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sigplus Image Gallery Plus is a straightforward way to add image or photo galleries to a Joomla article with a simple syntax. It takes a matter of minutes to set up a gallery but those who are looking for a powerful gallery solution will not be disappointed either: sigplus is suitable for both beginner and advanced users.

Even while simple to use, sigplus offers an impressive set of features. Images suitable for gallery preview are automatically generated with cropping and/or centering, and clicking on a preview image brings up a pop-up window overlay (so-called lightbox) showing the original full-size image without navigating away from the current page. Images in a gallery can be displayed in fixed or flow layout, they can be shown on a slider or carousel/rotator, or an image can blend into another using a fancy transition effect. Appearance and behavior are highly configurable including image margin, border, padding, slider/rotator orientation (horizontal or vertical), animation speed, slideshow delay, image sort order, etc.

Despite its versatility, sigplus is completely free. It is a full-fledged product with all features included, there is no need to buy a commercial professional version with extra features or purchase club membership that grants you additional privileges.

Translations included: English, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew*, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak and Spanish* (asterisk indicates front-end only). Joomla 1.5 users should install plg_sigplus-1.3.x (and optionally mod_sigplus-1.3.x), users of Joomla 2.5 and later should use the package installer pkg_sigplus-1.4.x (click "Download" for the latest version released in the series to date for maximum compatibility).

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Reviews: 7
this is simply the best gallery solution for joomla.. i have tried others, some just plain didn't work, some had issues, this one was pretty much plug and play..

it has plenty of options to customize it, but not too complicated so that the basic user can find his way quite easily..

thank you very much for sharing your amazing work with us :)

Omar M. from
Reviews: 2
Thank you very much for this fantastic extension. Very easy to use, super stylish, fast...
Plus the support team is very reactive and constantly improving their product.
5 stars!!
Reviews: 1
Hi Hunyadi,

1. The installation is simple
2. Setup is simple
3. Functionality is excellent
4. Works good with IE7 and Firefox 3.6
5. With IE6, only the first picture is displayed.

Thank you for this great extension.
Owner's reply

Like many major websites that have discontinued supporting IE6, sigplus is not guaranteed to work with IE6 either. As sigplus is a relatively new project compared to IE6 lifetime, we chose not to support IE6 to save us introducing substantial legacy code for the sake of a single browser that does not conform to common web standards; you are strongly encouraged to upgrade to IE8 (or another browser). sigplus uses standard mechanisms for styling galleries understood by all modern browsers, it is tested with and should be generally portable across different engines.

Reviews: 13
We had an issue with another image gallery and Mootools usage. sigplus works perfectly and allows easy customization. Nice work.
Reviews: 8
Its perfect but i want to ask something. How i can use the "sigplus Image Gallery Plus" to show only one image from the gallery folder ?

For example i want to publish in my article only the image "test1" from the folder "images/stories/testgallery

I am trying but i cant....

Can someone help me ?
Owner's reply

There are multiple ways to achieve this goal. One is to use a "labels.txt" file with a single entry for the image to display in the article, optionally adding a caption and a description. Another is to use the in-line override parameter "count" and specify a value of "-1". For details, please check the section "sigplus Configuration" in the documentation.

Reviews: 3
I'm pretty new to Joomla, but tried sigplus for use in my articles.
Download and install was very easy.
Of course (...) it didn't work at first: cache folder was writable, but not turned on in global settings in Joomla.
After correcting this, it worked like a charme!
Reviews: 1
No doubt this (sigplus Image Gallery Plus) is one of the best joomla Media Gallery I have ever used. Thanks for the job.

According to the following review from another user, I have the same problem also.

Everything works perfectly except one thing. When i click on an thumbnail, instead of poping up a window and showing the gallery, it opens only that specific picture in a new tab. Have u had problems like this?

Owner's reply

This behavior is triggered by an unsuccessful binding between images and the pop-up engine (Slimbox or prettyPhoto), which has failed to hook to the click event. There are several reasons why this may happen and it impossible to give a generic answer, the problem should be tracked down at the specific site, the javascript error console should give more details.


I have the following error message from error console of Firefox while I browse my site ( May I have any suggestion to resolve the problem from you.

Warning: Error in parsing value for 'filter'. Declaration dropped.
Source File:
Line: 39

Error: G[P]("scroll", A)[P] is not a function
Source File:
Line: 6

Many thanks in advance.
Owner's reply

Should you encounter javascript errors like the one above, please enable debug mode to help discover the source of such problems. Open Extensions/Plugin Manager in the administration back-end, click "Content - sigplus Image Gallery Plus", expand the tab "Advanced Parameters", and set "Debug mode" to "Yes". Normally, sigplus uses minified versions of any javascript code it ships with to save network bandwidth, which uses cryptic variable and function names. Such obfuscated code, however, is very difficult to debug. If you enable debug mode, the (functionally equivalent) uncompressed version of the same javascript code will be used, making problems far easier to track down.

