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sigplus Image Gallery Plus is a straightforward way to add image or photo galleries to a Joomla article with a simple syntax. It takes a matter of minutes to set up a gallery but those who are looking for a powerful gallery solution will not be disappointed either: sigplus is suitable for both beginner and advanced users.

Even while simple to use, sigplus offers an impressive set of features. Images suitable for gallery preview are automatically generated with cropping and/or centering, and clicking on a preview image brings up a pop-up window overlay (so-called lightbox) showing the original full-size image without navigating away from the current page. Images in a gallery can be displayed in fixed or flow layout, they can be shown on a slider or carousel/rotator, or an image can blend into another using a fancy transition effect. Appearance and behavior are highly configurable including image margin, border, padding, slider/rotator orientation (horizontal or vertical), animation speed, slideshow delay, image sort order, etc.

Despite its versatility, sigplus is completely free. It is a full-fledged product with all features included, there is no need to buy a commercial professional version with extra features or purchase club membership that grants you additional privileges.

Translations included: English, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew*, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak and Spanish* (asterisk indicates front-end only). Joomla 1.5 users should install plg_sigplus-1.3.x (and optionally mod_sigplus-1.3.x), users of Joomla 2.5 and later should use the package installer pkg_sigplus-1.4.x (click "Download" for the latest version released in the series to date for maximum compatibility).

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Reviews: 30
I thank the developer, Levente Hunyadi, the great support given by solving my problems and conflicts would recommend to all who need a gallery, you can use, because it is fantastic and support even more, thanks Levente Hunyadi.
Reviews: 14
Really great !!!
I used another gallery before (vsig), but this one is really nice, with a lot of params.
Thanks for this free extension ...
Reviews: 1
I am fairly new to joomla, but have been using it for a few months. I couldnt get this plug in to work. I followed the documentation instructions and spent hours in faq's following advice and tutorials. I spent 2 full days trying to make this plug in work on two different purchased website templates from template monster:(
Owner's reply

Very likely this review goes to those who sold you the template. :) To our defense, many users (from beginners to experts) have successfully set up sigplus on their website, and sigplus has proved to be compatible with a wide range of templates. Since in the Joomla architecture the template has the last word in what final output is produced, an ill-written template can render any other extension inoperable. An example of such aggressive behavior where the template is removing script references added by sigplus (or any other extension) is included in the sigplus FAQ (with a recommended solution). However, if you strongly believe that there is a fault in sigplus, feel free to contact the developer; the issue you will have raised will be addressed without much delay.

Reviews: 4
You'll be pleased to know that your extension is being used on many of our clients college's sites (UK). Just like to say thank you! Its perfect. If I could suggest one improvement, it would be to add a optional Facebook like button on the image. Best image gallery extension I have found so far.
Reviews: 2
I'm not easily pleased, but this is an extension that is far superior to any I know. It works out of the box, is easily customizable and will give your site the "optical" edge.

If you're looking for ease of use plus professional functionality - here it is!

Well done!
Reviews: 1
The fact that I'm writing my first review, after working with Joomla for an year tells a lot. Works like a charm, thumbs up for the developer.
Reviews: 1
This is wonderful, maybe even perfect extension! Hard to believe that it's absolutely for free.
I tested it on Mozilla, IE, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. Everything works great.
Thanks alot Levente! 5 stars from me.
Reviews: 2
I really like the design and the back end. Great JOB.

Just not sure how to get it to work in Safari. Works on Firefox great.
Reviews: 3
After weeks of searching for an appropriate addon where you can show just text links (no thumbnails!) and testing various options, this addon just does instantly what it is saying it does. Thank you very much for this great addon!!

Note: Best to create the folders "thumbs" and "preview" in the "cache" folder manually and set the permissions to 757. Otherwise you might run into problems.
Owner's reply

A word of caution: setting lenient permissions might pose a security risk, which is why sigplus uses stricter permissions by default when creating these folders.

Reviews: 8
This is an amazing product, which has NO PRICE TAG! It is too good to be free! Thank you for such a wonderful piece of code!
Reviews: 1
I've spend couple of weeks testing all sorts of non-commercial image/photo galleries which one can find on JED. I was searching for a simple gallery plugin which can display images from specific folder and to have crop/resize funkction for thumbs - not much you could say. Believe me, I tried them all and Sigplus can do it all without any problems or need to go into code.
Thanks guy(s), you did magnificent job.
Reviews: 4
A very simple, yet complete extension. Documentation is also great. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Thank you, thank you, after trying several other plugins, yours was by far the easiest to use. i was confused at first because I am a joomla novice, but after I read the documentation it worked perfectly.
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what I was looking for. Simple to use and configure... And for free!
Great image gallery
Reviews: 2
Easy configuration. Best quality and free
Reviews: 1
Easy to configure, nice looking, lot of diferent styling possibilities and great features... and last but not least, works fine on IE !
Just one small problem for me : autoanimation doesn't work, so I can't use it like a slideshow. Maybe because a jQuery/Mootools conflict ?
Reviews: 6
This is an excellent component. Best quality, does what it says and more, and so simple to use. The new version also fixed the problem with the blog layouts. Wonderful!
Reviews: 1
It do much more was put on the specification.
works very well, creating thumbnail, pop up in different style, quick and easy to use, just create a module and setting up the folder, and style and Done.
Reviews: 7
I´am m using this tool on more than 20 pages. I find quite Powerful and easy to handle. The possibilities wide ranged. To cut a long story short, Thank you very much for a great job.
Reviews: 3
Easy implementation. More than enough possibilities of use.
Most important working as it written. I am using two absolutely different galleries in one page with this extension.
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