails only-mode (no 'prettyPhoto' lightbox is used, just the thumbs are displayed)
* prettyPhoto only (stand-alone, no thumbnail will be generated)
* individual inline parameter overrides for all 'prettyPhoto' parameters
* plugin keyword free selectable for easier conversion from previous used galleries
* jQuery 'no conflict' mode (optional, if problems occur with other js-libraries)
* css class-suffix handling
* valid xhtml
(x) prettyPhoto:

New in 4.313:
-first relase for Joomla! 1.6+/1.7+
-upgraded to prettyPhoto 3.1.3 (only bugfixes) and jquery 1.6.1
-added a selection list for thumbnail styles/behaviour (formerly provided as css class sufixes)

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Reviews: 3
This is a wonderful plugin, easy to use and configure and works like a charm just right outta box! And I found it even simple to tweak (if you know your way around, of course), unlike other plugins I tested who had bad and confused code.
So, beautiful plugin and nice coding, I warmly recomand it!
Reviews: 106
From looking at most of the joomla galleries this one is the best for simple gallery displaying! I had some issues with other ones, but not this one. Thanks for publishing this.

Cheers Josh Lewis.
Reviews: 2
i had 2 minutes to create a gallery. this plugin is really great. It does autocreate thumbnais and open in a sexy lightbox fullsize :D

Thank you so mutch
Reviews: 1
I've tried a few gallery extensions, but this is my favourite: creates clean standard code, looks and works smoothly and slickly, and is very easy for Authors to deploy in their articles.

One suggestion for future versions: some configuration options for thumbnail generation, e.g. specified dimensions / zoom, cropping from specified edge / corner / centre ... just a thought ;)
Reviews: 1
Hello there.

Ive installed this extension few days ago, and it work great. I love it.
Just one question. Is there a way to arrage picures to be just one in a row. I need to pictures display one below the other.

Reviews: 1
I use this plugin with some neat tricks in my SOBI2 template and it works great and better then all other gallery approaches I tried before. The author was very open to feature requests. Thanks for introducing the regex support. This plugin rocks!
Reviews: 1
I tried almost every free image gallery plug in available on this site, and PP Gallery has been the easiest, most hassle free install and article integration of them all.

For a straight forward, simple image gallery with great lightbox features, this is THE extension to use!
Reviews: 3
What a great tool: simple to install/run, attractive presentation, captions, documentation, etc.

Very pleased and your efforts are very much appreciated, thanks!
Reviews: 3
simple, fast, lightweight and incredible.

Just the extension i needed

ps: if you use the folder option, remember to begin the path with stories

Reviews: 16
This is in my opinion the best gallery for joomla, super easy to use, fast, is just a great gift..

I only had alittle problem trying to make it work froma folder, so for everyone who want to use it heres the tags



simple manual insert photos


Thnak you for such a great plugin
Reviews: 4
After almost giving up all hopes to find a easy, simple but elegant way to speed-up my article gallery construction I was lucky enough to find this one. Works right out the box where others failed due to bugs or conflicts.
Powerfull settings are available and I do hope that the developer will continue to keep it lite and fast.
Reviews: 21
I've tried a batch of galleries and all I wanted was a simple collection of photographs on a page and while this has the flexibility to offer more it gave me just what I was looking for and took minutes to be up and running. Perfect, thanks very much for this.
Reviews: 1
The gallery didnt work in IE. there was an error thrown on $("a[rel^=\"prettyPhoto\"]").prettyPhoto({'.$ppparams.'}); in the ppgallery.php also the theme didnt work. In firefox it is good.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the report,
this plugin was tested with IE6, 7, and 8, but you never know...! I'd like to solve those issues, can you contact me via the pPGallery-Forum or Bug-Tracker (you can use the 'Support' link above)?

Reviews: 53
I have one template that I have been struggling to get a plugin gallery to work on. I installed it and it worked perfect without any hassles!
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