Reviews: 1
This is a nice simple to use gallery. For the person complaining it doesn't work, check your plugins in Joomla. I had to enable the plugin after installing it to make it work. I like the idea of adding a tag anywhere in an article to display a gallery or even a single image. I wish the captions could display under the thumbnail but you can't have everything. This is a nice piece of work. Thank You.
Reviews: 7
i like it a lot, except for this tiny thing i see happening. when i add a labels.txt file, and then go to the web page and refresh...there is one less image on the screen. for example, if i load 4 images in the directory and the labels file has 4 lines in it, the web page will only display images 2 through 4 with correct captions on images 2 through 4.....the plugin will skip image one and not display it. if i remove the labels file, the plugin will display all 4 images, but now i have no captions anymore.
Owner's reply

I suspect you are using international captions but have saved the labels file as UTF-8 with BOM rather than without BOM. If you save the file as UTF-8 with BOM, the byte order mark at the beginning of the file gets appended to the filename of the very first image. As such file whose name is the BOM combined with the original filename truly does not exist in the filesystem, sigplus will ignore it. A solution is either to use the proper encoding or leave the first line blank. Please note, however, that the JED review system is not intended or suitable for support requests. There is a delay between the time you submit the review and we are able to read it, and there is no way we can contact you to supply details should it be necessary.

Reviews: 1
Tried a multitude of other gallery plugins, this was the only one was that was simple, straightforward and easy to implement. And, unlike other galleries, this one does only what it's supposed to - displays images from a given folder. No extra borders, XML files, digging around in CSS or PHP code, just set it up and it works.
Reviews: 2
Installed fine but after creating an article and adding the code {gallery}photos{/gallery} to the content, when I go to the page all I get is the a page displaying the text '{gallery}photos{/gallery}'.

It looks a great extension - Just wish I could get it to work!

Any help appreciated.
Reviews: 4
I tried all kinds of lightboxes and none of them got even close to 'sigplus'. Contacting the developer with questions was one of the added highlights. Questions very usually answered very, very quickly and professionally!!!

This is defenately a "keeper"!! See it "live" on my homepage
Reviews: 14
This is the easiest, most effective image gallery I have found and it is free. I can't recomment it highly enough. It is even easy to add captions etc.
Reviews: 1
After searching and trying a LOT of different Lightbox plugins/modules I finally came across this awesome plugin... and I love it. It's so easy to use and looks great!

After trying some stuff with my website I ran into some problems and contacted the developer. He returned my email the next day with some possible sollutions and a link to a newer version, which seems to have solved all of my problems.

I can really recommend this plugin to everyone! Hats off to the developer. ^^
Reviews: 1
I would like to congratulate you on this great component. Actually why I love it is because of its simplicity. i.e. it does not create categories for you, unlike other galleries, which leave the room for you to create an Index of different articles with ONLY what you want. Like I never want watermark or hits count or comments section like in JoomGallery, so sigplus is my only credible choice right now.

Good one pal, all you need is little refinements. My suggestion if you upgrade features, keep the simple one intact as lots of people will need and just love simple things. If you intend so make Simple and Professional versions.
Reviews: 1
Hi, it's a great plugin.
Everything works perfectly except one thing. When i click on an thumbnail, instead of poping up a window and showing the gallery, it opens only that specific picture in a new tab. Have u had problems like this?
Owner's reply

This behavior is triggered by an unsuccessful binding between images and the pop-up engine (Slimbox or prettyPhoto), which has failed to hook to the click event. There are several reasons why this may happen and it impossible to give a generic answer, the problem should be tracked down at the specific site, the javascript error console should give more details.

Reviews: 3
Shortly after installation and uploading a a couple photos into a folder, my site was partially broken. After a bit of stress and debugging I found the images I uploaded were too big. There seems to be a limit of around 400KB for photo size. That's plenty big, so no complaint there. But if anyone runs into the same issue the quick fix is a simple resize/compress the photo.

Awesome Plugin, exactly what I needed!
Owner's reply

The limit is system-dependent and is affected by PHP configuration. Future versions will exhibit a more user-friendly behavior should a memory limit problem arise.

Reviews: 1
Apologies for posting a question here but there's no forum to ask questions in and other people have this working no problem.

I installed without a glitch and tried a simple, basic gallery as a start.


All I see in a browser is




A simple thing, right?
Owner's reply

You are using a wrong syntax (no leading slash is required), please check the documentation for proper usage and examples. If in doubt, you may contact the developer, whose address you find on the documentation page under the title "Developer Info".

Reviews: 1
I've used it on my public website with no problem at all, works like a charm ! 50+ images displayed easily displayed.
Only drawback is jQuery image galleries engines do not work for authentified part of my website (family photos), still no problem with mootools. Quite strange but love it anyway. Thanks a lot for the good work !
Reviews: 1
So easy to use. Looks great!

I too had the bullet problem and added the new code to sigplus.css - it has removed the bullet for some templates but not my current one. Any futher ideas? It's just displaying a *

Thanks so much for all your hard work - and generosity
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